Monday, April 16, 2012

Dryden Post Office in Wenatchee, Wa

This federal post office made my son's current caregiver pay money to take his mail to him.

She said they wouldn't release my mail to my son without having her pay them extra money, and they lied and claimed it needed more postage.

I know it's a lie, because it was weighed on the federal post office mail scale in Coquille, Oregon and I kept the receipt for it and it was 65 cents exactly.

That was the weight, and that was with the post office knowing where it was being sent.

So then in Dryden, they tried to act like mafia and stiff my son to force him to pay extra to take it. And that's after they held onto it and didn't put it in the right box when they all know who he is.

I'm sending them a letter and they are going to apologize and pay my son back.

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