Friday, January 28, 2011

popping out of a cake, my son's cake, white paint & white horse

My son is going to be raised to be a guinea pig for others to make money off of, just like me, unless I rescue him.

As I was writing about popping out of Kate Middleton's wedding cake and how that could be arranged, at some point in the day I was thinking about frosting and all this stuff, and lo and behold, my son was making a cake.

Some big fancy cake for a baby shower and he helped make and decorate it.

My aunt used to make cakes for people, I think, for pay. I had forgotten about that. She's made very large wedding cakes and everything.

This morning I had some impression of my son using his head, the top of his head to push something. Like a bull. Or something. Playing, and I don't know what he was pushing. But used the top of his head to push against something.

And tnen I knew someone was trying to project something about white paint because I saw someone doing this and then last night got to the women's shelter and there was white paint all over for primer, all over the place. But I think I saw someone with a brush and white paint the night before. I think it was in chapel the night before. I was sitting there and had an impression of someone going back and forth with a brush and white paint and thought "What is this? Tom Sawyer's fence?" Then a day passes and I go in and the entire inside of the shelter is patched with white paint all over the place.
The only time in my life that I have ever literally seen something that I realized later, was never there, was in high school.

It happened one time and I now think it had to have been supernatural. I am sure it wasn't mental illness because of when it happened.

I was in a station wagon, driving my parent's station wagon, and driving sort of crazy. I raced down a driveway and then all of a sudden I backed out really fast, because this white horse was racing at us. It was just me and a bunch of cheerleader friends. I was probably not driving very safely.

All of a sudden, this large white horse with nostrils flaring came charging right at the station wagon and then I said something to the others and it was like they saw it too, and we were in backdrive really fast. And then I later went back to that house for some reason, and didn't see any possible way a horse could have been there. I wasn't the only one who saw it though. But I later went back and there was no pasture or anything and I thought it was the strangest thing. I thought it was maybe to keep us safe or warn to be safe. I actually don't know. But I think it was maybe supernatural. And yet I was able to refer to "that horse" and the others talked about it with me.

But later, I went back to the house, and saw no possible way for there to have been a horse there and charging at us from that angle.

This is the only time in my life that I have "seen" something in a very literal way, that was maybe not there. But I wasn't nuts and neither were the other cheerleaders.

Maybe it was just to keep us from running into a house or something, I don't know. But we saw it and stopped and backed out so fast, and I was driving very slowly after that.

I just stopped to look up white horses on wiki. Really, really, interesting. I did not know any of this. I first read about white horses in general and then found "white horse, mythology" and this is the one I thought was really interesting. It seems that white horses have been seen by many people in many cultures, as visions of some kind.

I've had people in my family who reported having one incidence of seeing an angel or different things and I had never seen anything like this. My images or impressions are all "minds eye", not literal things. But then I think about this one incident and that was definitely a 1 time thing and it was real and maybe sort of like having a vision. The thing is, others saw it too.

And then I read that historically, people have seen this before, a white horse or more than one, and maybe not just one person seeing it but more than one. So it's not nuts. No one ever accused me of being nutty when I was in high school or for many years after either. I wasn't accused of anything until the litigation stuff.

The one I saw, or that we saw, was very large, probably larger than normal, and powerful and muscular, and running so fast, charging and I remember the nostrils and it was right at the front of the stationwagon and just came out of nowhere.
I was looking stuff up and then angels and things.

There was no one on the horse. The horse was powerful itself. But what it represents I don't know. It was not a calm horse. I was afraid but it didn't seem "bad vibe" either. I guess sometimes even angels were scary to those who saw them bc it always came with "do not be afraid". It was alarming enough to have had me slam on the brakes and I have never backed out of a driveway so fast...I didn't try to turn around. The horse was coming directly at us and I put the gears up and slammed to the gas to get out and then took off. I think I said, "Oh my gosh!" or something when I saw it.

Needless to say, I didn't have as many joyrides after that, even if I like speed. I mean, we were doing serious joyriding. I may have run over a bush or into a mailbox or two even.

I thought it was protective, the horse. Who knows exactly what it was.

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