Monday, April 16, 2012

Corrupt "Magistrate" Proceeds Without Permission

Now I know why my family is being assaulted.

This Judge is corrupt, and has a conflict of interest as well.

Aside from one conflict of interest that I discovered on my own, I asked my Mom today if they know any Clarkes from Roseburg or Eugene and they do.

His name is Mark Clarke. He is corrupt.

I just made a list of several felonies that federal Judges have committed, on record in the State of Oregon and Washington and he must have been paid in full by them and by the FBI.

Not only that, he only addresses FBI and did not mention all respondents who I named.

This man is a fucker.

He didn't even base his decision on factual finding. I stated facts sufficient and he knows it and he also knows a Judge is required by law to find any allegations to be true, regardless of how large they may sound, they are required to take ANY allegation as true, and allow the process to move forward for finding proof.

What an absolute fuck off.

I mean, GOD damn him and his family to hell.

Not only that, he's an idiot and a political brown noser. "pierce the veil of..."

What absolute bullshit and cockery from a man with brains the size of a pea. It can be said with certainty, that smarter Judges have sat on his coat-tails.

I don't even have to look him up online to know he's not the brightest bulb.

This is turning into an expose of how hideous the U.S. "justice system" is.

Has this Judge committed a crime? Not one I can hold him to, but he knows his other Judge pals HAVE committed crimes and his inclusion of "friovlous" is a favor for FBI's Whittemore and Bullivant.

Is that who represents the FBI? Bullivant Houser Bailey?

They know, these Ugly Mother Fucking Judges, KNOW, there is a law that refuses to allow someone to SUE in court, if they can get enough "strikes" against that person for "filing frivolous lawsuits."

This is not frivolous, it's holding persons hostage and it's torture. That is NOT FUCKING frivolous you god-damn cankerworm. These fuckers know I could ring all of them in, for RICO and they are trying to set it up to prevent me from filing ANY future lawsuits Pro Se.


Because they fucking LOST millions having to defend their personal criminals for 2 years and then spent even more colluding to torture and kidnap to keep us from getting away.



If the FBI had been doing their job, from the start, and not colluding with Medford assholes, to steal my car from me in a false suspension of license (and that's to start), none of these Judges would have ever dared do any of the things they've done.

So now they're sucking Laura Laughlin's tits.

These Judges have been sucking Laughlin's tits every time she makes her way over to their courthouses to do them, and their mafias, a favor.

Laura Laughlin is the biggest mother fucking COW the FBI has, and Mueller is the Pig with a penis the size of a sizzler sausage link. I would love to see them in a menage-a-troi with my Ex, Alvaro Pardo.

This may be one of the cruder posts I've made, but I think of Mark Clarke and I see tit-sucking.

Corrupt Judges collude with religious members of other organizations and then they get the FBI to side with them. Then, corrupt FBI writes me up negatively and refuses to prosecute Judges for commiting felonies because the FBI is using it for their own fucking cover. I can't even make a petition for habeas corpus because it's already obvious the Judges and FBI have been colluding to commit crimes together.

The FBI refuses to prosecute corrupt Judges because they are directly bribing the Judges to overlook their own crimes in court. So then the Judges return the favor of not being prosecuted by the FBI, by refusing to uphold the law in habeas corpus petition.

It's bribery.

It's an obvious bribery, with blatant felonies not being prosecuted by the FBI and then the FBI holds this over the Judges to get the Judges to dismiss anything I file against their FUCKING CRIMINALS.

I'm sure it works in other ways as well. The FBI is likely putting innocent people in jail every year, and writing up false reports about others the way they have with me. Not only that, they are destroying evidence and Judges know it.

These "Department of Justice" assholes all get paid from the same fucking check.

The Department of Justice is like the Iceberg that the U.S.S. Titanic will never recover from. This entire fucking ship is going down and everyone knows it.

Which gives other countries a very good incentive for wanting to obliterate the immoral, hypocritical, non-christian and corrupt United States. They don't get their ideas from the Koran. They get their ideas by having intelligence that is just as good as anyone else's, and knowing the Department of Justice is FULL OF SHIT.

So first the Mountain of Ebal-Shit stinks up D.C. Then it trickles down to States, who spread around the stink with NCIC and milk-mothers for the mafia like Laura Laughlin. Then the shit gets carried over to Canada and they are convinced it's good manure for their weed crops. Then, the stench wafts across all oceans to every continent, where others start to wonder what fucking stinks so bad.

Oh. It's America.

"It's not all the Americans. They're nice. I could have a good opportunity there!"

Okay, so it's not all of America. It's the Department of Justice and they're bad enough to cover the entire world with the stink.

Don't fucking think you're going to be the "Leader of the Free World" anymore assholes. While you take your bribes in D.C. chairs, there are plenty of people who know nothing is free here, not even the citizens.

Some guy from Iran was held hostage by the CIA and it looked like he wasn't even held hostage. He had to file a petition of habeas corpus and did the Judges tell him "I think it's unlikely that the CIA has kidnapped him and is holding him hostage."

No. They let him go. Why?

I guess they decided to tell him what to do and cut a fucking deal with the Judge to process his request, in exchange for the release of an American hostage.


Does this system "work"? No.

It wouldn't have even worked for the kidnapped Iranian, even when he filed his habeas corpus, if THE JUDGE had not already been told how to act and what to do and to release him. It wasn't "free".

It wasn't liberty and returning a person's liberty to them.

He was a fucking PAWN they used as long as they wanted to, and then decided to let him know about habeas corpus through some kind of channel and then ensured it was put through by a Judge.

That Iranian man never would have gone back to Iran if Iran did not "DO" something for the U.S. in return. We don't hear about that, do we? Sort of one of those 'confidentiality agreements' the U.S. likes to nail people to and then move their hand across the paper for them, to sign their name with their own fucking blood.

God is going to bless the countries that honor citizen's rights and do not torture, and who do not pervert justice and cover up for the crimes of Judges and FBI, when THEY are "supposedly" the safeguards of the law.

God is going to just hand over that blessing to some other country if He hasn't already. I set before you a blessing and a and death....choose life...that you may live.

The Department of Justice chooses death every single day.

And then they make soldiers who are only kids, go out and fight the militia battles of the Holy See for them with a pretense of "defending the country".

This country is being run by The Holy See.

Some of the Jews go along with it just because they intermarried and hate the Muslims so much. They'd rather think Catholics are sort of like "Presbyterians" or "chosen frozen" protectors, because half of them don't even know "G--" even though they try to claim they were the first to know "G--" and to write about "G--".

The Jews don't even remember their past or know history because if they did, they wouldn't be fucking intermarrying into The Roman Catholic Church through its whores, and I am talking about both male and female sluts.

You've done such great service for this country, the ship is sinking. Thanks for indulging and procreating on the Titanic even when you heard the warning horn. It really helps. I mean, it's like chocolate to ease the pain of being tortured and burned alive at the U.S. Flag.

I get $200 a month in food stamps for 7 years of being tortured, having hits put on me by felonious Judges and FBI, and having my son kidnapped. How about, human rights? Thanks for the fucking $200 in food as you torture the brains out of me and my baby?

Even hostages and prisoners get fed you fuckers.

You can't figure out how to feed the world when there is more than enough to go around and then you torture your own citizens while you give them "goody bags".

Thanks Carole. Bag by Bag, your contributions are really winning the world over and making it a better place. Send Markie one of your little fucking gift baskets.

Parting scene: Laura Laughlin reaching out to Mueller while floating on a piece of driftwood at sea. Oh, look. The figurehead is frozen.

How many agents, Judges, and cops, men and women, enjoyed sucking Laughlin's tits while they could. Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free. She's equal opportunity too...anyone who wants to suck her tits, gets fat. Which is good, you know, it's good to have a little extra backfat if you're out in the water when your ship sinks. Might need it to find Mexico or some exotic island.

She should have her own statue made in her honor:

Laura Laughlin

Some kind of Greek-slash-Roman-Disney's Ursulla-statue with one hand on each breast, extending it out over a bulletproof vest she's pushed down to protect her precious pelvis. Milk dripping from one breast as Judge Mark Clarke greedily clamps a hand around it and has his other hand on his wallet, patting the back pocket as he sits on the milking stool of a stack of Bibles. Surrounding him, corrupt Judges, FBI, and cops. On the other side, her breast is extended to the Mafia. Her head thrown back, with her mouth open wide in racous laughter, as 4 other men from federal agencies wait for her to suck their dicks. Mueller, with the FBI. The head of the CIA. And Panetta and Dempsey.

At her feet is a bleeding child who got so tired of calling out for his mother, he passed out from exhaustion.

His mother...?

Coming to fucking "getcha"

You can take that anyway you want you FUCKING MONSTER.

If I mean you're getting exposed and the shit sued out of you, and you want to twist it into something else, you've been good at that. In fact, you've committed high crimes of torture and treason you fucking Bitch.

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