Friday, April 6, 2012

Obstruction of Music (Department of Energy's "Sandy")

I have been able to hear maybe 5 songs total on this computer. I do not know what is wrong, but it stops everything I start to play and never plays a song through. It just spins the processing thing, and never plays and that's while all the other pages work fine and videos usually work fine. Anything from youtube just doesn't play and I don't know what kind of problem that is. It played about 1 minute of a song tonight and the other night it played one song. But most of the time, it doesn't play at all.

I ended up on some site by an Italian guy ("ladovefiniscielmare") and the one I picked, came up on text as "I sentieri dell'amicizia: los caminos de la amistad, diana e adriana" and it looks like a video with photos of flowers and it's to an Eva Cassidy song, "songbird". I guess someone else can listen to it for me, because I can't play it. I don't think it's something wrong with this computer. It's more like something is wrong with someone allowing me to hear music, on top of everything else.

It wasn't just this computer, it was doing the same thing with my other laptop and esp. whenever I tried to sing along with worship, it would shut down. Then this woman in town was talking about "music is a weapon" and honestly, this sounds crazy but it is true...people have gone after me and my Dad and our musical talent as if it's our achilles heel or samsom's secret.

There is a group that has gone out of its way to ruin our music, our singing and playing abilities, our joy in music, and any kind of artistic talent as well. My voice has been ruined bc of torture that the FBI could have prevented.

I don't know if I need a different computer or what. I've been planning on it, but someone is ruining everything. There is nothing wrong with the computer wifi connection either bc it's showing all 5 bars lit up and excellent connection. It does this, no matter how good or bad the connection is.

My ex, Alvaro Pardo, tried to keep me from singing. Not only that, he tried to keep me from uploading any music or songs I'd written, or from recording my singing with the computer. Their internet connection was fine at that house in Germantown, Maryland, until whenever I tried to record myself singing some new idea. Then someone would have it disconnect. I tried several times, and it was always the same thing...someone didn't want me putting up anything of my voice or original songs.

I never once had a problem with their wifi there, unless I was trying to sing.

That was the house right next door to Sandy Fetter's neighbor Chu. It was about a mile away from the National Department of Energy headquarters. That's where I lived.

I lived right next door to the same physicists that knew my son and I were tortured. I lived literally about 1 mile away from it and I could see it from the road, right off the freeway and I passed it all the time. The Department of Energy headquarters was my neighbor.

I never should have stayed with Alvaro.

He played to the highest bidder and did favors for others who wanted to keep me from access to the courts. He was controlling me, for others, and if I stayed in his control, to their liking, they claimed they would give my son back, and treated me like a normal person and all it was, was to get what they wanted for themselves. They never cared about me and my son.

I have a post-it that matches the flowers from this video, with my brother's name on it. I had to have his address for something. Carmen, we had to cross out. She is the most horrible person my family ever had the misfortune of meeting. SHE was a spy.

It is really something to realize you had more than one spy marry into your family, just for purposes of trying to ruin it and break it up.

Not only that, just mean social stuff. I mean, I finally watched this video, and this girl at the end with the angel reminds me of what others tried to have me do my whole life. I mean, really, forcing. I try out to be an angel. NO. YOU ARE A CHIPMUNK. I try out to be a munchkin. NO. NO ARE AN EVIL FLYING MONKEY. I try out for the Annie play and out of all the orphans, I'm "SCRUFFY DUFFY". I try to go to college. NO. WE DON'T WANT YOU TO BE EDUCATED. I try out for gymnastics. NO. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE YOU FALL SO FAR FROM THE BARS YOU NEVER COME BACK. I try to take art history classes. NO. THE COMPUTER SYSTEM IS DOWN (indefinitely, whenever it's me trying to sign in). I try to sing and get my song ideas out there. NO. WE DON"T WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW YOU SING AND WRITE

I have been screwed over and thwarted in almost any artistic or scholastic endeavor and pushed to do things that are not my first choice when this is supposedly America.

I can't even make a comment about how habaneros look like pumpkins and maybe the Cinderella story is about the habanero not the pumpkin (in my latin version or other American version). Next time I go to the store, they have habaneros that don't even look like habaneros and instead of being short squat pumpkin shapes, which is what they've always been whenever I've seen them (in TN, and in Coquille at Safeway and Wal-mart in Coos), and all of a sudden, they decide to go out and buy from someone else to get habaneros shaped like cylandrical chili pods and don't look like pumpkins at all.

I told my Dad this and he said, "Like anyone cares about habaneros." I said, "THEY DO! That is what's crazy! It's like someone freaks out about something looking like Cinderella or applying to my story, so they buy out a whole vendor just to change the shape of the chilis to ruin the idea."

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