Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Torture, FBI investigations (hate crime/bodily harm) candles

I wanted to get one candle and went to the thrift. I thought as I looked at the section there were larger ones, taller and larger. So I found one that said I miss you and then another and then a tall blue one which I liked the best probably. Then she brought one out from the back and it was scented. I like vanilla scent but not all the time and was going to go with the blue one but she recommended the other. I "saw" the blue one. I had the idea there were other ones because I saw the blue one, and when she pointed it out, it was what I had seen. It said "waterfall" on the bottom. The other one I saw she didn't show me and I didn't see anywhere there. It was the same larger circular candle but it wasn't as tall as the blue one and it was reddish-brown-crimson. It was shorter and wider than this other tall and medium width candle. So I have no idea where that one was being kept, but I saw it. It was the widest one I saw. I saw the blue one that was on a shelf a distance from her, in the mind's eye before I ever had it pointed out. I had prayed to God, briefly, show me where that one is, and that's when I asked her if she had other candles and I described what I had in mind. Then I kept looking for the crimson one that was wider and a little shorter but I didn't see it. What I saw wasn't really true crimson, more of a pumpkin mixed with crimson color. Sort of a spice color. It was sort of medium height and radius of maybe 3 inches. All one color. I maybe saw a candle from some other place, I don't know. If so, I wonder who. The only one she brought out from the back was cream colored. Just lit it and actually, I like it. It smelled too sweet in the store and it was hot so it just made it sweeter but at my place, and where it's cooler now (dusk) it's nice. I didn't notice it was beveled. I will probably get smaller ones too, but I guess I was glad I saw something different and then thought to ask. The first one I found said I miss you all over it and I thought of my son. It was square shaped with violets. That was the first one I found actually, outside of the ones all together. So I was going to get that one and then I still had something come to mind and it was one that the store owner maybe looked at. Then I never did see the spice colored medium and fat candle. TORTURE I was tortured today. I wasn't wearing anything tight that would interfere with circulation, but I was lasered almost all day. My nailbeds turned blue on my left hand from it. It was off and on all day. I slept decently last night for once and then after that, I was tortured today. They did the same thing to me, which caused my nails to turn blue, that they've done to my son. And they did this a lot when I worked at Logan's in TN. I had thought it was maybe because of my tight jeans then but I know it's not. It's happened other times while I wore nothing tight. Today, I wore loose-fitting jogging pants and tennis shoes and a loose fitted long-sleeved shirt. There was nothing cutting off my circulation. It was and is from technology. Then I told my parents I don't feel comfortable leaving them when I know this is still happening and people are doing this to them too. My Dad put on the best act of his life, claiming they weren't tortured and that torture means you feel pain and they felt no pain. So since I can't always tell the effects of white torture or clean torture, I said, "So you didn't feel pain when you had little red dots all over your back?" and he said something about zits. I said, "I know they weren't zits because I was only a few inches away. There were no zits. You had red dots over your entire back from a laser or some kind of technology. So, did you feel pain or not?" He said it didn't happen and I said "Yes it did and I saw it and I'm not mentally ill. So did you feel pain from being tortured?" He denied it all and said no, so then I said, "Okay then, I know you are not telling me the truth about the rest of it and that you are being blackmailed or threatened not to admit what is happening." Other things going on are technology with computer, like, today the "google" zipper they featured on the google page didn't unzip unless you click or do something to make it happen. I didn't care and didn't look and didn't care to and then I was already signed on and someone else did, for me, and then wouldn't let me move from that page to another page. Just wanting me to read it I guess. I didn't read it. If someone is trying to force me to do something, I had to look away until I was able to move on to the pages I had selected. Also, I'm not sure how microsoft figures out what your most active pages are because it has the line-up of most active and it's never accurate. They might have a page there that I didn't choose to view or a page I viewed once and then other sites I went to repeatedly, don't even show up. That is really not a big deal, but between odd things like that and having my internet music shut off in the middle of songs, and arrows redirecting themselves on the screen, or topics coming up I didn't search for--I made a report to the internet tri-squad or whatever, through the online crime report and they ignored me until finally someone asked if I'd lost any money and I said "yes" and they didn't like that answer. I think they didn't like it because if your answer is yes, it means they are required to investigate because of your economic damages. If it involves federal sites they are also supposed to investigate. With the FBI it's different. With hate crime, they are supposed to investigate if there was any bodily harm or serious bodily harm, or any attempt to create bodily or serious bodily harm. So if you just say "hate crime" they maybe don't do anything but if you say "hate crime" (for whatever reason) and can also show there was bodily harm or intent to cause such, they're supposed to investigate. They are definitely NOT supposed to try to shut you off while you barely mention "hate crime" and say they don't do that. If they do that, you should put it in writing and then mail it and keep copies. Which is easy to do unless you're being tortured and harassed at the same time. Then that throws a wrench into your ability to do anything and benefits whoever then gets away with the advantage of not having to answer to you for anything, or protect your rights. With RICO, usually you prove some kind of economic harm but it's not required.

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