Monday, April 16, 2012

Oregon Federal Courthouse Felony

I have evidence of felonies also committed by the Portland federal courthouse.

Which is maybe why they tried to assign my case to the person they thought would do the worst job: Magistrate Mark Clarke.

I forgot to mention, I have evidence that the Mark O'Hatfield federal courthouse also committed crimes of obstruction of justice.

I had already listed a bunch of other Judges, who refused to file things or violated USC's and committed crimes of obstruction of justice.

This is why this Magistrate Mark Clarke here in Eugene branch for District of Oregon federal courthouse, and Judge Quackenbush in Spokane branch for Eastern Washington federal courthouse, have both tried to bring up "frivolous".

They don't want to be sued personally.

If they can try to put enough strikes against me, by falsely claiming what I've requested is "frivolous", they know they seek to have me "banned" from filing any lawsuit against them Pro Se.

They are SO fucking getting shit-sued.

I tried to file for permission to efile and submitted a civil sheet and petition for preliminary injunction as well, to the Portland, Oregon Mark O'Hatfield federal courthouse. This is the courthouse headquarters for all the districts including Eugene, where I filed for habeas corpus.

The Portland U.S. federal courthouse, which also manages Eugene, and other courthouses, RETURNED my documents to me, with a letter, stating they refused to file my documents. It's illegal to do that.

So here is a complete list of the Judges and Courthouses that have counts of Obstruction of Justice racked against them:

1. Judge Lipscomb (State of Oregon). 2004. Refused to file dossier of evidence submitted for my case against Mt. Angel Abbey and Archdiocese.

2. Judge Warren (State of Washington). 2005. Put illegal suspension on my car, and then put me in jail on false arrest, and refused to file documents and instructed clerks not to as well.

3. Judge Shea (federal judge/State of Washington). 2009. Told clerk to return and throw out an injunction I had already efiled.

4. Judge Imbrognio (federal/State of Washington). 2009. Attempts to conceal crime committed by Shea and clerk.

5. Clerk of Court (federal/State of Oregon). 2011. Refused to file documents including petition for preliminary injunction and request to efile.

That's a total of 5 Judges. Every single one of them is Roman Catholic.

And then, not a direct crime, but Judge Quackenbush tried to make a cover for his fellow criminals by creating ficticious record warning me about being "frivolous" in filing court documents which is then followed by Magistrate Mark Clarke dismissing my petition for habeas corpus as "frivolous" through the same Federal Courthouse that obstructed justice a few months ago by refusing to file documents I submitted.

One other one...Judge Janice Wilson. I can't remember what she did but it was at the end and it was in addition to vocalizing outright prejudice on the record and dismissing my case. She is also Roman Catholic and attended Catholic girl's school as a child. The Archdiocese knows her, and she is out of a Portland, Oregon courthouse.

It is not hard to show a pattern of collusion among Judges, police, and FBI in deliberate obstruction of justice.

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