Monday, April 9, 2012

Torture by FBI

I am being tortured with the same technology used on me and my son in E. Wenatchee, which causes pain to my lower back. Also, the suctioning of my heart, and have had other laser things done while I am on this laptop trying to resolve a class schedule with EOU.

In addition to suctioning effect to my heart, it is vibrating.

The military is using ionized radiation in retaliation for my making a complaint about torture to the UN.

They have used, exploited, and tortured my Mom and Dad for decades.

My mother and father have been used by the CIA and Army since they forced my Dad to work with them after he was arrested as a kid for being dared to take a car for a drive.

He was told to go to Army offices and then they supposedly said they couldn't use him. It was a lie. They have used him every day of his life since, just as they used my Grandpa Garrett and Uncle Howard and my Grandpa's brother Howard, whom they killed in Seattle while he was testing planes.

Right now they are using ultrasound and it's the same thing that caused pain to me and my son, to our lower stomachs and lower back, in E. Wenatchee.

Maybe they don't like how I wrote about their premeditated with Middleton's territory in Canada or maybe it's too close for comfort for the new Portland, Oregon FBI S.A. Fowler.

Fowler has been placed here from NY.

NY is where Karen's dad, from M.L., works for the NY FBI and came from Canada first.

Debbie Sweetwater-Burt is a bona fide criminal. My mother comes back from the workplace looking like she's been thrown into an oven for hours, punched in the eye, and forced to drink poison. She has been tortured there. She can't even sell a house or get funding to go through for a client unless she does exactly what Susan Hayes and Debbie Sweetwater/Patty Otterbach want her to do.

Debbie is a bitch. She knows some of the same people who pressured my parents over my son's case, like the Collier law firm in Wenatchee, and Judges, and Judge Wasson. She also knows and is good friends here with police that have tortured my Dad and try to keep my mother in line.

I called my mother and she didn't answer. Debbie answered the phone so sarcastically and jubilantly, at work, I know something is wrong. She said, "She just left."

I tried calling my Dad 5 minutes ago, at 3:54 p.m. thereabouts and someone answered the phone and then it was all muffled and no voice. It wasn't a bad connection--it sounded like someone had taken the phone and was putting cloth over it and moving it around. There wasn't any sound in the background except for that, like someone muffling the phone, and it was that way for several minutes and then disconnected.

I know my parents have been in danger because I know the FBI is corrupt and has been involved in torturing us, firsthand.

I think my son's "Easter" was really "happy".

I turned off the radio that I had on, and the heater, and the torture to my back wasn't facilitated as easily. It's still being done, but for whatever reason, it's not as possible.

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