Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crusaders of the Light, Birch T, Non-Profit & RICO
I have listened to some Globus this morning after planting bulbs and peeling bark and saplings from the White Birch for tea.

I heard "crusaders of the light" for the first time and have played it several times. I put it in a word document bc I thought to translate and there is no translation available online anywhere. I looked up ledissa and it's nowhere online, for example. None of the latin dictionaries brought it up and it can up in no Google search. I can figure out some of it, intuitively, but not the whole thing.

I liked the painting that went with it and thought at first that it was a woman with a bow but then thought it was a snake raised up on a standard and then noticed it's her hands. Thought of jr. high. We were "the crusaders". sort of funny.

I pulled off a lot of birch leaves and bark for tea. Last time I drank it, I thought it was sort of stimulating but then my lips were dry too. I had already read it's a diuretic, but didn't see anything about stimulant. I think it's sort of invigorating. So I drank more water and looked it up again under stimulant and there is history with that. In fact, the Pennsylvania Dutch make a stimulant of birch tar and birch beer.

I am a new proponent. I notice good effects and I guess people in some cultures even use it as a remedy for kidney stones and things.

Looking up Tax ID and EIN numbers today.

You know what? What's happened to me has definitely been anti-competitive because that was where I left off in Oregon last.

I had already filed my lawsuits and was working on starting a non-profit. I had my small business already and made within limits where you didn't have to file for taxes. I had my business account with Wells Fargo from the time I set up with them and it was bc of the sum of money and advantages then. You can own a business and not have an ID number if you're small enough. I believe the address I first applied at was something like 6th street. It was something to do with 6 and they have been recently refusing to release any of my own bank information to me. They literally shut down my account, this last September, with no notice to me at all.

They knew how to reach me too. It was totally illegal.

So when I was looking at starting a non-profit in addition to the business I had, I talked to lawyers and people about it, read several books I checked out from the library, did research online, everything. I got legal books on how to incorporate.

It was around that time I put together my brief about bankruptcy fraud by the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon.

Last night I finally got it. I realized part of the reason they attacked me and went after me over that evidence. "Bankruptcy fraud" leads to RICO investigations.
Basically, the Catholic church could have been hauled into a RICO proceeding just for fraud in bankruptcy proceedings. I had given them evidence which showed them I knew something was wrong before they even went to bankruptcy court. But as soon as they rushed over there, then they made sure I didn't get any of my evidence uploaded to the public electronic file. And then when I talked about submitting my information to Spokane, they blocked me false imprisonments and torture and other things for the same reason.

Bankruptcy fraud

Around the time this was going on, I was then looking into starting up a non-profit based in law. It was to be a legal information non-profit. It was the only non-profit idea I expressed to everyone and the point of it was going to be to educate the public and provide a service by pointing them in the right direction or referring them to lawyers. Additionally, I was interested in starting a trust fund for Pro Se litigants who wanted to fight the system for good cause. I had ideas of providing all kinds of help, but not "legal advice" without being licensed. The other thing I could have done, was to get compensated for any lawsuit I filed myself through my corporation or non-profit. If you're Pro Se, you don't get attorneys fees and that kind of thing, but if you sue as a non-profit, you are suing as a corporation and it's different. There are tax breaks and grant monies that can also be applied for, just for providing a legal public service.

So it was going to be a 100% strong arm civil rights defense mechanism, for the average citizen to benefit from. It was to put the power back in the citizen's hands.

It wasn't some passing or fleeting idea either. I had all the research done and was preparing to file for the papers and was in the middle of putting this together, I would say it was in late summer. I was already working on it before I met the FBI agents. Basically, people tried to interfere with my college, my lawsuits, and my business and attempts to start a second business. My book business was one thing and so small I was legally not even required to file taxes for it. But my non-profit was the idea they didn't like.

They didn't like the idea of my being funded to pursue lawsuits, by being a non-profit that could subsidize myself to do so and assist others as well. It wasn't like it was just for me either, because a LOT of people had gone to me for help when the clergy sex abuse thing came out and I took names and numbers and gave them referrals the best I could until I hired a personal assistant to help me organize my files. She went in and stole names and numbers from the file cabinet.

I was totally organized. I had created my own lables and tabs for all my folders and alphabetized them and ordered them in a filing cabinet. It was exhaustive. What the FBI and corrupt officials have done ever since, is to tell people to throw out my records, disorganize them, and keep me in a state of disarray.

They want to be organized, but don't want me to be.

They want to be Organized Crime but never wanted me to fight back as an Organized Advocate.

Ever since this time, that has been their primary objective and result. They used organized crime to keep me disorganized and unable to stabilize myself and put all of my legal matters and evidence in order. You can't defend yourself while in a state of chaos.

This has been over 7 years of the same thing. And then disorganizing me wasn't enough. They had to use torture too. Why? Because every time they took something from me or refused to give it to me when I made a legal request, I didn't give up. I made another request for the record, or paid money to get another copy, or another form of evidence.

I never gave up.

So they tortured me.

It's like Anti-Slap meets RICO meets terrorism in the United States of America.

Aside from having counts of extortion under color of law, which is de facto or predicate for RICO, I can easily incorporate Anti-Slapp, because groups colluded to punish me for being a whistleblower. In retaliation for my being a witness against them, making reports, or taking them to court, they used the courts to try to illegally get revenge.

They were also worried of being taken to court in a RICO proceeding before I even knew what it was. They were the lawyers, the big shots, and the ones with the "knowlege". I was just someone talking out loud about her ideas and my speech terrified them.

It's not as thought my ideas were a fleeting thing. I have had ideas evolve as necessary to adapt to new constrictions, but if I looked into something that much, I was following through with it and people knew this. I have always had a head for business, which is why I invested in real estate at age 21, as soon as I had money to work with.

I know what to do with money.

The point of stealing from me and keeping me disorganized has been to interfere with that talent and ability and for revenge motives. But when I was starting a non-profit, it wasn't a passing idea. I was doing it.

The only reason it didn't happen was because then my freedom of travel was blocked.

It was never a question, or a half-baked idea. I was 100% absolutely starting a non-profit. I did the same kind of research to prepare as I had done in preparing for the lawsuits. I had lawyers and the OSB actually, sort of threaten me one time, saying "It's illegal to practice law without a license."

They didn't like the healthy competition.

They knew I wasn't practicing law illegally because I had the right to be Pro Se. But my idea of supporting my Pro Se work with funding through a non-profit scared them so they threatened me. They even tried to investigate me or entrap me by having random people call or write for legal advice and hoping I would give out "advice" but I knew the distinction between directions and advice and never did anything wrong.

So I was definitely cut out and blocked from pursuing a non-profit that specialized in civil rights. It was anti-competition. Big dogs didn't want to be sued by little dogs getting funding through a non-profit. ACLU didn't even like the competition. All the legal referral services didn't like the idea. None of them did. They did not want citizens to have access to knowledge and be able to challenge corruption themselves and wanted to monopolize the market.

Then I was pregnant, and after that, I changed my plan as necessary. Some of the obstacles were natural (pregnancy) and other obstacles were obstruction of justice (false arrest). I decided I could stay home with my son and go to college nights and start a licensed daycare in the meantime, on a small-scale (no more than 4 or so other children). That was in addition to pursuing any other goals.

I went to the Department of Social and Health Services and met with someone to inquire about licensing. They didn't like it and I could tell they didn't like it. They were trying to get me to give my son up for adoption into their greedy mitts, not to help me be profitable in any way. I picked up forms and had a meeting with someone about licensure before anyone from CPS dared come to my door.

They tried to bribe me to leave the State first.

My plan had been to run a small daycare and keep my son close that way and provide good care for others' kids, and then take classes at night and then get into a law school and be a lawyer.

It was always law.


I never changed my mind.

Organized Crime tried to change my mind for me. You know how they do that? They like to torture and then to cover for their attempts at stealing records and evidence and telling people to throw your legal records around, they want to say "Cameo is disorganized mentally."


How fucking convenient.

They've used "Paranoid Schitzophrenia" as the Operation Code for keeping me out of business. Operation Paranoid Schitzophrenia.

I had police tell my grandparents, after they put me in jail on false arrest, "Throw Cameo's legal records into boxes and put them outside of your house on the porch." That was after Judge Warren had me arrested on false charges after he first obstructed my freedom of travel to extort my vehicle from me. He sent Chelan County police to Granny and Grandpa's house and ordered them to collect all of my legal records, box it up, and put it outside. They disorganized all of my files as a result. Not my family--police and corrupt Judges.

Every single act they have committed has included a pattern of disorganizing my evidence and legal records.

They put my access to courts for relief and remedy, into chaotic state to make it impossible for me to put things together.

THEN, they went so far as to think it's then funny to call their attempts to disorganize my records and files, to disorganize me and keep their criminals organized...MY fault.

They tried to say, as some kind of back-slap, that "Ms. Garrett suffers from disorganized thoughts and has a personality disorder of disorganization, i.e., paranoid schitzophrenia."

I was never mentally disorganized. My business and attempts to secure my rights and reputation were forcibly disorganized by acts of racketeering.
Now, it's been 7 years, and they've ruined my life with it. The FBI allowed them to get away with all of that, and colluded to be part of it too. My opportunity to have my son with me, in school now, while I worked in a law office, was ruined deliberately. Whether I had been able to stay here and worked a lawyer and single mother with my son in school, or whether I'd decided to leave this country at some point, with my son, all of these things were rights taken from me by illegal organized crime that FBI participated in. I didn't even bring my book selling to a halt until after I reported FBI agents and then was forced to commute because the FBI refused to investigate multiple counts of hate crime and vandalism to my car. Did it threaten my life?

Yes. I had my vehicle being drained of battery by some kind of technology, while I was still in Oregon, almost every day, with 3 different cars, and I nearly got into serious accidents a number of times as a result. I consider that to be an attempt to cause or create conditions for a potentially fatal "accident" or collision. That was in 2003. Then I had a full-on planned and premeditated hit-and-run which caused bodily injury. I tried to report hate crime in 2004 and was told BY the FBI not to make that report and that they wouldn't take any report I made about hate crime and coordinated vandalism or obstruction of justice.

And that was just Oregon up to 2003. I moved to see if it made a difference, to Washington, in 2004, and it did not.

That is a loss of income from my book business, my active plans to start a non-profit, college, and my access to remedy in court with lawsuits I was forced to file to defend myself.

They disorganized my life, my legal files, and business, and then tried to say I was mentally disorganized as a sick inside joke.

(I just wrote an entire paragraph after this and it was deleted, and this deletion of my written material on blogger is still occuring too, usually every day, which means someone has the leisure to be sitting, paying attention to when I write on my blog, and making deletions and removal of what I write). Who has the time to do that?)

What I wrote was that I have no opportunities left. The opportunity I had to be a lawyer and have my son with me, is ruined. The FBI is responsible for ruinging my life, and making reparation of the last 7 years impossible. They have taken my time from me, and my ability to do what I had set as goals, and they kidnapped my son from me. My son and I have lost 5 years together because of their inaction and collusion.

What do they think I am going to do now? After what they have done, what exactly do they have in mind?

They stole everything from me. EVERYTHING. And the ones who paid a price are me and my son. The FBI makes us pay them and we pay them every single day. They put me in a position where it's impossible to win anything.

They made it impossible for me to win. And they have done this intentionally. They know I can't file a lawsuit or appeal anything when I'm being tortured. They know I can't do anything if I'm blocked from income or money. And they know I can't do anything if they and others steal my records and refuse to give me other records I've requested, just as they know I am not even credible if they are wanting to say I'm mentally disorganized rather than take responsibility to deliberately disorganizing my business and legal matters. I don't have enough time to do research and I've been tortured from doing it in the past. They did all these things, and allowed all these things right up to the point of making it final that my son is adopted away from me. I have lost 5 years of my life with my son, on top of all the other horrific things they've done, and they even colluded to alienate our affections, by refusing to let me even speak to my son for 2 years.

That might work for most parents.

It doesn't fucking WORK for me assholes.

I will never forgive them if my son is not returned to me. I will never forgive this country ever. I would rather die.

I would prefer death than allegiance to the U.S. if this is what the U.S. stands for, because it's not even the U.S. anymore. It's a criminal enterprise.


Anonymous said...

Oliver Avila will NEVER be returned to you. Do you understand that?

You have no parental rights--those rights were taken away from you by the Court.

You will never graduate from college.
You will never hold a full-time job.
You will never not need welfare.
You will never be wanted.

It's over.

Mama said...

What an ugly person you are.

It's one thing for me to have a personal blog and journal about things happening to me. It's something else to have someone so excited to read my blog, they sign up for the sole purpose of harassing me.

You're wrong, but you can feel whatever good thoughts you have from writing such curses until they boomerang on you because that is what is going to happen.


Mama said...

I clarify the point of this blog, and it's not only to journal but to be informative to the public and provide education on different legal matters.

I believe the last educational tip I gave you was how to sue to get your kids back through RICO (possibly) and why you need to file for habeas corpus before all appeals are exhausted, not after final order (as is commonly done).

Anonymous said...

You really do not have any thing Oliver is doing great and he does not even know who you are..... Why don't you get a job and support yourself? Why should my tax dollars go to you cause you are too lazy to work,

Mama said...

Anonymous YOu Really Do NOt Have Any Thing:

Your tax dollar never supported me. MY tax dollars supported me. I paid taxes for over 15 years of my life and they supported me and my son for 1 1/2 years until his kidnapping.

I was on welfare because I was high risk pregnancy and had injuries afterwards and could not work. It had nothing to do with "laziness".