Sunday, April 15, 2012

Colombian Thing & Judge Jail (FBI not doing their job)

Someone just deleted my entire post again.

It was about how the U.S. is choosing to cast a glare onto something else, in another country, instead of facing up to felonies committed by Judges in this country.

If you can prove a paid sexual liason led to the torture of people, that' one thing. So if there's conflict of interest and people are being tortured, it should be done.

But I really don't care who is sleeping with who, if the U.S. can't even get their FBI to arrest, charge, and prosecute Judges, in THIS country, for committing felonies.

So to me, if it resolves the torture of others, that's one thing.

However, I can name at least 4-5 different Judges who have COMMITTED FELONIES, out in the open, and so far, NO FBI agent is charging THEM with anything.

Judges get hired with immunity to their judicial duties, NOT to crimes of obstruction of justice.

You do not "reprimand" a Judge for committing flagrant felonies.


Are you ready to do that?

Here's my list of New Jail Guests. Oh, note, I did not say "FBI HOUSE GUESTS". I said, "JAIL GUESTS".

New to jail are:

1. Paul Lipscomb,
guilty of obstruction of justice, conpiracy, and (most likely, other crimes that are even worse, because he feels very comfortable commiting a lot of crimes in broad daylight. He's like the jaywalker that crosses the street right in front of a watching police officer, with a big sign that says "NO JAYWALKING" on his t-shirt shirt with a middle finger turned up.

But he's not jaywalking. He's killing people probably (that would be my guess), and I know for a fact, he's openly commiting noticeable crimes of obstruction of justice in front of EVERYONE.

2. Gerald Warren.
guilty of obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and other crimes. I have a piece of paper here with me, FROM THE FBI, which PROVES I reported him for crimes. The FBI's response was "Oh well, he's retiring anyway."

Oh well. Excuse me, says Warren, while I take a chunk of cheek out of a kid's face. Excuse me, Wes, and Rick, says Warren, as he brushes them aside to put me under false arrest twice, and illegally block records from being filed again. Excuse me, while I harass and stalk Ms.Garrett after I knowingly colluded with Canadian agents.

There' two. There's just TWO of the Judges who have committed felonies, in violation of USC's, on the record. I really don't think these "FBI agents" are hearing me right.

Because what I say, and tell them, is totally different from what I later find they've written in their reports which they then never wanted me to see.


Because they LIED and they know that I will know, as soon as I read the reports.

They didn't keep FOIA from me all this time, for investigation purposes. They did it, because they KNEW they were lying in their reports, and they wanted more time to buy themselves an alibi by torturing me more and having me diagnosed by liars as mentally ill, before they released their lies to me.

What has the FBI done all this time? allowed me and my son to be tortured, and used that time to collude with their Catholic church and set me up.

NO, I don't believe Wes is Mormon anymore than Rick Baken is an evangelical chrsitsian. I don't believe the Mormon S.S.A. who they sent from D.C. was Mormon either. He told me he was, or they did. But I don't believe it. If he was, he was a CIA Mormon, which is nothing more than a Catholic using the Mormon church as a way to get in and spy for Catholic majority CIA with a good cover. If these Mormon's, so-called, are actually Mormon, then the ones I've had thrust my way, by their Catholic supervisors, are one who will do favors for the Catholic church and put money way ahead of any other incentive.

The Irish Mormon guy in Seattle? Who has this huge church? NOT Mormon. I walked into his offices and just smelled FBI. I didn't smell anything Mormon. Mr. Butterfingers.

The Mormon people I met in Tacoma over the phone who tried to give suggestions? Mormon. And as a result of being true Mormons, his wife went into pre-term labor all of a sudden, as punishment for their assisting me.

I am not blaming all FBI. But those who are in charge have hired criminals who pose as FBI agents.

You know what they do? They get into the FBI and then make sure anyone who is honest, is kept OUT.

The FBI is the only agency with jurisdiction to charge and prosecute Judges.

What I have seen from them, is they moved in men and women who they knew would block anything good from happening.

It's like they're scared. If they're not scared, they've been paid off not to do it, or maybe a couple were blocked. But I don't see how you allow yourself to be blocked. If you know someone reported a Judge, and you want to take it seriously, you do that, and write your own report and investigate. Do you need Mommy's permission to investigate?

If "Mommy" tells you no, you can't file charges on a Judge or investigate something, then you join the Whistleblowers and write it anyway and take Whistelblower's Protection.

You're not going to "change" it for the better by obeying corrupt SSA's.

I have not seen even ONE Judge yet, held accountable for crimes. In fact, I have had FBI BLOCKING me from even reporting further crimes committed by Judges.

They protected Judge Gerald Warren because I tried to report him again, and others, and I was blocked by the FBI.

They sent out some lying "Not-Mormon" and a "Go-Daddy" for Whittemore, and made a pretense of investigating a couple of corrupt FBI agents. All they did was lie about me and then spend years allowing their Catholic mobsters to assault my family to buy time for all of them to have a cover. After that one report by me, they blocked all further attempts by me, to make reports of very serious crimes.

Like extremely serious criminal conduct by Judges.

That is NOT a small matter. They even encouraged judicial felonies by becoming felons themselves.

FBI Felons will try VERY HARD to make innocent whistleblowing citizens look "Nuts" or "mentally ill" and will even PAY to have them and their children tortured, just to continue working in the FBI as FELONS.

When FBI agents PROTECT Judicial Felons, knowing their crimes are in-the-open and should send them directly to jail, not passing Go, those FBI agents become felons themselves, esp. where this kind of conduct is not once or twice, but repeated. That means, all of a sudden, now the FBI has "motive" to commit crimes against U.S. citizens.

They need to keep their own cover as FBI felons. Who protect judicial felons. Who pay handsome tithes to churches where their pastors appreciate their contributions oh so very much thank you.

I take it back. I do fully support going after Secret Service agents for using other woman in other countries, if that's what they did.

And I'd like to know when the U.S. goes after Judges for conspiring with the FBI to torture kids and their mothers.

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