Friday, April 20, 2012

FBI Rat Alvaro Pardo & Army/FBI Set Up

He is a rat and the FBI tried to force me to marry him. When I didn't marry him, they tried even harder to defame me. He works for the FBI, and the FBI wanted him in this country legally and wanted me to marry him and to try to screw me over at the same time. He knew Chris Dabney, who knew Mark from New Mexico and they know the Middletons and Dempsey. He is a rat. He was put in the way to distract me from reversing restraining orders that CIA workers filed against me, abusively. He prevented me from leaving the house when he knew I was trying to appeal this woman's petition against me--the one filed by the back-whacker. They're all connected to Middleton. It was a set-up. His job, Alvaro's job, was to steer me away from defending myself in anything that had to do with my son. They were all connected to Dempsey, who is with the U.S. Army. Alvaro's cousin, who brought him over here, worked in the U.S. Army building in Washington D.C. I found out Mark, the Irish Catholic Army driver from New Mexico, who showed up when I had gotten off the phone with NM FBI, knew Dabney. Dabney and the crew at The Post Pub were all tied into Los Angeles and California. The Post Pub's owner was from California and they gave out information about me to Catholic British in California and the Pacific NW. Mark had Canadian, B.C. porn in his truck, having to do with "the crown" and I thought it was a little weird, coming from a U.S. "Army" guy. And this is right after Canadian Catholics and U.S. Catholics colluded against me and put me under false arrest in Canada to kidnap my son. He made malicious jokes about "aliens" and tried to freak me out using technology himself, on me, while I was in his truck trying to get to the East Coast to find help. He did this until he decided not to because he was attracted to me. They have all been responsible for the torture of me, my son and family. They know who is responsible and yet they allowed me to basically crawl around with nothing and be tortured, in revenge for not marrying their man Pardo. Judge Hotchkiss was in on it. I was basically held hostage and the FBI knew about everything the whole time. THEY were the ones holding me hostage. Their men are responsible for kidnapping my son and torturing us to try to shut us up so we don't talk about the FBI's dirty deals. If I didn't marry him, it's not like his people were not connected to the military and others who could use torture by technology against us. Dempsey was right there in on it, and then moved in after Panetta. They're all bona fide crooked. California isn't going to help me, not at the 9th circuit, because their Judges are tied into people who are from Washington D.C. The entire thing was a set up to try to stall for time, distract me, use me and drug me, and keep me from challenging or appealing anything. Then they decided instead of just trying to set me up or distracting me, they could potentially use me as a pawn. So that's what they then tried to do. The U.S. did. They fucking owe my son. I think what was "in it" for them, was the idea that if they got me to marry Alvaro, either they could try to use it against me and then have him adopt my son, call me crazy after a couple of years, and divorce me and keep my son, and they thought they could wiggle him into U.S. citizenship faster bc the FBI didn't want to wait to employ him. My opinion, is that it was Middleton all the way through. He knew about me in Canada and then tried to track me over in New Mexico and set me up with the FBI and Irish Catholic connected to the Army. The Washington D.C. FBI Headquarters was nervous when I called them to talk to Alvaro because they realized I knew he was working for them. So they are complicit in crimes of torture and other restraints, against me and my son. They were PISSED that I didn't marry Alvaro. They had this little parade under my window at The Coast Hotel, with some guy trying to drive a motorcycle and I swear to God it looked like Alvaro, and a bunch of FBI SUVs behind him. I thought, "What the fuck is that? the victory round?" So basically, when the FBI tries to use you as a marriage pawn for themselves, they will do anything and everything to shut you and your family up and try to blackmail people over it. Including selling you out to the military. They couldn't use me anymore. So they sold me and my son out to the Army to be used for research and torture again. FUCK THEM The FBI has huge motive to lie about me and try to keep me from getting my son. They want revenge. They tried to set me up and it didn't work. So then they tried to use me as a pawn and that didn't work. So they sold me out and then tortured everyone so no one could point a finger back at them and their mafia connections with the military, Canadian Catholics, and Middletons. It was to get me out of the way. My brother's ex-wife, the one I believe got into my family to try to spy on us for 10 years, was Army and she disappeared from our lives altogether after April 29th, the wedding day for Kate Middleton. She went to some European based church and then left for some other state. My brother, after being divorced from her, was living in a house with a guy from the Army for 2 years. Carmen was right there, knowing what was happening to me and my son, when we were tortured right before I left with him for Canada. Alvaro and his FBI friend Henry wouldn't let me leave the house when I had to challenge the restraining order that the CIA worker put against me. I knew it was damaging and false and would work against me in court for my son. Then, when I finally got to the courthouse, after being stuck and trapped, right next door to the Department of Energy headquarters (by the way), Pardo had tried to set me up with some agent for Maryland or elsewhere, to take a marriage fraud bid bc they had already hooked Pardo up with some other woman. They couldn't get me on marriage fraud for 10 years, so they tried to worm Pardo out to some other woman and assure him of citizenship and employment with the FBI, while they tried to hump and dump me to jail by trying to get me to take bait on an actual marriage fraud scheme. I was held hostage the entire time and the CIA, DOD, and FBI were all involved. They all fucking knew. When I broke up with Pardo he shaved his pubic hair and went to Seattle FBI. Which is why Laughlin and her people wanted me to be tortured and called crazy and sent to a psych ward. They didn't accomplish that in Seattle, so they tried again with Nashville FBI and DEA involved, in Tennessee and succeeded. They are guilty of the highest crimes. So when the FBI isn't investigating judicial felony, I'll tell you why. Because THEY are felons. They don't want the public to know who was colluding between Canada and the U.S. FBI. Bad PR. It worked for them to have me and my son tortured bc they didn't want anyone believing anything I said anyway. They didn't care. The military wanted to use and abuse my son so they set him up with a family where they could do that with convenience and have used Catholic Judges to punish me and block me from even challenging the crimes the public defenders have committed in obstructing me and my son from justice. They don't want people to know, or think they are "bad". So they torture us.

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