Saturday, April 28, 2012

Doral & Bear Collage for son (last week photos)

After the collage I made for my son with the woods and water scene, which ended up reminding me of someone else too, in a really strange twist (I even found out...well anyway, it makes me laugh when I think of it, the "precious moments") So I made another after that, with a Doral cigarette ad bc it was to show an expression of width of love, as I used to do with my son. I was going to change or write over the "Doral" part but I ended up leaving it, thinking of "Dory" the fish from Finding Nemo. It's not artistic at all, but just something to put together for a small story. Anyway, I've tried several time to upload them and there are computer problems. I haven't checked, but I'm guessing the sentences are still running together as well.
The staircase I featured because my son played a game with Dad on such, pretending there was the "invisible man", so they were creaking up the stairs and every time they made a sound, my Dad said it was the invisible man and my son laughed and laughed. So it's that, and a setee with black and white pillows (I later found out after my blood polka-dot collage about the big cut, he went to his room and drew big black circles and lines all over his face), and then you can't see all the bears, but several bears. What looks like a little cap on the woman's head, isn't a cap. It's a small cut-out photo of a grizzly, to make for "this little bear" in words. Then there are words about love, and only child, and a rockingchair with an afghan with knitted flowers on it by the window.
The saying is "this little tar and this much taste" or something and I changed it to this little bear and this much love, but I kept Doral, thinking of Dory from Finding Nemo. Then the II I covered up to make I with a flower. And I put "Oh Honey!" next to it, thinking of his drawing on his face. A little sample of a heart bc he's learning the alphabet.
There is a clock on a wall, next to words I wrote which you can't see, that say I think of you all the time. And bubbles and I switched out the Doral cigarette for a fake cigarette with the word "blessings" on it instead.
I made this the same day I took the photos of myself in green, showing the paper "T", but had put on my black and red sweater bc it was cold. It was the same day though.

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Have you still been having migraines?