Saturday, April 28, 2012

Collage on Humane Treatment (photos..hi Reedies)

The collage I made today I can't send until Monday, but I had the idea earlier, to have something that is a short story, showing how different chickens, chicks, roosters are treated for producing eggs, and what does he think the most humane treatment is? So I added different scenarios and then a few other ideas I thought I could work with, and used materials from the same magazines I've had, a couple of recycled garbage items, and the table/student scene from a Reed college catalog (I think I should get honorary credit from Reed. ;)). Again, it's not good art, just something for formulating ideas. I took a lot of photos bc it's larger and some of the cut outs are smaller. The books in front of the students were randomly placed, I just cut out books that had a photo or title about animals and pasted it on and then added a chicken or rooster walking across their table. Also, I left "they'll flip their easter bonnets" but put a paper over easter for one of the photos bc I might cover that part up. The girl with the basket on the bike is rescuing a rooster from jail. The idea is to explore pasture, conventional, organic, and cage-free chicken raising, and what is the best treatment for these animals. Then I included some things for amusement.
These photos posted out of order and are atrocious in quality--you can't see anything so I'll describe a few things. The "m" in the black object is a bunch of tiny kid's faces, and then letters m, a, y, and s which I think of for maze. there is chicken farmer's head down and then a rooster to the side and an egg to the side. the words beneath which you can't see are a good egg--thing. design to fit everywhere.
there are 8 pages altogether, backing the collage.
it starts sort of with the egg farmer and then explores ideas in a counter-clockwise fashion.
this is a "toy" underground railroad idea, and then up above it are chickens lined up in halls of chicken prison ("conventionally raised chicken"). Above this is a candy cottage in the snow near the wood and then a gate with a garden and you can't see them, but pasture-raised chicken.
I have this above photo and the one beneath it separate on the paper but it's sort of a juxposition. I cut out a little crown that says "extra fancy" on it, and pasted it above a conventional rooster in prison, and his "crown" is dropping over his eyes. Sort of the way this man's head is drooping down, who is in the middle of a big chicken farm holding a basket. I thought, "Where, in this whole collage, do I want the crown?" and I had it suspended above the imprisoned rooster. it says next to this, "chicken crowd control is a key health concern when bird freely roam a henhouse floor...ect...caged chickens don't get to engage in natural bird behaviors." the crown suspended has 5 points upright and the one onn the rooster drooping down over his eyes, is 5 or 6 points downwards. Then beneath that it has "1981 cat lover's calendar" and "CAT: multiple strength for multiples".
this section includes the word "penny", "cats of '81", "catalog of penny pinching ideas", and a design with little stars at each point in the black line design, with a lion there.
these are small objects I cut out. a painting of a sailboat at sea, the lines, a circle cut from the sunlight out of a window, a circle mirror, a panda, a bird carrying a letter, an eagle with a flag, a lamp over the statue of a rooster (to keep it warm) a teddy bear, and a reading lamp.
this is windows above and then added an egg conveyor belt which makes it look like eggs are tunneling and coming through an Ivy hedge, and then different chicken conditions, and a pasture raised chick in the palm of a hand, and the egg conveyor leads to cats who I thought my son would be amused by, staring grimly at a bunch of chicken eggs in their litter box. "they'll flip their bonnets" (below). and santa devilishly grinning like he put them there, and a cat with paws raised up, and I also thought about a CAT committee feeling less than pleased to see so many ...well I don't know...and then the del monte logan I just randomly put on the professor's head like it was an indian turban or something.
the longer center cut-out is next to the prison crown rooster, and it is facing the opposite way, a bunny doll holding a rod or stick and looking at a wall full of framed photos.
this is a gum ad and I added words from an article to make: "now, you to the rescue spearmint" and then beneath this is professor with class and next to him a groundhog or beaver and a tree and you can see in other photos, there is a door to the inside of the tree trunk.
here are students and there were no books on the table but I found an old ad with books and cut out ones with animal titles or reference and randomly placed them. the guy in the pink with glasses has "hunting badger" by tony hillerman; the guy across from him with the rooster nearby and "original mother on his back" has "mrs. pargeter's point of honour" by simon brett; the woman next to him has "sick puppy" by carl hiassen, and the blond guy across from her has "the cat who robbed a bank" by lilian jackson braun; the woman in green has "the unexpected guest" by agatha christie" (bc I put a rooster on the table); the woman next to her in purple has "a ruff way to go" by leslie o'kane; and the blond has "lady vanishes" by ccarol lee benjamin (with a dog's face on the cover). (I have no idea what any of the books are about)
oh, and I put a bunny cake that has a little chocolate or candy egg on the table too.
and here below is a hero animal activist, who just rescued a rooster, who is riding inbetween two dogs. it was just her and the dogs in basket, but I added the rooster for an idea. also, right above her it shows a rooster sticking its head through bars to try to eat and then next I have it riding on top of the bars of a basket.
there is a bathtub with a mat and it says "on the market" and "floors o'fun". From above this, top corner, moving down, it's a rooster in conventional jail, then a man going downstairs and almost sort of like jail too, and then a tub with floors o' fun and then a rooster trying to eat with its neck through bars, and eggs below and then at the bottom, rooster on top of the basket. The photos are all out of order and not good at all, but that's it.

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