Friday, April 6, 2012

U.S. Website Obstruction & Middleton Hoarders & Torture

I have just been kicked out of a U.S. federal website over 6 times now. For some reason, the government doesn't care to disconnect my computer for me to write about this, but they disconnected me from signing documents online for the last 45 minutes.

First I had financial aid workers giving wrong information and stalling on things, or causing delay, even if sometimes part of the delay was my fault. They stalled enough to cause about 3 days delay in processing my money disbursement on time.

Then they said I hadn't filled out the Promissory note, when I had already filled everything out they said to fill out (which was after a long delay getting approved on something else).

I turned on my laptop this afternoon and instead of getting Google as requested several times, I got a huge State Farm ad that kept taking over my entire screen. Then I would go to search for google again and I got kicked out and State Farm comes up again. Just over and over.

Then I was trying to sign this note, and I logged in before 5 p.m., and I was repeatedly disconnected from the site. Over 5 times. I had to log in that many times, or choose the back screen to get back in.

None of the other sites I had opened on my computer were kicking me out or disconnecting me. It was only the US Department of Education one.

And then I was trying to go through the process and continue on the button and they wouldn't allow me to go forward. So finally, after over a half hour, I signed it and submitted it and it came back to me saying they had not "authenticated" my signature and to submit it again. So I tried, and I was disconnected from the site again.

In the meantime, all they showed, was the "history of transaction" which had nothing to do with the truth, about time, because they kept using their own network person to kick me off of the site.

I have a bad feeling about things because so many people were in town mocking me today. It made me think probably this Eugene Judge tried to throw out my habeas corpus claim, but they're not supposed to, unless something is fundamentally untrue (i.e., I am a woman and I am the President of the U.S. co-chairing for Obama). Even if the jurisdiction is wrong, they're supposed to transfer it. So I don't know if it's something to do with the actual legal process, or something else.

In addition to this, I've had all these people trying to suggest the FBI is attempting to get revenge on me. As if I have ever done them any harm. But I was told someone wanted me to sign for Social Security just to give the federal government discovery on my doctors and medical information. Which I know, I can use to prove my own case, but all Laura Laughlin cared about, in 2004, was making a snide comment about "your use of narcotics could preclude you from work with the FBI".

I told her I used them for migraine and it was prescription. So then, I have proof of this too, even if I wrote in a blog I had more on me than I did, I had a few with me, and it was legal, and the SS people didn't call me back to confirm all of my medical sources.

I just feel like they're stalling to try to get dirt on me or keep me from countering anything in court re. habeas corpus.

Maybe I'm wrong, bc I would like to think someone wants to see if I'm telling the truth about doctors conspiring against me and my son and CPS as well, by lying about me being 'delusional' because I said I had injuries, or to at least confirm something, but I also have a feeling someone wants to dig around just to try to find something on me.

And then SS was coordinating with other federal groups and one was saying I might want to change my mind about when I became "disabled". She kept wanting to have me say 2005. I said it was from 2006, which is when I tried to sign up for physical disability and was blocked.

This is the 10th or 12th time I am trying to complete this promissory note now. It is now 5:43 p.m. and I started trying to do this at 4:43 p.m.

This is the kind of thing that happened at PSU when I was trying to sign up for further Art History classes. I got through 2 semesters in 2002, and then I was being blocked from taking any further classes in that field. Seriously. And when I used to try to sign up for FAFSA online, on the encrypted federal site, someone was always shutting me down so often, it was impossible. I had to fill it out on paper.

My parent's are watching Fox news and Ben Stein is on and I can't stand him today. He has a rotten attitude.
After I wrote this, I then completed the note, from start to finish, in less than 3 minutes (some of the info came up automatically). Something that should take a few minutes, took hours.

THEN, I left and said something about the Middletons, after seeing my Dad showing up tonight looking tortured and then I went downtown and all these Middleton people were downtown. I didn't have anything against them before and never heard of them. But after being tortured and seeing my family tortured, and finding out some of it has to do with that family, I know the family is mobster based. And from what I've heard, Kate is not a nice person when it comes down to it. She "looks" nice, and I never had ideas but I'm not that intuitive either. She is the type of person who will donate to kids with "cancer" but have no problem with a child of mine being tortured, and in fact, feel satisfied about it. My personal belongings, or replicas of my belongings, have been disappearing into her backyard for decades.

Oh, and by the way, now my parents are missing "knives". They asked me tonight if I had a bunch of knives over at my place and I said no. "What do you mean, a bunch of knives?" because they were eating steak and couldn't find any steak knives. My Dad said he was having to cut his steak with a paring knife. They had a ton of steak knives and now someone is stealing their knives from them.

I told them, "I only have 2." They said I only needed one and I said no, I used both of them and needed one for one kind of cutting and another for a different kind of cutting. I said, "I use the taiwan knife for finer cutting and the UK knife for rougher cutting."

Not only has someone been stealing their knives, new ones they didn't buy are showing up instead.

So I think whoever cut my mother, is attempting to replace evidence.

I have had more ideas, than not, that it was someone connected to, or having on their own, an English accent.

The dog, at the time I took him to see how he reacted to different accents, was mainly terrified to the point of cowering and shaking, of English accents, Australian, some Irish, thick Russian, and that one sort of sounded like my old Ex Alvaro Pardo could sound, with his thick Colombian accent, but the guy in the video that the dog freaked out over was Russian. The dog never saw the people, just heard the voices.

And it was English mainly, and that Russian accent.

My Dad was tortured today, for "Easter", made to pull a bunch of branches around like Jesus dragging the cross up the hill. I said what happened to your hands? and he said he had to drag a bunch of tree branches up a hill with a rusting iron chain. Maybe it was metal. He had bruises on his hands from it. And it wasn't both of them either, it was just one. So I don't see how it was something my Dad did, because he would use both hands if there was that much force or resistance, and not ruin one hand instead.

He is being tortured. He claims nothing is wrong and he was trying not to cry.

I said, "What happened. Did a Judge throw out my habeas corpus petition?" and he said how should he know.

My mother came home looking tortured too, with her face messed up again.

It's interesting how, lately, perpetrators of serious crimes want to get sympathy or have people trying to get sympathy for them.

I think I have to change detectives on the rape case. The first thing he wanted me to hear, when he called about my being raped, was to know my rapist was "a victim". Which I didn't think much of until later when my mother was telling me about one of her perps' sob stories, about how broke she was.

I never thought about it until tonight, but it's like these people making the excuses or sob stories for perpetrators are taking their cues from the Catholic church lawyers. All those people did, was try to exploit my sympathies and try to appeal to my soft heart to make me unreasonable and allow them to get away with murder and torture. Every single time, I would feel sorry for someone and then not prosecute or let it go, out of sympathy and then they turned around and tried to kill me and my son.

It is one thing to be a tender-hearted person and another thing to be so stupid as to continue to allow serious, serious offenders, who collude with others to commit horrendous crimes, continue.

I know things are bad for my parents. When I first got here, they hadn't seen a normal human being for so long they didn't know what to do with me. I could tell right away that they'd been held hostage and tortured. I saw the cut to my mother's face and evidence of other crimes committed by persons. I overheard the blackmailing attempts by corrupt Commissioner Wasson to my mother. I saw how they were tortured if they didn't refuse to help with paper or printing things for my legal case for my son.

When I filed a UN complaint, for the first time, I saw what looked like HOPE in my parent's eyes.

I realized that when I had not been around, things had been horrific for them. And some of these people still thought they could do the same things and get away with it. They didn't like how I showed up in church, and went everywhere with my parents, so they forced them to leave me behind.

It was either I kept my mouth shut about THEM torturing my parents, in front of my own eyes sometimes, or they forced my parents to not bring me with them.

Then, all of a sudden, bad things happened. I filed the UN complaint, and someone tried to bribe the UN not to do anything. Right at the same time, cops in town retaliated against my parents for what I had done. And also, 2 new people moved into town and things went downhill and I don't know which one was responsible for what. The new pastor arrived and Fowler moved in. I don't know if the FBI's Fowler was the dirty guy who then was torturing my parents on the side, or if it was this new "pastor" or both. It was like one day, something extremely bad happened and I wasn't told what it was, it just looked like my parent's were shocked out of their minds. It was like they had just discovered their best friend for 30 years, was never their friend at all. That's how bad it was.

Since then, all that's happened is traumatic assault after assault on my parents again.

Someone came in and tried to "recondition" the hell out of them, to so terrorize and traumatize them, and me, and their kids and grandkids, that they "fell in line" and stayed put and kept producing for them.

The day I saw evidence of torture on my Dad's back, of hundreds of burns and dots from a laser on my Dad's back in the shape of a cross, I already had seen his hands broken and witnessed their being practically electrocuted. My mother said one thing when I brought up my Dad's back. She said, "That's NOTHING."

As in, if you think that is something, you have no idea Cameo, what kind of torture they have done to us, and that's the least of it. She tried to pass the comment off as about something else to avoid being punished, but I knew by the way she looked at me, that she was talking about what they've done to my Dad. They have done horrible things to my Mom too, to get to my Dad.

So basically, they just jacked the level of torture UP and then tried to make them numb to it, and condition them to keep playing along and being friends with the "good guys" who were the enablers and little better than the bad guys.

So since then, things have leveled off a little, but it is only because they tortured the living daylights out of my family, including my brother.

I HATE his ex-wife. I don't know if she was an Army spy or a Mossad spy, but she was not a good person. Just thinking about her and what she did to my brother after playing innocent for so long, is something else. I knew there was something wrong with her and no one would listen to me. She set my brother up and took everything from him by lying. She got closer to my mother than I was and flattered my mom to get close and ply with her sympathies, and then she showed herself for what she really was and quit talking to all of us after April 29, 2011. It was the most bizarre thing. Kate Middleton's wedding was her "cut off" date as if the mission had been accomplished. I don't even know all that she did, because I kept my distance (was I RIGHT???? or what). My brother HATED my guts if I said anything about her when they were married. It was the whole song of "when a man loves a woman...turn his back on his best friend, if he put her down..." but it was my brother turning against me if I said anything. So I said nothing until she lied to my brother, and did this in such a suspect way, it could not be overlooked. She had demanded an apology for something that wasn't even anything I should apologize for, but to make peace and to not get silent treatment from my brother, I apologized to her, thoroughly, more than once. And then she never gave my brother the msg. In fact, I found out, she LIED to him and said I had never apologized. I said, "Levi. There is something seriously wrong here. What kind of woman tries to keep a brother and sister apart by lying about something like that? Why would she even do that? It's like she is trying to alienate our family from eachother and from getting support from one another."

Which is true. She looked like she was getting close, and since she was 'family' it appeared like she was bringing family together but she wasn't. She was ultimately dividing us. And she didn't start out that way but then that's what it was.

So my brother finally listened to me. For once, I knew he at least believed me. At first he didn't. He kept hanging up on me. Over and over, and yelling at me. Because he did not want to believe the truth. But I told him calmly, over and over and then finally he listened long enough to realize I had no reason to lie about that.

I think by that time, Carmen was making her own get-away plan. I'd like to know what kind of money she's come into. When I said something about Mossad one day, when my son and I were being tortured in E. Wenatchee, her eyes got so big, so fast and she just looked like she'd gotten caught. I had been saying, "I don't know if it's....or...or..." and as soon as I said Mossad, she was overalert. I'd already said FBI and everythign and that didn't phase her. It was the Mossad.

I asked my Mom, when I showed up after 7 years at their house, "When is the last time you've talked to Carmen?"

I already had a date in mind. I just "felt" it. Knew it. Hunched it. And sure enough. My mother says, "Oh I don't know...sometime in April."

I noticed it in TN. It was huge. I mean major. I had a Middleton Death Squad on my you know what. And I don't know if some of it was pure Middleton and if some of it was joint groups feeling it was the best outcome or that they might profit from it politically or on religious grounds. I don't know. I think it was that some hated ME so much, any fear they ever had of someone listening to what I say, was alleviated when they married.

The very day of, and next day, it was this huge peace and calm and lull in the violence and frentic movements of these peoople. I mean, these people were hunting me out and stalking me and running around shocking me and keeping me out of college and work, on a FT "8,000+ strong team". It was like being pummeled into the sand with a huge tidal wave, and having people hold me down every time I tried to get up, and then getting hit by another one of their waves and then, after a huge beating for years, all of a sudden....


It wasn't the calm before the storm. It was the calm after the storm and planning, and their chance to congratulate themselves and celebrate for all their hard work. And all of a sudden, no one was jealous of me anymore or look at me quite as mean. They looked guiltier than hell instead.

Believe me. I am able to assess a social atmosphere or undercurrent. I can stand in a place or be somewhere,and even if I'm not psychic, I can pick up on vibes and feelings and motives of others. I can feel and assess a social climate and it was NASTY but it totally changed from high speed frantic "pull the rug out from under her NOW!" and "did you drug her?" and "You cannot let her get away this time..." --it was this concentrated crazy mobbing of me and then all of a sudden...WHOA.

Everyone lost the mean look and they weren't running full speed anymore. No. They were taking a long deserved break and getting paid. Their expressions changed from "worried, seriously worried hatred" to "guiltier than hell satisfaction".

So when I say I knew something was up with Carmen and I was guessing about a date, I was right. She'd been on the same force and same track. She was one of them. And if she is Mossad, I don't know. She freaked out over it, but I don't know. What I DO know, is that she is U.S. Army. You know, the people that want to do deals to blow kids up with hand grenades and torture children in the U.S. (some of them, not all, and you know who you are).

I don't think my brother had any idea that his own wife probably knew exactly what the torture of me and my son was about. Imagine that. You're married to someone that seems so nice and you're THIS close, and married 7 years, and you never knew they knew all along who is torturing your own sister and nephew.

Imagine. Carmen knew who was torturing me and my son. And my brother was living with her the whole time thinking she's this nice christian wife. That is not something you come to terms with quickly, even after you've divorced. Some things take awhile to sink in and then time passes and you understand more.

It is none of my business but back when, I wondered sort of, about William and Harry. I said something about I thought maybe Harry was a maverick and this homeless man looked me down and said, "I wouldn't be so sure" or "I don't know about that" and he expressed doubt about Harry but not about Will. And I have always wondered about that. I later found out newspapers or his coach called him this but I didn't know, it just came to me as a term that night. But, I thought, why would this homeless man feel to say something corrective about Harry and not William? is Harry mean? is he capable of sheer madness cruelty? Was this man just not wanting me to think anything positive about any of them? Maybe for a good reason. Mabye they are incredible mean-spirited people. I never thought that, but ? Is William the one who is cruel? good king harry? or deep inside, is the goodness somewhere else, with someone who never needs to be called good at all. maybe there's more than the 2 of them. Maybe they had petri dish kids and shipped them to the U.S. How do I know? It doesn't matter, esp. when it seems my parents are punished whenever I bring something up.

I cared about them at all bc of the interest. But no, it's not about royalty in general. I don't care. But then, yes, would I think differently of them if they were not? yes, I would. I would in a sense, bc by now I'm conditioned to think of them in a certain context where before it was only as boys-to-mother and nothing else. It's hard to avoid when the world puts things into it. Then I get interested but then I also feel chagrined to think the british invasion is assuming the U.S. whole. They have their side, we have ours. I like having countries keep their own individuality. But I don't mind visits and agreements, yet there is a bad part of some british but some of the british already know this. Just like the U.S. knows there is good government or people in it and bad and sometimes the corrupt are overbearing over the others.

More recently I've wondered if someone royal cut my mother. That would definitely be a good reason to torture someone to keep them quiet and would be shocking enough to keep my parents stunned into silence. And then look at me sadly, trying not to cry, while they know someone I had thought to write about, in the family, was so shockingly bad as to do this or be involved in torturing our family. That would be cause to pity me for "not knowing who it really is".

I've seen shock responses from them about someone from the 700 club too. I don't know what it's about but I think it's sheer evil. There is something about some who have basically infiltrated into very "christian" positions but being frauds. And having enough power to do harm and still pull off the fraululent act. I have assumed with the 700 club, it has something to do with location in Virginia.

I know that Debbie Sweetwater and Cindy didn't look thrilled when I wrote about my discovery of my mother's cut face and how could the town not know? You can't hide something like that. It was deep enough to have left a scab in a long line across her cheek. So Patty takes her away and then 2 weeks later, my mother has nothing anymore.

Which is why I thought, "There are either twins here, or someone just took my mother away to erase evidence (or both)".

All I can say, is that HOPE was in their eyes for a little while.

HOPE that, they can't believe it. They can't do anything to speak up for themselves, but they can't control me, and their "crazy" daughter might.

HOPE that the UN might care. That someone will interview them or look into abuse. HOPE that the FBI will quit allowing torture.

And then it was torture, increased and punitive, and to the point I thought both of them might have a nervous breakdown. And then what happened, right about that time that they were being so harassed and violated? to the point of being scared, degraded, and in tears? My Uncle Howard died after I sent an injunction to Spokane federal court. It was right around the time my bank account was illegally shut down, in retaliation for my UN complaint, and my parents were tortured worse. I am seriously thinking of suing the bank if they don't fix what they've done. It was either around the time I filed the UN complaint or when I brought up the timing of a baby being born in California that Kate and William went to visit 9 months or so after their engagement was announced, the Catholic kid (because THAT is what the world needs more of) "Harper Seven". At any rate, I am suing Wells Fargo for not giving notice to the email address they had of record for me, which they knew was the only means for reaching me, and for not honoring a stop payment.

Howard knew some things. Someone was worried, I would bet money, that Howard was going to talk and expose some people. I think I stupidly put him in the spotlight too, by blogging how he read my mind over the phone. Maybe people had thought Howard was 'out of commission' and some kind of vegetable, just an alcoholic, when they might have known and been afraid of his "gift" in the past. Maybe they got worried. "OH NO. Howard is not dead. Howard is alive." Too "alive" for their liking. So they killed him, and maybe his Catholic wife Kathy had a hand in it.

I think Kathy wiggled her way into the family at an odd time, and Carmen wiggled her way in.

Going back to "Harper Seven", it was just an idea. One my Dad was tortured over after I had it come to mind on my own. No one suggested it. But my parents were tortured as if they'd thought it or knew something and talked to me.

No, think about it. Kate supposedly can't get pregnant. Even if she can, I can imagine her wanting to squeak a kid in through a surrogate, either her own DNA or not, and have it raised in the U.S. One kid here, and one kid there. She was friends with "Posh" which is the friendship of the century I'm sure. Her best friendship with Catholic Posh and other Catholic English in CA is not hard to keep out of our town and area and our DOG is scared of English accents.

So they came up here to terrorize and put their people around over here. I was in TN and chased around by Catholics and noticed how they felt threatened by me. Not threatened by Kate. Why not?

So then, there is this kid born and I thought of the name before they even gave the kid the name. It was before they named the kid. I was looking at a different kid and thinking, "She reminds me of Harper," and I contemplated it. In my mind I was sort of thinking of Scout, that she reminded me of Scout, sort of innocent and tomboyish but Harper is the name that came to my mind and the one repeating in my mind. And she is 7. 7 years old. So then this baby gets named "Harper Seven". The seven year old "harper" is right there in the yard I'm sitting in. One has the name and the other has the essence.

So then I realized, either kate, or william, or posh or her husband, possibly knew what I was thinking and took from my idea. Which goes back to Catholics trying to use me for research for their own interests in TN. And, in D.C. at the Post Pub.

I kept it to myself for a few months. But then I got sort of pissed, because who has any right to Torture us and use us too, and even to the point of naming their kids after their friends exploited and tortured me? And MY SON.

Then, the QUEEN is changing the English law to say Catholics can now be king or queen. Like I should care, but I do, because I know what Catholics have done to me, and their fears in other events.

And why change the rules unless you have a sitting royal with a blasphemous bloody Mary about to hatch.

I am in my right mind to know the Middletons have killers for friends.

Besides which...if Diana is alive and hiding out at the Wenatchee dam where Russel Strong works, that's bad news for me because I was tortured in strong's company. Maybe they scaled the dam in 1998 bc Di was hiding out at one later. Unlikely. But if that is true, then she has to know what's going on and so does Tiggy. If it is NOT true, if Diana really died (something I seriously doubt at times), then the prime suspects were Tiggy & crew. The same Tiggy that took Kate under her wing when maybe the Middletons had already met and approved of working with Tiggy in the wing at some point.

If Diana thought Tiggy was the problem, why wouldn't Tiggy's crew plot her death? After all, "My babies?" And who is this "Bailey" guy in her family. Please don't tell me he's connected to Bullivant Houser Bailey (I think no but things are crazy enough, you wonder about everything).

If Diana thought Tiggy's crew would be prime suspects, and the Middletons were in the airline industry (big steel and defense, noted by their placement in Jordan for the assassination with the "skeeters")the Middleton's were possibly involved with things like landmines. For all we know, they and the gold-whatevers were on Di's secret list. All of Diana's enemies were at the wedding.

Did anyone notice that?

What a triumph.

So let's get this straight. Middletons were placed in foreign countries by their government. They carried out assassinations and directives for such. Then, they so happen to have a cocaine snorting and dealing (big dealer...where else does party pieces get it's backbone?) Uncle Gary. I'm guessing a mafia-defense industry-COMBO.

Then, attach all these Catholics that have Middleton working for Catholic-interest groups. Who? I don't know. IRA? Who does he have the contracts with now? Or the U.S. or both? Don't tell me "Mike" hasn't tried his fair share of programming either.

Who would want to avoid Diana marrying a Muslim more? Scotland Yard, English govt., Vatican-Catholic interests, Mossad.? The Catholics were really pushing the whole "it was the defense industry" theory prior to the engagment and when I noticed the shift I thought, someone is trying to pave the way for Catholics and eliminate doubt about their complicity in something.

There was doubt in the way, which the Catholic church wanted to remove from a prospective mind. It was very sudden and hasty and I noticed the strategy shift.

Kate Middleton gets in and the photo gallery goes to malicious pot, and the Queen is either being tortured to give up the throne to Catholics or just doesn't care anymore.

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

"But they're such nice people. Times have changed."

No. That Church will never change. They tell everyone else to "change" and they never do and never will. They do not believe torturing people is wrong. They do not apologize for torturing people in the past, or putting hits out on Afghan and Pakistani men who they had befriended and worked with in the CIA. They have a noticeable pattern of putting all their own church members into office and high positions and then torture and persecute anyone who does not convert to their theology.

You can be "sympathetic" to a fault, and that fault will cost you EVERYTHING.

Just wait until England's noose is more tightly cinched by the Blairs and Archbishops who stand too close to Rome, and the Vatican doubles in MI5 and MI6. Wait until it's YOUR citizens being tortured by the Catholic majority that has Parliament, other offices, the defense industry, and the figurehead power or voice (publicity) of the throne.

England has managed to have a nice recent history, since Elizabeth or so, of Protestant tolerance. And that "tolerance" is only possible to keep if you are keeping self-professed double agents for a religious state OUT of the highest branches of power.

I wonder what kind of witchcraft Valerie was working with Russia.

Torture works. Who did she sleep with to get that accomplished? For anyone who doesn't know, Valerie is the Catholic wife of one of the sons of Queen Elizabeth. She frequents Russia and is reputed to have had lovers there but I can't say I believe that in actuality. Influence though, yes. Her influence extended to Washington D.C. and The Post Pub in fact. She even had her Russian or Ukrainian friend come into one of my yoga classes at the Y in Middle TN to check me out there.

One can be a "defender of the faiths" as in, protector of tolerance, and still have specific rules in place as to only allowing those who do not have a double standard to take charge.

Catholics in office hold a double standard. They hold the standard of the Vatican in one hand and the standard of the U.S. or any other country, in the other hand.

When they think those who are not Catholic are looking, they hold the U.S. or other country flag in front of the Vatican one. When no one is around, or just Catholics, they drop the flag for the country and only hold the flag for their church.

They're nice, until they get enough power, and then they are vindictive, cruel, and relentless. They have been at the forefront of every single torture regime known, and that includes torture of their own country's citizens. Their justification is religion, to this day, that is what eases their conscience when they torture little kids.

This is the rule:

You don't allow people or groups of people to assume power who historically repeatedly abuse that power. It's not wrong to say Catholics should not have office when they put another country above the other country. It's one thing to know you can set limits to office on these types, and still give full tolerance and rights. If they are unwilling to abide by constitutional standards of "one country", they should be willing to forego some privileges. Holding office is not a right, it is a privilege. Not being TORTURED, is a RIGHT. It's one thing to say marry whoever and work wherever and to have friends that are Catholic, and another thing to have them managing the affairs of the justice system and government under the control of the Vatican. The right to representation does not include privileging other countries to have their own representation within the U.S. Chile does not have the right to representation. Malaysia does not have the the U.S. Japan does not have the right to ... And the Vatican does NOT have the right to representation through their members who choose them before the U.S. You give up your right when you pledge allegiance and take membership of another country, swearing to give them "first priority".

My Dad would not have been dragging around heavy branches, with a chain, supposedly, up a hill, if it were not for the Vatican. And I highly doubt the story because only one of his hands is ruined from it and anyone would prefer both hands to combine strength, rather than use just one hand to ruin it. It is just not something he would do, around Easter,either, unless the Vatican felt amused by it.


Anonymous said...

She is the type of person who will donate to kids with "cancer" but have no problem with a child of mine being tortured, and in fact, feel satisfied about it.

She doesn't know you even exist. And, she never will. You are completely delusional. You are just jealous because she married the man you have been fantasizing about.
Stop being such a jealous whore.

Mama said...

Thanks for your comment.

She knows I exist, and her family has known about my parents for over a decade if not longer.

Her current bait also knows I exist. I have never "fantasized" about William, ever. Not once. And I have no reason to be jealous of her--I DO have reason to dislike her and her family for being part of torturing us and torturing my son.

Torture makes her my business, not jealousy.