Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trying to Blow Up My Computer Cord (what's new?)

I thought I'd make a note of the latest attempt to blow up my computer cord.

I had my computer plugged into the wall and at least no torture problems at all. I started writing the Hamas & My Dresses post and the torture quit. But then I heard this weird crackling sound to my cord.

Someone was trying to supercharge, somehow, the outlet where my computer was plugged in.

So I finally unplugged it and it's fine.

There is nothing wrong with the cord.

But I guess someone doesn't like what I am writing about.

I started smelling this sort of burnt rubber or something smell and then there was a literal crackling sound or noise and I ignored it and then finally decided my laptop was charged up enough and to unplug the cord to preserve it from being fried and blown up.
I wasn't having any problems and then someone started up the heart burning/tightening thing here.

I went back to my Hamas & My Dresses post and have been reading about Hamas from wiki. It sounds extremely complicated. Just reading about Hamas makes you realize how many kinds of smokescreens and motivations can come into play when politics are involved.

Which is exactly what's happened with me and my son and our situation.

Look at how mixed up it gets about who is on who's side? There are Palestinians killing other Palestinians on behalf of Israel, and then the exact opposite, maybe, and then Israel allegedly supporting Hamas to get support for Hamas? no, Israel, and then Israel trying to find peace accords and then Gaza trying to find land or peace accords, and then assassinations. I know someone projected an "Aye-ai-ai" to me. I don't know how you would figure out who is for you or against you for sure. Seriously.

I guess Israel tried to assassinate Kaled, which sounds interesting...have to read what happened (failed assassination attempts are sort of interesting, are they not?!), and then this led to an admission of some kind of "Uh..heh heh. cough cough. Er, yeah, um, soooo You guys wanna take one of yer prisoners back...compliments of the house?"

Man. I wish someone would make me an offer!

heh heh...yeah, we sabotaged yer whole life, with help from A, B, Z, and D...Ummm...ya wan't yer kid back?

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