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USDA Organic Certification, Torture, and Korea's Rocket

I'll bet those two things never go together: organic grain alcohol and torture.

First on torture, me and my family are being fried tonight. I could tell it was affecting my mother too because she put both of her hands over her heart. I sort of slept last night at least.

They are doing this to us right now. It's 7:49 p.m. and it's been going on for a couple of hours.

Aside from that, I attempted to get books and work done. And I inquired about organic certification this morning.

I have already done some research online, through the USDA organic certification program.

For me, my business ventures are tied to what I have in that moment, what is marketable, and what is appropriate for the space and location I am in.

When I needed a flexible job while in college, it was books. Books abound in Portland, Oregon and can be bought at a good price at thrift and goodwill stores. So I did research, purchased, advertised, and did my shipping and delivery. It worked around my own schedule and the environment.

So for me here, if I consider, what could I do, starting with almost nothing, to be profitable in a small way, the idea of organic tinctures has come to mind. I don't have a car or bookstores around and I don't have farmland at the moment (though I would like to have a small farm).

So, with a small space and no money, medicinal tinctures that are organic have come to mind--just very small and controlled batches. I want to focus on just one at a time, and for medicinal, but I also had it come to mind it would be fun to have a violet liquor and rose liquor or something. But I would only start with one thing that I think is of use and helpful to people.

So I went to check on more things. I know where to get organic supplies in general but I said to this guy, "I wonder how much of the product has to be organic to be certified? I mean, does the alcohol need to be certified? and where would one get organic vodka or would you have to do it yourself with organic wheat? (or other grain)."

My best idea for sealing things is wax. Dipping the top of the bottle into heated parafin wax basically. But I see the point of a cork or something bc I had all these air bubbles escaping and ruining my seal so my seal is this doorknob of a thing on the end of the bottle. It's definitely sealed. But it would take less wax to have a small stopper for the dropper.

I think it's definitely location, location, location. Not for advertising, but for your available resources. We just paid a guy for a bunch of dirt for the garden the other day. I don't want to have a dirt business and I would need to be swarthier or heartier for that, but really, people appreciate convenience of anything. So my idea is to look into medicinal tinctures and gem therapy (it's using the buds of trees for medicine). Maybe not gem therapy now bc it would be too time-consuming and not wine or spirits really. Just a decent tincture and maybe a french-styled liquor or other english or foreign kind of liquor you can't easily get here that is made there. Really, now that jelly bellies is around, almost any artificial flavor is possible but a really, very good violet flavor is not easy. Granny used to have English violet candies and they were pretty good. In a little oval tin. She had rose ones and violet ones and they were from england I think (or france? but I think England).

We'll see. I think the inspection process and certification would be most helpful. That way people know I'm not cooking up their medicine in a meth lab.

But I see myself as more of a lawyer than a medicine person. I got into law without having a license and did well until the FBI allowed criminals to obstruct justice.

I wonder why. It's not any of them know people abroad or care right?

I think Korea's missile failure was because of an anti-competitive act by the U.S. or some other government. Their rocket explosion.

From what I heard, it never made it into space. So we're told "they're putting a nuclear warhead into space to use against us!"

Right. And I believe the same govenrment that is torturing their own citizens.

They said they were putting a thing into orbit to monitor their crops. HOW DOES THE U.S. or anyone else know differently? they "think" and they "guess" but they don't know. So this rocket explodes before it ever gets into space.

What a great way to keep trade where someone wants to keep trade.

Maybe it WAS about their crops. And maybe someone who is engaged in trade that is about crops, doesn't want to split their share or have any competition by Korea improving their own crops.

So instead of being about "war", for all we know, someone blasted or bombed their rocket, for anti-competitive reasons. Which crops, what kind of crops was Korea saying they wanted to improve? Maybe we could look at what it is and who their main competitor is and then think about other possibilities as to, 1. what Korea's objectives are really, and 2. why rockets and technology is failing.

It's not like someone can't aim a laser, plant a bomb, or do any number of things to sabotage another country trying to get a rocket into orbit.

My family isn't tortured for "national security interests."

We are tortured by jealous competitors that have bloodied their way up a ladder to wrest and pay for power.

Our torture is anti-competitive in nature, malicious, vendetta seeking and all classification of these activities is to conceal an anti-competitive motive.

So unless there is hard and fast evidence, and proof, or really good psychic work, I am not going to be quick to jump to conclusions about why other countries are putting satellites or rockets into orbit.

Maybe the U.S. was really just worried someone was putting up a spy machine to prove the U.S. tortures their own citizens and is using technology that is partly operated and collecting data in space. If the U.S. wasn't up to no good and not paranoid, they probably wouldn't be putting hits on Korea's rockets. I just don't think it was an accident.

If I were in charge, I would put an "overhaul" on the FBI and intelligence and police and Judges too. I would also VETO jaw-dropping, INSANE laws such as "U.S. citizens can be detained for any reason without being charged with charges, in a formal prison or outside of one."


How do we know all these Muslim prisoners are not just excuses for doctors and scientists to use for research? I am having a feeling it's been a torture chamber for medical research. And I do not believe The Red Cross is doing their job and that they are complicit in covering up for aggregious abuses and torture. They write reports about a couple of men who are tortured, but they shy away from calling a prison-camp for medicinal and scientific research what it is: an excuse to violate human rights. How do they get soldiers to go along with it? Make them out to be terrorists whose people conspired to kill their mothers.

If the U.S. is torturing me for over 5 years now, FT, and was even engaging in illegal activities before that, when I am a U.S. citizen, they are doing favors for others on greed incentives and political/religious power motives.

Think about it.

I worked at Logan's, where they tortured me and used me for research there in the workplace. They are connected to international law firms that represent prisoners at Guantanamo. What they were doing to me, they are doing to the so-called "terrorists" that they don't even have the guts to give charges they can challenge.

WOW. Sort of reminds 'ya of the FBI doesn't it?

The FBI slandered me and allowed Judges to commit felonies against me, and participated themselves and how was I to know? I was being held hostage and prisoner and tortured, and then they refused to tell me what my "charges" were. I was treated like a prisoner and restrained from travel, association, courts, justice, medical care, and I asked for FOIA from the FBI and they refused to give it to me.

That is NO different from what this country does to foreigners they imprison in Guantanamo. Guess who interviewed me for the FBI and changed my testimony for me? One of them was a Marine who helped commit extraordinary renditions of foreign prisoners from the Middle East to cells where the U.S. tortured them.

That was one of the FBI SSAs and they sent him out of Washington D.C. offices.

Does that seem strange? He was in helicopters, helping to kidnap people and hold them hostage until they were thrown in a jail to be tortured, without being told what they were charged with.

And that is ONE of the S.S.A.s who took me report.

The ACLU site claims the FBI is "against" the new law Obama signed, this last December, just 4 months ago, which allows the U.S. government to take U.S. citizens hostage and restrain their freedoms without charging them with anything.

Maybe a few individual FBI agents are against, but not the Headquarters.

The FBI, as an organization, all the way to headquarters, has approved this bill. They are lying if they claim to be against it.

They have engaged in the exact same practices they claim they disapprove of. The ACLU names them, in a futile effort to underscore the importance of this dangerous law. So they write, "The DOD and President signed this into law against the advice of the FBI, and other organizations."

That is not true. The FBI doesn't lie? Right. They lie and if they told anyone they were not supporting that new law, it was a lie. That new law is what they need to justify the crimes their own agency is commiting and continues to commit.

That law and the law refusing to charge foreigners with crimes, and just hold them in prison for 10 years or longer, is not American.

Why shouldn't other countries want to go after the U.S.? Why should other countries trust the U.S. on their "honor" when that's not what motivates those in power in the U.S.?

It's not honor and it's not respect for the laws. Other countries know the only way to the heart of the corrupt U.S. officials is through the bank. The U.S. doesn't even try to win respect and honor or admiration from other countries anymore. They just buy what they want, if they need a dirty deal to make up for their lack of having a functioning justice system.

And yeah, the U.S. is better than a lot of countries because they have some decent people here who still THINK they are living in the United States of America and who are trying to change things. But frankly, we are outnumbered because those at the top are the ones with money and power who torture me.

This entire time, laser to my heart while standing in front of this laptop and the exact same thing happening to my mom and dad. They are torturing their own citizens. This country is. And we are still playing music.

Not music that changes the world. Crappy music because the good artists are tortured to allow mediocrity to succeed, even in the music industry. Why play music at all, actually.

If that law that Obama signed is not a glaring HUGE BRIGHT RED FLAG


I don't know what is.

And then people get so excited about petty celebrity things and moving people in and out of looking good or looking bad and spotlight, and this is supposed to be the candy they throw us while the entire country gets shipwrecked.

Canada is aligned to the U.S. on the same thing.

Their little "line".

Right. Their little line isn't looking like a line for energy between countries.

Canada claims not to torture and instead, they do and collude to commit false arrestts for money. How many trucks of weed came into the U.S. for that favor from Canada? The only reason the U.S. complains about weed, is because they don't want small dealers bringing in drugs that will lower the market value of the dealers the U.S. and pharmeceutical companies are buying from.

They want to keep their market shares high.

How many billions of weed and other Canadian drugs came into the United States as part of payment for allowing torture and putting a false arrest on me? for making me sign a false confession?

That U.S. border patrol who said to take his name and information down and claimed the Canadian border patrol illegally had me sign a false confession--I was so stupid that I believed his innocence act.

He and the U.S. Border Patrol were trying to get revenge against me for reporting their friend Raul Bujanda, who had worked with them for years before going to the FBI. The only reason he gave me his name and information was because he knew he was going to get credit for setting me up, and probably paid. It also gave him an appearance of being innocent.

Both border patrols were in on it and they colluded to set me up to sign a false confession. It was a U.S. border patrol who told me to go over there and they already were expecting me because that guy let them know. Then I was there and they forced me to sign a false confession. The U.S. wanted to make themselves look like the good guy when actually, they had agents commiting crimes and colluding to do so.
I know I read up on it once, tried to research it, and I believe the same guys had worked directly with Bujanda and/or Bujanda had worked at that location.

The FBI, Border Patrol, and Canadians had it premeditated and set up ahead of time. The entire thing. There were others as well. I do not believe every Wenatchee resident or certain others all knew. I think the community as a whole knew a lot and they didn't share when they could have saved us. I think it was exactly like the movie "Thin Blue Line". And of course not every Canadian knew, but a whole bunch of them did and they had it set up months, and probaby 2 years ahead of time.

You want to know how I know The Red Cross isn't doing their job?

1. They claim to investigate human rights abuses and then stand-by as doctors, medics, and nurses during U.S. intelligence led torture during interrogations. It is the Red Cross that "spiff's 'em up" to look better than they are, after a round of torture.

2. The Red Cross is headquartered in Switzerland where the Pope for The Holy See buys his guards. Asking the Red Cross to investigate torture of people the Holy See hates, is like asking Mt. Angel town public police to investigate crimes committed at the Abbey and church they attend.

3. The Red Cross is one of few agencies that gets access into torture chambers where prisoners are held and tortured. It is not just about "getting information" but about torturing for doctors and scientists who need guinea pigs. The Red Cross has never once admitted this or made that report. Why not? They don't make that report because the entire excuse for keeping guinea pigs is that they are "dangerous".

Here's a line to follow...I was tortured at Logan's Roadhouse, okay? By a bunch of Catholics who worked for the U.S. government, and their main clientelle was Vanderbilt medical personnel and scientists. Vanderbilt has one of the worst track-records for commiting crimes against humans and citizens in the name of research. They were across the street from the Logan's I worked at. Those people came in to observe how I functioned while being tortured and used for Catholic-U.S. hired psychics that spent their entire time trying to figure me out and predict what I would do. They made ME the guinea pig.

So then I find out Logan's is owned by a big Catholic who works with and has hired an international law firm to defend him, and represent him, that also works in Washington D.C. and with prisoners in Guantanamo, offering pro bono "services" to the prisoners there. Why does a firm that represents torturers and medical doctors who allow torture for research defend Guantanamo prisoners? They don't. Do they?

Why would they? If they choose to stand by corporations that commit crimes against citizens, they don't care about foreign prisoners who are tortured. All they want to get there before someone who cares does. They want to be in the way, to take the information and select and edit how much is revealed. They do NOT want the case to be taken by some other conscientous pro bono lawyer that could shake up the entire system.

So how are prisoners held at Guantanamo or elsewhere, as "suspected terrorists", simply "human guinea pigs" for medical research and torture by technology?

Maybe we could ask why so many universities and doctors and scientists have been involved. They were involved, at Vanderbilt, with those who practiced torture at Logan's. Department of Defense>Vanderbilt research>torture victims domestically>Logan's>international law firm that represents "terrorists">CIA>tortured victims.

I am not a terrorist and they torture me. It has involved a ton of medical professionals who conspired to say I was mentally ill while I was tortured and then sought treatment for pain because of it. Those medical "researchers" are doing the exact same thing to the "suspected terrorists".

They are not there as terrorists. In fact, they are not even charged with terrorism.

They were kidnapped to be used as guinea pigs. Like monkeys held in a cage.

Maybe some of them are terrorists, by the U.S. definition, or look to be. But most are not and they are not even given the RIGHT to have their suspected crimes named.

Jordan picks up "Al-Mahad" on suspected terrorism charges and the doctor in the helicopter says, "We need another guy for our project on "in vitro insemmination with contrast of red/white/and blue". So they dip down to grab a smart looking man who is healthy enough to withstand their rigourous torture regimen.

They might even have selective services where they pick and choose which men look like they fit the bill for what they need. Maybe some of them even have their blood types recorded on documents the CIA contains from their former use of them as "friends".

Tell me why such an abnormally high percentage of these men are commiting suicide and ending up driven insane, legally insane.

Because they're not "strong enough" to withstand being in prison? They live a more austere lifestyle than most American men and they are going to weaken that much in prison? Is it because they are just tired of being interviewed or interrogated?

Do people go insane and start talking to themselves and lose control of bodily functions and the ability to speak from being interrogated "with a few jabs here and there?"

No. These men are commiting suicide and going insane because they are being used for research in illegal medical trials and technology experiments.

That has nothing to do with "terrorism allegations".

Sorry, but The "Red Cross" isn't cutting the mustard. The Red Cross has actually been a good Public Relations frontman and liason for those who conduct illegal medical trials and torture trials with use of experimental technology and various forms of energy, radiation, laser, ultrasound, microwaves, radiowaves, and other things. The Red Cross produces reports about "torture during interrogations for suspected terrorism" but deliberately ignores the fact these men are used for research that has nothing to do with terrorism or national interest.

And these prisoners know it, and they watch eachother and hear eachother being tortured, for being picked up on a political charge and then used for gross violations of Geneva Convention. The Red Cross knows that if they write reports about torture in the context of terrorism, the torture will be more readily ignored and justified because of "terrorism." It displaces sympathy and looks like a "war-time abuse" rather than gross experimental research using humans as subjects. The Red Cross knows that if they described torture as occuring to men used in illegal clinical trials and as dummies to be zapped for the interests of military sadists, which is basically a medical issue then because medical community deals with it, they know there is evidence of a criminal facility that is for human degradation and abuse. The Red Cross knows that terrorism is the only idea that is working to remove sympathy from others. They single out a few men who have torture claims and look like they are "really cracking down" on the government for allowing such things, and come across as very concerned. They never give a report on the man who is being tortured before he goes insane. And they deliberately leave out the most incriminating fact that most of the men there are NOT "terrorists" and are NOT held as actual suspected terrorists, they are held without ANY charges alleged at all, and used as live humans to be subjected to the most excruciating and horrific pain while every reaction is documented and used by doctors, psychologists, and scientists.

Suicide is dismissed and discounted as coming natural to them, with the linked-idea that if they have suicide bombers, they are all ready to "off" themselves with little hesitation. Their culture does not embrace the idea of "suicide" for oneself. If they pull a suicide stunt, it's with the motive of harming others to get notice or effect attention for what they believe is a moral purpose. They do not kill themselves in isolation and think they are getting jihaad. The only reason a prisoner would kill himself in prison, is because the treatment is so painful, and so longstanding, for years sometimes, they cannot bear to suffer another day. Some of them are exposed to such degrading treatment and sights of rape of their families and cruel treatment of their children, through videos, and photos, they go crazy.

They go crazy from having their brains and bodies shot out with so much laser and ultrasound their brains are fried permanently, which is what this country attempted to do to me and my son.

The United States citizens have "cared" so MUCH about these prisoners and the illegal use of them, they don't even blink when it happens to them. Now, you, a U.S. citizen, can be "rumored" to be a terrorist, under investigation, maybe criminal,..."rumored" to be anything, and while you are not charged with anything, to let you know what it is you have to fight and prove your innocence for, the U.S. can hold U.S. citizens hostage in their own country: by house arrest, by restraints on travel, by actual jail, by torture in secretive and private places, by coercion to lie and say nothing is wrong or suffer worse torture.

That is now in place, in U.S. law, as of December 2011. The FBI is not "against" this law. They have been supporting all the same ideas in their own agency, without even having such a nice law for a cover and excuse.

Most people feel like guantanamo is so far away and they can't find anything in common with someone who is radical in the Middle East. They hear "rumors" of "suspected terrorism" and dismiss all claims of torture of these people, thinking, "Well, they are probably terrorists and we need the information." Then, the same treatment moves to the U.S. Now, YOU can be treated with the same disregard for rights as a person who was never born in the U.S. and doesn't have citizenship, and you can be defamed, ridiculed, tortured, have your kid taken from you, ...the works...and be prevented from leaving or traveling freely. You can be set up for false arrests and have cops saying, "police know about you across the entire United States" and never know why because they never have to formally charge you and they refuse your FOIA requests too.

If you don't care, because it's not your family, well, maybe what happened to me was an exception to the rule.

Now, lucky you, there IS no rule.

Maybe my family was a test pilot run on how far the U.S. could go in allowing government workers to commit crimes against U.S. citizens before "slipping in" a neat new law that makes over-riding all of your rights legal, and torturing you legal too.

Which comes back to competition.

If men are not being charged with terrorism, and are experimented on for illegal clinical trials and research, this incapacitates an entire group of men who might otherwise be securing their boundaries, profiting from the oil reserves of their own land, and managing their own affairs. Keeping them in arms and dismantled prevents them from having stability and gives the U.S. nothing to do. Nothing to profit from.

If a country can use war as an excuse to kill and edge out competition or pave a security for dealing in arms that make a section of the population rich, a country with the same people who profit from this kind of gain are interested in applying the same techniques domestically. They will be motivated to classify anti-competitive behavior and torture but try to give it a "terrorism" or "national interest" spin or something "rumored" for which the victims are never able to press charges.

Likewise, on tangent, if The Red Cross is deliberately acting as PR frontman and liason for the U.S. by picking out a few cases but covering up the real story--if they are allowing others to profit from suffering of others (on an international level), was Princess Diana ever in good company when she traveled with them.

(UPDATE: 10:14 p.m. I just got disconnected while explaining why the Red Cross is concealing information and how they know it works against prisoners. I wrote a couple of paragraphs above to connect my ideas and they were deleted and then I was disconnected. I did not delete them.)

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