Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australian Open (why am I watching?)

I have no idea why I'm watching The Australian Open tennis match.

it's sort of interesting but I do not play tennis. I just happened to still be here at the Y, and I think I might be unable to get off of my butt again.

I feel screwed over with meds. I will at least get out to find out about my birth certificate.

Anyway, the guys playing right now look more Italian or sort of Spanish to me than Australian.

They are Spainairds. I think and know I spelled that wrong. And I guess this was prerecorded too.

I think this is the first tennis match I've watched for a decade? I can't remember the last time I watched tennis. Awhile ago.

Well it's not bad to watch--they're good looking.

Okay, ANYway, I was talking about the nuthouse. So back to my nuthouse post.

Oh, one comment on my horrible is so bad that I thought the sign "Melbourne", at first I read it "Welbourne". I'm not kidding. My vision is actually about 20/20 but it's just this astigmatism that blurs things.

No wonder my old debate professor said I should go to Spain. They are NOT bad to look at. It is too bad that the one guy was injured though, because it's not as much a fair game.

I have to get my birth certificate and then write about the rest of the story at the nuthouse.
I checked and it's fine with my birth certificate. They have to have the original so it was never stolen.

So I went back to the tennis match.

I noticed their colors and it's all blue, yellow, and red and that's what I wore today. Oh and black and white too and grey, okay. Anyway, I wore gold turtleneck (almost wore yellow but gold is close), with midnight blue over it and then red fleece over that with bright red lipstick, and then I guess my black is beneath. And white socks. I almost wore a grey shawl too but then I figured it would be too bulky but I was going to wear it inbetween the red fleece and my blue and gold shirt stuff. So yeah, I would have represented all of the tennis match colors. Ignoble and unknowing mascot.

My eye was really droopy when I went to the bathroom and this side of my head is still jabbing. After the sauna, it was improved again. It is so weird. And no head jabbing in the sauna either. It was just nothing but heat.

I'm confused. This match is live? Someone just told me the match is live but I went back and looked at news and they were wearing the same colors and it said one won over the other bc the other had an injury. Oh WAAAaait. The other guy was wearing solid yellow before, not yellow and black. I think. But it had said it was posted (the news) just an hour ago.

I need to check again. No, this isn't live. The woman who told me this is wrong. It's over. I think they both agree it's not a fun game when one person is injured. It's not a challenge for the other person and the injured one is at too much of a disadvantage. Well wait, maybe it's a different game. Hey, it might be. Well in that case, if the other one isn't injured, all fair play. The guy in yellow has white on his shirt now, not black.

I thought it was black and yellow before though? I'm confused.

With all the crap happening to my son I guess I would root for whoever makes the most difference in that arena, as if it does make a difference, but how in the world do I know what's going on in the world anymore?

I don't believe in giving into anything but until my son is with me and we make our own decisions, I don't know what's going on over there with him.

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