Thursday, January 27, 2011

blocking problems affecting heart & media

It seems that I'm right.

When I'm at the computer at least, if the burning is happening, if I put my arms out in front of my chest inbetween the laptop screen and my chest, the burning quits.

I haven't totally confirmed it yet.

I still don't know how it's done at other times.

But it seems like some kind of laser that you can't see.

When my son and I were being tortured together at the house, my son would show up with odd perfectly circular marks on his body, like cigarette burns but I didn't smoke at all and he wasn't around anyone who did.

My baby was tortured.

I believe he is still not safe because I know what has happened to me and I know the State tried to block me from being able to report on his condition.

Sometimes, there is no defect to people. I guess the U.S. just allows some kids and mothers to be viewed as "defective" so they can blast the brains and body out of them, to gangs and enemy delight.

I cannot even list how many people benefit from my being defamed.

Can you?

List a few potential parties that might have motive to have me discredited and not even be able to work. It is really not hard to do.

I also think it's really hypocritical to see so many people following what I do and what "psychics" or others predict I might do, all the way up to media level, and then ALLOW my son and I to suffer torture.

You people KNOW what is going on, get kicks from it, profit from it in some way, and stand by smiling about pajama jeans and not wearing make up and hoping to make all these things "miraculously" happen and you are observers of basic Nazi activity.

You are a part of the problem and you encourage it.

Have you ever stopped to think about how incredible this really is?

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