Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What Parent's Can Do: Pitchfork Broken in 2

Yesterday I helped my Dad outside mainly. It was a nice day to be outdoors and I don't mind being around a good fire now and then. A few things happened. I first helped stoke the fire and then I cleared a section of property from voodoo stuff the U.S. military allows others to plant on the property. Seriously. They've allowed total strangers to go throughout my parent's property and bury and rake into the ground little bits of things and then they watch us under surveillance and break into our houses (though they don't call it breaking in) and watch to see when we do things, and when something is dug up, uncovered, or thrown away. They were doing this at three other military houses I was forced to stay at in Wenatchee, WA. It's one thing to have place-markers for predictions, which is no witchcraft or voodoo, and another thing to try to plant and plot "spells" all around a house by using objects they incanted over first. I know my parents didn't do it, because they've never done this kind of thing, and if they have more recently, it's out of being forced by the U.S. military and their grotesque black ops. My parents don't use, own, or buy half of the objects I've found over this property. They are mostly items others have brought in from some other place. My parents have nothing to do with it. It's not old stuff either. It's not like these things were here before my parents moved here, because they moved here 7 years ago. Most of this stuff is only a couple of years old. Basically, they booby-trapped and voodooed our entire property and then they told my family we could be "reunited" again, at least me with my parents, while they sit around and use surveillance to see what happens next. My parents never owned a silver teapot with Bullivant Houser looking emblems on it, they don't own or know anyone who carries Italian "biblia" coins, they don't eat half the food whose wrappers and brands are scattered around and buried, they don't own glass vases and dishes that were broken and then pieces buried around the property. They don't sit around putting things through a paper shredders to make little voodoo ribbons to bury around the place, they don't throw whole tires down into the woods part of their own property, and other large objects, they don't do any of that. They don't own the items, or have anything to do with most of the stuff I've uncovered or dug up to throw away. It's a military black ops program and they coordinate, most likely with CIA and hire FBI to act as their bouncers and enforcers. When I was deliberately forced out of housing in Wenatchee, I was forced to then stay with people that do the exact same things, and all of them were connected to the Army. Theo tortured me in his house and did crazy, totally demonic things while I was there, and jumped around screaming at me and had my photos everywhere. Why stay there? I was forced to, by the U.S. And then I found out he was intimate with Michelle Erickson who was the main social worker for the CPS case. Michelle Erickson did one of her social work internships at a military organization in Seattle. It was right there in her resume for court. Theo told me he was into black magic and witchcraft until recently (I differ in opinion because he was practicing all the same things), that Queen Elizabeth from England personally contacted him and asked him to work for her and he refused, and that his father was still in the Army and had been for 20 years, and he was told to go to Seattle to procreate psychic kids for the U.S. government and did. I also stayed with a woman who put trash and bits of things into her yard and raked it around and was sort of getting into it and I was not tortured there, but everyone was connected to military and all her kids had military men fathers. I only stayed there a week. Then this other house, with the cats, and the woman that assaulted me on the head, she was full-blown witch, and cast spells and put bits of things all over and around her entire house and she lived upstairs while the Army guy was downstairs. She would deliberately break dishes and then plant pieces in the yard. So this is what they've done to my parent's place. My parent's don't even own or have control of their own property because the U.S. thinks they can do whatever they want. All they are doing is using us and we're not consenting of free will, and we're not getting paid or anything out of it either. Instead, they go further, and think they can keep stealing and using kids from our genetic genepool, for their government ops and research. They have kidnapped children from their mothers, in my family, for generations. Which is only part of the reason it's been next to impossible for me to get my son back. Then they try to force me to marry some man for THEM, and dangle my son out by a limb, with the idea that maybe if I do, they'll return my son. They have used my son, and children in my family as pawns and bribes for extortion. ***************** That said, when my Dad guesses something, it's not bc of witchcraft. It's because he has a natural gift but the U.S. trys to take credit for everything and makes claims about needing to steal kids so they keep enslaving people like my Dad to work for them and "the country". The FBI has broken every promise they ever made. They have also not investigated judicial corruption or returned my son when they know it's within their power. Anyway, I dug through dirt and threw out a bunch of glass and bits of things and I had just put this coin (I didn't know what it was bc it was blackened and I couldn't read anything) into my pocket and then I had something else in my hand and he asked if there was a chain in the tractor bucket. There was, and on the same side I had put the coin. Then I found out after I scrubbed it, it's an Italian coin with biblia on it. In my other hand was a wire curved into the shape of a C. I later went to the house and absentmindedly set the coin down near the sink and then I realized it was right next to a chain for my tea strainer. It's a chain. You drop this acorn shaped strainer in, that is punctured with little holes (for loose tea) and then there is a chain that has a hook for putting it on the edge of the cup so you lift up the chain and take the strainer out without needing a spoon. I had not told my Dad I found the coin or put it in my pocket. He knew and he foresaw where I would put it next, an hour to a couple of hours later. My parents have a gift from God and the U.S. is ruining my family over it. They have destroyed my life, they broke all of their promises, and they have kidnapped my son and think they can repeat this cycle with him. Then, there have been enemies who were jealous of these gifts and afraid, and I had no idea, and then the U.S. got people in control who just let them run us over and then they blackmail them not to be able to report torture of our entire family. After this, I noticed curved marks in the driveway from the tractor, but sort of in a pattern that was intentional, kind of the shape of a curve on one side and then on the other, like a tulip curves, for example. Hours later, that night I was keeping the fire going, and it had died down and wasn't one pillar of smoke but all of a sudden two of them and they swirled inwards, in curves, exactly ...EXACTLY the shape outlined earlier on the gravel road by my Dad. It wasn't really a normal fire pattern so that's why I noticed and it was the same thing as on the ground. Also, he had put a box that said "Ultra essentials" into the fire. I think it represent MK-Ultra, which is something the U.S. has used over us for decades. And, I had been using a pitchfork to move some branches and mulch around and then I went outside after going in for a minute and it was broken in two. I said, "What happened?" This just broke? and he said yes and I said, "How did it just break? did you break it?" and he said yes. So there it was, in the ground, broken in two. Later that night I was keeping the fire going, having never touched this, and leaving it where it was and thought about the scripture of the wicked shepherd that deserts his own sheep. There is a story in the Bible about the wicked shepherd who deserts his own sheep and breaking the staff is symbolic. It made me think about the U.S. training an entire flock of "sheep" from Afghanistan, to then turn around and kill all of them. That's what came to my mind, but I don't think that's what my Dad was thinking about. I don't even know that he thought about this scripture parable with the prophet at all. I do know, there are deserters, and the criminal deserters were not in my family.

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