Friday, January 28, 2011

Submit Information: Oliver & Cameo To Wikileaks

I'm asking anyone to submit information about anything criminal or of a classified or public corruption nature, to wikileaks.

If somone has tried already, I appreciate it.

Supposedly, giving information to wikileaks is so secure it gets shifted around to different countries and accounts. I think the only person who got caught was the one military guy, who is also getting a lot of support for his actions.

If there is no one in law enforcement or in the U.S. government that you think could handle the information responsibly, please consider making a report or giving evidence to wikileaks.

Where, hopefully, I could then gather more of that information myself and have more to take to a lawyer or human rights group.

Since the FBI seems to be actively discouraging anyone from making a report, maybe wikileaks should take up the slack.

I'm not sure how they keep their sources confidential because somehow you have to first mask and conceal who you are to even submit your information to them. How is this even possible these days?

But if others are making it possible, it must be possible.

Maybe some of you are in other countries or are moving to another country and you could feel safer about sharing information. Most of the informants who would be of any use are in the U.S. though and they are just going along with it.

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