Thursday, April 19, 2012

Demanding Return of Children Through RICO (18 U.S.C. 1963 (g)),

Law for returning property to victims. Here, in RICO, any reference to Attorney General or to United States gets substituted for any citizen. A citizen is permitted to file a RICO case, alleging crimes, and request the same remedy as the U.S. or AG. The government is the group that files RICO typically, and if they don't do it, a citizen or lawyer has an option to file a RICO case themself. It is treated the same as a criminal case, but it's filed under civil provisions, and the filing fee is under $300. The court is then required to treat any provision through RICO, for the U.S. or AG, in the same way for a citizen. So a citizen is able to make all the same demands. They are able to file restraining orders to prevent removal or transfer or sale of property and valuables, they are able to also restoration of forfeited property to the victims. If a 'sale' has already been made, it can still be revoked and collected upon. The main cause for restraining order is to prevent disappearance of the property or monies to the point they are unable to recover the object of interest:

g) With respect to property ordered forfeited under this section, the Attorney General is authorized to -

(1) grant petitions for mitigation or remission of forfeiture, restore forfeited property to victims of a violation of this chapter, or take any other action to protect the rights of innocent persons which is in the interest of justice and which is not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter

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