Friday, April 13, 2012


I used my passport for ID today. It's the first day I opened the envelope that contains it. I just kept it sealed up until I had to go to the bank and one is coming up with additional excuses (one of the banks) for not doing the cash-out they said they could do today.

Whenever I start to waver or forget, for a minute, what this country has done to me, all I have to do now is look at my passport photo.

I knew I could have had photos redone, because I had money for it, and these ones were horrific. I look hideous, and one of my eyes is completely droopy. The shirt is horrid, my face and hair are a mess, and I have this horrific droopy eye from what the United States of America has done.

So I chose, rather than to have it redone, out of vanity, to have it documented on a form of ID that would always remind me of what they have done to me and to my son Oliver.

When I look at that photo of myself, and all of the hideous experiences come flashing back to me, and I see this person that the U.S. and FBI has used and assaulted, on a daily basis, my determination is renewed to not "let it go" and to prosecute within the full limits of the law, however that may be, internationally or not.

It also affirms my feelings for my son, and does not allow the everyday to cloud my reason and persuade me, with Stockholm Smiles from government workers and citizens, to accept this kind of "reality" that the U.S. created for him.

It is too bad they didn't allow me to add a photo of my son, with his face slashed up, next to my photo on this passport.

I am confident in my decision to keep the "ugly photo" because it's the ugly photo that tells the truth.

I am disinterested in those who want to cover up crime and "call it good".

I should clarify, I see nothing wrong with enhancing one's personal appearance for any reason, in the way they feel is best for them. What is "natural" is whatever makes that person happy and feel good about themselves.

But for purposes of telling the truth, and catching a glimpse of that truth, I am glad this photo was taken on the day it was taken and that I did not allow vanity or shame to keep me from allowing this to be documented as singular shame of the United States, on their own government record, yet available to the entire world.

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