Tuesday, April 24, 2012

what my parents can do

They've done a LOT of things in the last few weeks but I didn't write about it. I feel this is partly why we're being tortured. Because some are jealous and want to claim this goes with the territory of being gifted in this way. I think some group wants to take credit for it, so they can come up with excuses later for torture, and then claim torture "works". Today I talked to them for just a few minutes and my Dad said something about "push" or emphasized how I will have to push to make something happen but I knew he was stressing this for some point. So then I was writing online and wouldn't have even noticed, but I looked out the window and the dog was outside so I called him and took him for a walk around the property. I usually never take him past a certain point but I let him go a little further and then walked up to this tree that had a new tag on it, to read it. It said, "Bearing Tree". So first of all, I had no prior plan to walk the dog. I'd already walked for the day. Then, I wasn't looking out the window and didn't even know the dog was let outside. Third, I was in the middle of writing and when I did look out the window, I dropped everything to go outside and take the opportunity to walk him. Fourth, I don't let him go past a specific boundary usually but I let him go a little further that time, while watching. The dog could have peed anywhere, but chose to go over there and I chose to walk over to that spot and then saw the sign. I wouldn't have seen it if I hadn't walked up the road far enough. So that is one small example. The reason I decided to write this is because I was doing other things in the kitchen and trying to think of a short short story for my son and then I looked at the soup I'd thrown together and it is the exact EXACT same color, consistency, and everything that my Dad made for dinner at their house, ahead of me. I looked at my saucepan and the contents matched the contents in the saucepan on my parent's stove and same size saucepan too. It was some random thick soup I threw together--not even the best. But it looks exactly like what my parents had. My Dad made a noodle and ground beef dish and it had a red-orange sauce on it. I started out with sesame seeds braising in cilantro paste and then added tomato soup. From there I added a little beets and then put in broccoli flowerettes which look like ground beef covered in sauce like my parents had. Added a little onion and carrots too. So anyway, that's in general and the point is that it boiled down to simmer over vegetables that stick out and looks very much like the hamburger dish. So that's just for a small example. Much bigger things have been done. I feel it's for this reason the U.S. abducted my son. It's why they've allowed it. I think first people wanted to take him from me but then when I bragged about him (not really bragging but shocked at how smart he was) someone got nervous and jealous and tortured him to either ruin or kill him. Then, some other group just wanted to use him. So they knew I would never allow it and they had to take him away from a mother's watchful eye. There was nothing to blackmail me with so they found whoever they thought was most cooperative with their demands. Then they obstructed justice ever since. The reasoning now is, I think, not that it's hate crime but "national interest" and they pretend and try to persuade others that if my parents can do certain things, they want to try to use my son for the same thing.

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