Sunday, April 22, 2012

Patty Otterbach Continues To Intrude: Torture

Ever since I filed the UN claim, last summer, Patty has refused to listen to requests. It was right after that day, she took my mother out, and my mother came back having been tortured and with evidence of torture. Patty tried to rub this in my face this afternoon, saying to my mother, as she passed me, "We'll have to do this more often. How about 3 times a week?" I filed a police report against her and two others, for torturing my mother, and the report was not even addressed by police locally. I have never been contacted. When I arrived here in Coquille, my parents did not have recent torture evidence on their persons. I had no way of knowing anything was wrong and thought it was all just happening to me. Then, after a couple of months I realized they were being forced to work for the U.S. against their voluntary will, and that they were tortured as well. S.S.A. Fowler came into Oregon from New York, and this new "pastor" who has been a career military man, was voted into their church. My parents were punished for my petition to the UN, and it was after I sent this to CAT, the first time (there has only been 1 petition sent, but a preliminary inquiry was submitted by me in June or July of last summer), they were retaliated against, immediately. There was no hesitation. Right after I sent this to the UN, my parents appeared relieved at first and then it fell apart and Patty Otterbach took my mother to "Roseburg, Oregon." When my mother got back I was shocked. I know my parents were tortured before I arrived in Coquille, but right before I showed up, whatever was going on, I think, stopped, so they looked normal and there was no evidence of harm. ALL of this changed after Patty forced my mother to go with her to Roseburg that one day. My mother showed up with glazed eyes, in shock, shaking and trembling like she was afraid (which is not my mother at all) and with newly bruised/blackened eyes. After this happened, others came along to torture, intimidate, and assault my parents. I believe some of them were "checking up on" my parents to see if they had been involved or had encouraged me to make a UN complaint. They punished my family for doing so. As soon as the Italian American guy wrote to the UN threatening them over exposing where the UN got their funding, if they did anything about torture to my family, it caused whatever good process was happening with the UN to shut down. We had temporary instant relief from torture when I first filed my request for preliminary inquiry. But then, it all went bad again and then they just laid into us. I was tortured again, by technology, but they literally physically assault and threaten my mom and dad, to their faces. I had been living here at least a month, and witnessed some very deep-cover, black ops military/intelligence program stuff over here. I witnessed it firsthand, and then saw what my parents had to do, and that's when I knew they had been tortured and threatened. The entire month or more I was first here, even if they were hostages, they looked normal from outward appearances. But it changed for good after Patty took my mother out to Roseburg that day. My mother showed up with signs of torture, and was visibly upset and in a state of shock. My Dad then showed up with signs of torture, and then I found out he was even trying to conceal worse things that were happening to him, which he didn't tell me about and which no one could see by looking at face and hands. This has been an Army and CIA hostage situation where they have forced all of us to do things for them and got the FBI against us by saying it benefits the FBI. Every single FBI person I've been referred to, for anything, has been directly connected to the U.S. military. My brother has been forced to stay with Army/military since he and his wife split up, which was the same time my son was kidnapped from me, in 2008 and then all the people I was forced to stay with were U.S. military as well. It has not been voluntary. It's been forced. Ever since my mother went out with Patty that one day, every week something happens to newly blacken my parent's eyes. And because it's every single week, one would think it's a natural appearance or that this is just how they look, now that they're "older". It's not. After several days, if they are not tortured again, the bruising begins to wear off. They are being repeatedly tortured. So then I thought this was all new, since Patty took my mother out, which was after I filed the UN claim. But then I looked at my mother's business cards from Debbie Sweetwater-Burts real estate company and saw the same dark marks in the photos for these business cards. So I realized, they've been doing this to my parents since at least 2006. They stopped for a short time, so when I arrived, there was no evidence of this. And then they started it up again. In the meantime, I was in Washington D.C. some of the time. When I got back to Wenatchee, in 2009, I had all these international and U.S. people around me, harassing me after I split from my fiance, saying, "Your 15 minutes of fame are over Kato." Then everything was stolen from me and I was forced to live with people that tortured me and used me for research. They are doing this to my son, and have done this. Just as they've done to me, my brother, and my parents. No one is going to admit it's true when they don't feel safe to admit it. Hence, my parents and brother lie.


Anonymous said...

You keep obsessing about a child that is not yours, a life that is not real injuries that are not there and you are wasting your real life. A trip to a mental hospital for a few months and medicine taken every day and you could have a some what normal life maybe do something like get a job or a place to live you would feel better about yourself if you took care of yourself instead of being on welfare for "mental disability I am not being a hater but a helper

Mama said...

Anonymous You Keep Obsessing:

My child is my child, and has been abducted under color of law.

Do you know what "color of law" means? It means a crime has been committed under the auspice of legality. Section 1983 "Color of Law". Look it up.

My sense of self and where I am with God is great. I am not okay with what criminals in this country have done and I have not given up my son, never will, and will never, at any time, drop the case I have for torture.

Nothing will change this. The reason the FBI wanted me to marry their employee was to get him into the U.S. faster for them and with the idea that if I married him I'd drop any complaint against them. They tried to marry out their gross liability for failure to investigate crimes and the crime of obstruction of justice from their own offices.

If I had done something wrong, I might feel depressed about myself or lonely or wracked with guilt. I have none of these ills because I know where I stand with God and I know exactly who I am, where I'm at, and that God is with me.

If you want to fight God, and argue against me, be my guest.

Don't write to me when something bad comes back around. It says God takes out his own revenge on behalf of those He loves. I don't have to be involved at all--I just trust God to work out the hit list where He chooses to work it out.