Sunday, May 3, 2009

Whaaaaassssupppp MAAaan...Alvaro Barbaro or Albergo Barbosa or Vitus Barbaro?

"Princely Count?"
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Anonymous said...
Hi Cameo!

Your Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro has been a hot topic lately within another blog!

It appears that Avoision never took any time to find out about PCVSB's history. They posted a rather dumb remark about his upgrade notice of going from Baron Albergo to Princely Count Barbaro.

Five years later, a troller found it and used it to pull a prank on Avoision, pretending to be a newspaper official who was going to sue Avoision for posting a picture of the notice without authorization. Avoision took the bait and was asking to bring on the legal papers in some false sense of bravado. The troller made Avoision look so ridiculous!

So what do you think Cameo- was it due karma for Avoision's rudeness. I think so- the universe has its ways you know. Or maybe it was a warning to not play games with the 5th Princely Count of the Grand Principality of Transylvania- kind of like playing with fire, one is just asking for trouble.

If anything, this gives new meaning to me on the concept of a dish served cold- I wonder if Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro thinks its sweet?

So Cameo, have you snagged that hot princely count of yours- when's the wedding, I haven't gotten my invite yet!

May 2, 2009 3:11 PM

Mama said...
hahaha! I love this post. Thank you. You have a way with words besides. You should be on your way to writing a book or play. A play I think! Sort of a gossip, "W" magazine, merging with Merchant Ivory productions.

Albergo/Alvaro and Barbaro/Barbosa. Weird coincidence. But what do I think? I don't have enough information for forming an opinion.

Haven't snagged anything since I took my ring off, I must say.

Keep me posted.

May 3, 2009 12:11 PM


Anonymous said...

Hey Cameo,

Oh my God, it gets funnier still!!!

In the Avoision posting, the troller makes a reference that some Wikipedia administrator, by the name of 'Barneca', was editing out Vitus and most Barbaro subject matter from Wikipedia. Being the nosey gal that I am, I had to check things out...

It appears that this Barneca guy, who is just some college kid, knew nothing about Barbaro-family history- and he started saying that there was no such person as Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro and that the noble Barbaro family of Venice was a hoax. So the Barbaro-family page, which rightfully had Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro in it, got removed.

What this Barneca guy didn't expect is that the noble Barbaro family of Venice is a very famous family and popular, and in no time, Wikipedia editors came along and started to add Barbaro-family subject matter and Vitus Barbaro back into Wikipedia. Every time someone did this, Barneca called these people 'hoaxers' and blocked their accounts- but soon, more and more people started to come and bring back the Barbaro-family page and other topics associated with Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro.

As the list of these 'hoaxers' grew, Barneca creates the 'Barneca Watch Barbaro" page as the official watchdog group to be on the look out for 'hoaxers' or what they like to call 'The Vitus Barbaro Hoaxer'... I know, Cameo, can someone please take a picture of the letter 'L' on his guy's forehead.

Soon, several of Barneca's cronies join in to patrol Wikipedia for the great threat of 'Barbaro-family hoaxing' - and it gets totally out of hand. They block over 45 different editor accounts as 'hoaxers'- then they scramble to create a poorly written Barbaro-family page, once they finaly realized that the noble Barbaro family is not a hoax. But not to loose face completely, they still want to instist that Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro doesn't exist... Ahh, the great sin of pride- one of the seven deadly- isn't it.

As you already know, Cameo, your Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro was a big man on campus during his college days, Pugilist Club President, part of the swanky Eating Clubs with Princeton's Ivy and Purdue's Morley, and what gets their goat the most, he was his class president of The Sacred Order of Skull and Crescent, a very elite senior society for Purdue University, much like Yale's Skull and Bones and other collegiate societies found at many top American universities. The Sacred Order of Skull and Crescent happens to also be a senior society that another group is especially envious of, the TNE sophmore secret society or Theta Nu Epsilon, a group with no weight or of consequence who tends to change their webpage often to promote any agenda they are after.

Barneca then gets nervous to find out that Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro is quite the Alpha male- and Barneca does the cowardly move. He quits as an administrator for Wikipedia and leaves his mess for someone else to clean up... Cameo, get this, Barneca writes on his talk page, " Barneca has left the building "- he must be the Elvis of Wikipedia or something.

There are about 4 main cronies left to finish the dirty work started by Barneca, all college kids by the user names of 'Corvus Cornix','Deor','Andrew Lenahan Starblind', and 'Edward 321'.

Their solution to the problem was not to just admit that they made a mistake, and bring the former pages back with Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro. Instead, these 'rocket scientists' ax every page that has any relation to Vitus Barbaro right out of Wikipedia. Sadly, all of these pages were destroyed mindlessly: 'Vitus Barbaro', 'Lucien Ruolle', 'Pugilist Club', 'The Sacred Order of Skull and Crescent', 'Julian Z. Gilbert', and your favorite topic Cameo, 'Baroness Grace Talarico di Capace'.

To justify their actions, they created bogus cases against all the pages, harassed honest editors and silenced their opponents by blocking their accounts...hmmm sounds more like Nazipedia to me.

But I said to myself, self, why such maliciousness aginst poor Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro- what did he ever do to deserve such treatment? I must look into this further, and then I opened each of the administrators' profiles on their talk pages...

Oh my God Cameo, what a bunch of loosers. My favorite is this Andrew Lenahan Starblind fellow. Get a load of this ass-wipe...

First off, Lenahan is a wannabe artist who is not accomplished enough to have his own Wikipedia page, so what he does is create a kind of faux-Wikipedia page on his talk page to give the impression that he actually has a real Wikipedia article about him. This leads to a weblink of where "his fans can to"...uhh ohh, denial is not just a river in Egypt.

His webpage says he is a self-proclaimed genius, and he proudly diplays his art awards that he won from the county fair...I guess he has a booth set up between the 'Grand Champion of Cow Tipping' and 'Miss Sweet Corn Festival'. What I really love, Cameo, is that he has this giant picture of himself as 'Starblind'- it kind of looks like an 80's glam shot of Duran Duran- it's so funny!!!

Now I get it, Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro is what Lenahan and the others wish they could be- Vitus worked for the Art Institute of Chicago, and Lenahan- well, he' just 'Starblind' or should I say 'Starstruck'. You know the saying Cameo, if you can't beat him, then... take him out of Wikipedia!

It seems most of the administrators have walked off of the watchdog group since it has become a major joke and embarrassment for Wikipedia, but 'Edward 321' is still going strong. I opened his profile, and there was 'Star Wars' references...NERD ALERT, I smell a pocket protector in the room! And there it was, his comments on how, "this user would be the first to kill Greedo" from you guessed it... Star Wars. This fool is still saying that Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro, Baroness Grace Talarico di Capace, and Barbaro-family history is a hoax. He must be on a sole mission to kill Darth Vader Barbaro to save planet Wikipedia.

So Cameo, when it comes to the little boys' club, it always boils down to penis envy. Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro has a huge member, and the Wikipedia administrators, they still need mommy to hold their wee wees when they tinkle...

Just think, Cameo, if you marry sexy Darth Vader Barbaro, you'll become an action figure as part of the deal- think of the royalties you'll make on that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cameo,

I checked back to see if you posted, but your blog format is a little strange because you jumble what appears to be 'stream of conscience' writing that is inspired from bits and pieces of what other people have posted- very creative, but also hard to understand.

In some of the nearby blog topics you are talking about princes etc., but it has nothing really to do with this topic of "Whaaaaassssupppp MAAaan...?".

Is there anyway that you can move "Whaaa..." to a seperate page just on that specific blog topic- that topic is fun, I find the other stuff a bit strange and hard to know what pertains to what for posting a response.

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog.

Yep, Wikipedia policies can be a bit bogus at times- the administrators are just itching to block with tendious excuses of "hoax, sockpuppet, and non-notable"- tedious, very tedious!

It's a waste of time and effort to even contribute to Wikipedia- most of it just gets changed anyways, and the administrators don't even know what they are talking about.

Fran C.

Anonymous said...

I find it soooo soooo funny that the writer above called a royal prince that you never met, "Your Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro", as if you know him personally!!! For all we know, he can be totally married by now (lol)!!! But I get it, she was just being cheeky, referencing your earlier topic of "My Sectorial Heterochromia Eyes: Royalty?" when you first talked about Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro and his mom Baroness Grace Talarico di Capace.

I googled him and he's pretty interesting. I was genuinely impressed.

I went to Italy once on a tour and visited Venice. It was very beautiful. You can see the Barbaro palaces on the Grand Canal. That Dario palace of Vitus's line is charming and the neighborhood that it is in is called San Vito or St. Vitus (wasn't Vito his name when he was first a baron and Vitus after he became a princely count?). The church San Sebastian is right there too (isn't Sebastian also the Princely Count's father's name too?). I gather the names of Princely Count Vitus Sebastian Barbaro's family come from the neighborhood they lived in when they were in Venice.

Anonymous said...

The Barbaro stuff was a well-managed hoax by several high school kids on Wikipedia. The entire hoax was busted and all of the hoaxers blocked from editing. It has nothing to do with Barneca as an individual, but it was the Wikipedia process doing the correct thing, removing lies from the encyclopedia.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break- you are not going to pull one over on this gal, Barneca. A bit insecure are we!!!

This is typical Wikipedia bullshit!

I seen Princely Count Vitus Barbaro at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, and I know of his family well. You can't pull one over on me!

Barneca, you may try to smoke screen your BS on Wikipedia, where you can block people unjustly, but clearly you don't know a single thing about the Princely Count, his family, or his mother.

How awful you are to spread rumors that real people don't exist and are a hoax- you should not only be embarassed with yourself, but you and your cronies should be fired from Wikipedia instantly!!!

You are nothing more than an amateur who doesn't know a single thing about what you are doing- and on top of that- your false accusations have spread to Freebase encyclopedia and other sources too. What you say is libelous!!!

How pathetic you are Barneca, belaming your cluster fuck on high school kids- and calling truth lies!

You are nothing more than a douche bag, and he is a royal that you will never be able to be like. You and your cronies were fueled by nothing more than jelousy. You are so sad!

Anonymous said...

To Barneca,

I would like to tell him that I attended Indiana University during the 90s and knew Vitus Barbaro.

Not that IU has any soft spot for Purdue, but we knew what went on at Purdue's campus, and Purdue people and IU people did party together. VB was always way cool.

The shit you said about the Sacred Order of Skull and Crescent and the Pugilist Club was a lie.

There is even a rival IU senior society that tried to take the grave of John Purdue to spite the Sacred Order of Skull and Crescent.

Purdue's Pugilist Club was also huge for their campus during the 90s, and every frat boy who was in Purdue's Boiler Bouts wanted to be punched for the Pugilist.

So I know for a fact that you don't know what you are talking about, and did make shit up.

VB was also a popular guy. He did not go around flaunting his title like a tool. He was a cool dude even then, and most people were not even aware that he was a baron while at Purdue.

Clearly, both you and Avoision have no class. Don't talk shit about people that you don't know!

Mama said...

what in the hell did i start?

how the hell did i get involved in this crazy princely prince of principles and principalities mess?

i have no idea what's what. all i know, is one day i'm writing about sectoral heterochromia and then i'm reading about vitus barbaro, er, albergo barbaro and the next fucking minute i'm dating some tall guy named alvaro barbosa who's trying to get me to marry him for a green supposedly, and he sounds more italian than spanish...and is more than a player, he's a mind gamer.

i have no idea what all of this is about but if there is a real "slim shady" will the real slim shady please stand up? (please stand up, please stand up)