Monday, April 16, 2012

Communications to Family Cut Off

I have no problem getting incoming calls from the federal Social Security department but my brother has tried to phone me several times and can't get through.

The ringer was off for awhile but I was still watching the phone and it shows when someone is trying to call.

First the U.S. blocks me from seeing my family for over 7 years. Ever since I reported the FBI, the U.S. blocked me from traveling.

That was in 2004.

After the FBI colluded to block me from visiting my parents or going to Coquille, since 2004-2005, they made sure we didn't see eachother at all, until 7 years later, after they'd tortured and assaulted all of us, and tried to brainwash my parents by blackmail and torture and Stockholm Syndrome.

Then they were stupid enough to think they'd brainwashed me.

They call N. Korea "bad" for "brainwashing" people and they do this in the U.S. to their own citizen. They thought, after torturing me and blocking me from court and making reports to the IRS, the FBI, SS, CPS, whoever, that after they got away with assaulting me in the workplace, that I was going to put up with more of the same in Coquille.

When I refused to work for them, then they punished my parents and me both and started torturing me here, for not working for assholes that tried to use me without my consent. Those employers then blacklisted me to the rest of the town, simply because I chose not to work for the government after they abused me and my family and assaulted my son.

My son has been blocked from all communications from his mother for over 2 years, because of felonies commmitted by Roman Catholic Judges who blocked me from filing anything in court, and who colluded with Roman Catholic FBI to restrain me from access to the courts.

When I filed my petition to the UN, my communications to the outside world were totally shut down as the U.S. government literally shut my computer down immediately after I sent my complaint to the UN and then to the OIG in Washington D.C.

Now, I have one computer person in town who then took my laptop and said he couldn't fix it or do anything about it, after he held onto it, when it contained photo evidence of torture. I then took it to the next place, and they said they could fix it and then they held onto it and didn't fix it and returned it to me in the same condition it was before, having done NOTHING to fix anything. I asked to have all photos put onto a CD so I can access them and it wasn't done. I asked to have the keyboard replaced or fixed and it wasn't done, and it was on the work order.

I said, "Whatever needs to be done, I need to have this computer fixed."

They basically sat on it for months and then when I was able to afford to pick it up and pay for it, I paid and then took it home to find out it hadn't been fixed at all. They all know I'm borrowing a computer right now or trying it out.

Then this woman tries to argue with me over which laptop is better.

The people in this town are turning out to be as big of conspirators as the rest, stalling and refusing to fix laptops I need, knowing I have evidence of crimes on the laptop and that I need it for reporting Human Rights violations and torture.

So why exactly, do they care so much? to block me from having this information?

I said, "I need this computer fixed" and she agreed to do it and then they didn't do it. She then tried to argue with me TODAY that it was going to take $600 to fix and I said, "I don't care. I told you, 'whatever it costs to fix this, I need to have it fixed.'"

They hadn't put any photos onto a CD, the virus was still there, and the keyboard was still not working and I had a work order to have all these things fixed and done and then she gives me back my money, after sitting on it, with a little yellow post-it stuck to the top.

Why? Because she kept my money separate knowing I was coming back for it. I highly doubt she post-its all of the cash in her drawer.

I took it back to her and when she said, "It might be 600" I said, "I don't care. I need it and it's a better computer and it has information that I need."

She said, "It's NOT a better computer."


How does SHE know? She's never seen the one I've been using in the meantime while I have waited to have this other one fixed.

I have never told her what I'm using right now. So she just arbitrarily decides to say "It's NOT a better computer" having no clue what to compare it to, or having more information than she has a legal right to have.

The point is, she and the other guy, have STALLED on fixing my laptop when they know I need it and that I have used it for making a UN report and have all my torture evidence photos on it (some, not all).

Why "good christian people" want to block someone from getting their laptop fixed in these circumstances, is really beyond me.

They want me to be stuck with a laptop that has no controls. They don't want me to have access as domain controller (which is not a feature this other laptop has (which is supposed to be better?) and they have stalled and blocked me from getting evidence for my UN report. They want me to be stuck with nothing or with a computer that's dumbed down.

It's like a Jennifer computer.

Pretty colors with no brain in the back.

"Pray to Mother Mary!!!!" with butterflies and everything pink and frivolous. Oh, frilly. All these bright colors and how many fucking times a day does she have to send the same stupid "St.'s" ecard crap to my Ex on his iphone.

This computer is like her. It's bright and colorful and overlarge and has no resolution and no brain in the back.

Having no resolution is a problem that can't be fucking fixed. So is the brain and domain controller issue.

I don't know how many of the exact same saint's prayer cards she sent, but it wasn't just once a day. It was like 10 or more of the same thing, with dumb messages, every single fucking day. It was like the biggest SPAM event for Mary I've ever seen, and then I look thinking, "This is crazy" and it's not SPAM. No, it's not auto-generated by a machine, it's being gen-erated by Big Boobs.

I turned on this other computer, which turns out to be display model from California anyway, and thought, "It's the Jennifer computer."

My "Ex" goes from me, someone who is totally non-clingy and not obsessive, who doesn't even return all his calls if I'm busy, to SPAM Queen of Mary saint prayer cards. I am not even minding. How is it even possible to be jealous of a woman like that? I've never been jealous. Incredulous, yes. But not jealous.

I am over him and the FBI and CIA can figure out how to return my son with less fiasco. Fuckers.

I think the reason I always laugh when I read Camilla's comment about "Sure, she make eggs and bacon in the morning but she's not the kind of woman you marry," is because it's counter to what most men seem to want. "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" syndrome, where actually, the woman making bacon and eggs in the morning IS all they care about. It IS the "kind of woman" they want to marry. Her comment is sort of classist-snotty too, and it's not like I like her. But I think it's funny. Men have married over a good plate of bacon and eggs just like Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of soup (It said "Jenny!" in alphabet soup letters). It takes one bacon-and-eggs-champ to identify and support another. Doesn't it.

The CIA hires bacon and eggs people all the time these days. "I don't know if she can think for herself, but boy does she make a good Denny's style breakfast!"

Lisa Thebault married into money by waking up early to pour his coffee and staying late to pour his coffee.

Bacon-and-Eggs got married and supported Middleton Bacon-and-Eggs. The Bacon and Eggs people stick together and they even get past critics if they'll do the right favors for the right religious persuasion. Camilla married a Roman Catholic. I mean, before Charles, and her kids are baptized Catholics as far as I know.

I have to say, they must (some of them) do really, reeeeaaally mean things to her sometimes (I say this despite my snub on Catholicism) because they get the worst photos of her crying in public. So being pelted with eggs is shocking, but when they get someone like Camilla or Diana to cry in public, or inspire someone to road rage over shrubbery to get past reporters into their own yard, you know it must be something else. Imagine. Sweeeeeeeet, sweeeet Ellie Bellie II snarling, "Get out of my way FUCKERS." Yeah. Queen Elizabeth with a British accent highlighting the soft 'uhhhh" to Fuh'' I'm suprised she hasn't shot at them herself, really.

Well, dear, Good Queen Bess would be disappointed over The Catholic Mess.

So anyway, thanks to all for trying to dumb me down through torture, but I still think for myself.

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