Sunday, April 8, 2012

Peter Johnson's Middleton Connection

It doesn't look like public college is going to work out for me.

I need to go private.

I am being blocked from taking classes in the most basic creative things, like art. Whoever heard of a college that can't accomodate an art student?

I asked them about flexibility and creativity before I ever enrolled, through their Honor's department and rather than encouraging creativity, they try to quash it unless it's someone they personally "like" I guess.

I don't want to go to art college but I want to take art. What's the problem? I have taken it all 4 years of high school and each year and almost every term of college. I have over 6 classes on my transcript already of college art from graphic design to painting to drawing to art history.

If I had been told this is how it would be, I never would have enrolled at this college in the beginning. The only reason I did was because I talked to the Honor's department which said it encourages creativity and they could work something out with me. She was a great person to talk to. But then the main guy for the entire Art department did something shocking and then I found out HE is the head of the Honor's department.

What kind of college with an Honor's department, that claims to encourage "creativity" BLOCKS students from taking art.

I don't know what that is about.

I should have applied to Reed or Evergreen, or some kind of private college that has some respect for creativity. Or isn't peevish about trying to one-up someone who is just trying to take an art class. I mean, what is wrong with them? You would think they would WANT to have decent art students there, and feature their work or add it to their own credits. Isn't that the point of a good college? It's a two-way street.

I don't even have my disbursement on college money yet and it's past the 1st week, because of a bunch of delays. A couple of things were my fault, but other delays were because of them.

I should have applied to Reed and taken English lit and then applied to Yale for law school or something and taken art classes to my heart's content there as well. I cannot believe the treatment I am getting at this little public school.

And then they are trying to tell me to take art from a community college! If I had wanted to sign up with a community college I wouldn't have enrolled with them, because of their "flexibility" and "creativity".

I have had an unhappy experience so far with this college.

If it doesn't change, I will not return for another term with them.

The main person ruining things is this "Peter Johnson" and he is heading the Honor's Department. At first I thought he just ran the Art department, but no, unlucky me, I find out he heads up the Honor's department too.

He went from telling me I could negotiate terms with other art professors but not him, saying he was a clay person and didn't have experience guiding other art classes or reviewing, to suddenly shooting out an email telling me I was blocked from taking art practicum from ANY of the professors there.

And the first and only department I talked to, about creativity and flexibility, before I ever enrolled, was HIS department. I talked to a woman who I liked and thought was good, with the Honor's department and based on my conversations with her, I thought EOU would work out.

I seriously need to know what Peter Johnson's problem is. If they wanted me there at that college at all, they would not be doing this.

I was misled. I feel like I got sucked into thinking they were flexible and creative until the deadline for admission to all private colleges had passed and then they stuck it to me.

Peter actually made it sound like I could ask other professors about the art, until I contacted The Portland Police Department.

Right after that email went out, a half hour later, he was reversing his "flexibility". I have talked to an Officer Johnson who is in the Oregon area so I don't know if they are related or if it has anything to do with that at all. He just went from being open minded to shutting the door as soon as I contacted the police to reinvestigate a rape claim.

What's wrong with him?

I mean, who does he KNOW that he's trying to impress? or do favors for?

Don't tell me it's the Middletons again.

What's wrong? he's afraid of having someone find out who is connected to the rapist? I mean, it makes no sense at all.

But he slammed the door in my face the minute I contacted the Chief of Police for Portland, Oregon through the online web form and asked to have Det. Gross contact me again so I could continue a rape report.

Peter Johnson got his B.S. in 1998 at Wheaton, in Illinois. Then he got his M.F.A. in 2003 at Penn. State University, which is where FBI Laura Laughlin is from (Pennsylvania). I believe she went to the same college. I have no idea where he is from originally.

I just found more about him. He's lectured in Canada and Australia and has had his art exhibited in Canada and Australia.

He's pulling favors for the Middletons. The Commonwealth. How nice, and how nice, right after I put in a request to investigate a rape. Maybe he knows something about that too. How should I know? What is his reason for going back and forth? From something I heard, he knows police locally, and then I just found out he is very possibly doing favors for Middletons. I have been stalked by people from Australia, for the Middletons. The Australian embassy was right next door to the Post Pub where I worked in D.C. Then in Seattle they stalked me. And he has Canadian contacts as well.

Basically, this Peter pumpkin-cheater has more ties to the Commonwealth and England than he does the U.S. He's even lectured at some "Odyssey" college. I want to barf. He LIVED in Canada. He was a resident artist there.

I at least had a few people agree with me that if the college told me at the start they allowed for flexibility and creativity (through a different Honor's department member), they should honor that.

Peter then called up some woman who called me as if I was a problem and not HIM.

His art is not even interesting. I could go out into a field of sagebrush, pick up a tumbleweed, flash-freeze it, and call it a copy of Peter's Art.
It's not looking too good for Mike Middleton anymore. Middleton knows Canadians and Roses knows rapist Josh Gatov. I had someone tell me, "Maybe he's done it to others, you don't know who else he's hurt." I said, "That's true, maybe he's done it to others...unless it was politically motivated and then he would only be interested in targeting me."

Religious hate crime X political hate crime. Which might explain why someone like Peter, who has Canadian and Australian contacts, would slam the door on me for Art a half hour after I ask to have my rape investigation re-opened. Why should he care? unless he knows somehow that this rape involves people who were motivated here and abroad as well.

What is weird is that I was questioning which officers and police Peter is connected to, that would cause him to shut me out after I ask to have a rape investigation continued, and then instead of finding that specific police link (which I already know is there), I find out he is linked to Canada and Australia.

Interesting. Say it's cliche, but "interesting".

I should add, when I was forced to sign a false confession at the Canadian border, most of the officers there appeared to be Catholic but their supervisor, the one who had me sign, looked Jewish and had a Jewish last name. I always wondered about that. The other guys checked with him first, before going ahead and forcing me to sign the false confession. I remember this because I thought, "That man is Jewish. I think he's Jewish. So why is he having me sign this false confession? Maybe the other guys want me to sign it and they're Catholic and he's just keeping me from also being falsely jailed again, on top of signing the false statement?"

They all have names and it wouldn't be hard to find out really. There is a date on the statement and it was mid-day.

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