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Hamas & My Dance Dresses

I am reading about Hamas.

I didn't know this, but it says their beginnings were as an offshoot of an Egyptian group! which is sort of interesting, with Egypt now in the news.

It says they are Suni. I had "Sufi" come to my mind yesterday but I didn't look it up. So I just did a super quick glance and just reading the first sentence of the wikipages, there is Suni, the largest Islamic group, Shia, the second largest group, and the Sufi is the mystical branch of Islam. But I probably shouldn't try to describe things because I don't know how they're connected or not.

I just looked at this photo of someone named Kaled, and the flag in the back looks like the material for one of my prom dresses. I had picked out a silk sort of dark emerald green or whatever that color is on the flag, and a pattern but it kept getting screwed up so I just went out and we decided I would buy my dress. But it had the weight, sheen, and color of the flag in the background. Maybe that's sort of teal-emerald green?

It was a solid color and was supposed to be a long evening gown but my mom started pinning it and making it and it just was NOT working out. MOM! I said, after we tried and tried for awhile, "Can I just buy a dress?" and that was the end of that. I think I had planned on wearing the black and emerald choker with it. It was a black velvet band that went around the neck and then had a small black chain for linking it up and there was a circle or oval emerald stone in the center of the throat.

I looked at the flag again. Yep. That's my dress material for that dress. In some light it was almost black, and then very dark green at other angles or turn of light, and then teal or almost turquoise if the light hit it a certain way. I figured it might bring out the color of my eyes.

Now I'm (why am I writing about this on a Hamas post?!)...anyway. I'm trying to remember what I picked out instead. I think I ended up getting a Jessica McClintock dress instead. It was on sale and I remember the woman at Nordstrom (where I went for jewelry) said something about a wedding dress. It was all white. It was ivory satin with very pretty lace over the entire dress.

I had excellent taste! (on that occasion). It was slightly oversize so I had to have it altered, but I loved it so much, we paid for the alterations.

It went just to my feet and had a flounced skirt with a netting underneath to keep it poofed out. There was a v-waistline and it was fitted through the bodice and then sleeveless with a straight or slightly curved neckline. The entire dress was one color, solid ivory or white or maybe it was white! and then had a lace overlaying the whole thing and it wasn't cheap looking lace. It was really pretty. It had 3 white fabric roses at the small of the back. I then said I wanted long white gloves to go with it so we went to Nordstrom and I selected gloves that went above my elbow to the middle of my upper arm, and there were little pearls to keep them on. I wore pearl earrings, and a simple pearl necklace. Then I also chose high heeled pearlescent shoes to go with but the toe barely peeped out from the skirt.

The one item I bought to go underneath was a black lace corset. I had to have a bra without straps and I went with this lace corset that had boning and little hooks in the back and everything. Oh wait. I take it back. I wore nothing underneath. I bought the black corset for a different dress that had no back. I'm pretty sure I went without a bra but there was enough lining so you couldn't tell. Maybe I wore the corset. I can't remember. This is not a good post to mix with Hamas. I think I need to edit.

Then my corsage had a red rose in it I believe. I know it was red and white and then my date wore a black and white tuxedo with red somewhere.

I saved that white dress in my hope chest for the longest time. Then, I kept only the long white gloves, which Alvaro discovered and asked about.

Why in the world did I have these long white gloves and what were they for? I kept them for memories and then they were stolen from me. But I remember when Alvaro found them.

The other dance dresses I had, or all of them listed:

1. Black velvet and turquoise satin short dress.
2. White satin and lace long dress.
3. Gold lame long dress.
4. Black velvet long dress with cape-jacket
6. Turquoise-teal long dress (borrowed from Kelly Halvorson)

Then I had other dresses I wore for semi-formal things. The one from Kelly was sort of semi-formal but looked nice either way. It was long, and dark teal and had a nipped in waist.

The black and turquoise one was a short black velvet dress I had that fell just above my knees and was fitted with a straight skirt. It had puffed turquoise sleeves (in sort of a ball shape, they were short) and a turquoise satin trim at the top of the neckline, which went straight across and then around to the back. The sleeves were worn up on the shoulder or off the shoulder. It was my first dance dress and the only one that was not floor length.

The white and satin one was Jessica McClintock and I wanted long gloves to go with it.

The gold lame was a knock-out-Marilyn-Monroe dress with a wrap around bodice that crossed and a v neckline (the same style of the dress Kate Middleton wears in the engagement photo, how it wraps in the front, except it had the sleeveless effect and was a slim fitting dress). It was floor length and THIS is the one I had the black corset with! Now I remember! I didn't wear a bra with the white and satin one, just underwear and pantyhose. I got the black corset for the gold dress because it was backless and I needed something without straps because it angled around the neck leaving shoulders bare. This is the one where Alvaro saw me and was shocked.

He said, "HOW DID YOU LOOK LIKE THIS?!!!" He sat there looking at the photo with his jaw to the floor. I probably said something like, "Magic" (sarcastically) and
"I was 18 years old. What do you think?" I remember I snorted something to him about how I had been 18 and I was decades older so what did he expect. He never expected I could look or have ever been that beautiful. I sort of looked at him like, "So what are you saying about me now?!" I wore the same drop-pearl earrings with this dress that I had worn with the white dress. I first bought the pearl drop earrings to go with the white dress.

Then my long black velvet dress was a floor length plain velvet dress with simple straps or strapless (so I wore the corset again) and a thigh high slit up the side. I wore it with sky high skinny high heels and then there was a short velvet kind of jacket that went over it and it had a light design on it in gold, red or maroon, and dark green and purple, maybe there was a very dark blue in it. It was a light jaquard design in the velvet? Something very light but sewn into the velvet. The sleeves on the jacket were slightly puffed but not a lot and then long.

On all dance occasions, I curled my hair and had it either partway up (pulled up on the sides) or down. I think I had fresh red roses in my hair when I wore the white satin and lace dress, in the back. I remember this one guy who couldn't keep his eyes off of me that night. I guess there were a lot, but I was surprised because I was so small chested and not even disguising it and I had a lot of attention. I danced with everyone. The guy I remember who fumbled a lot that night was this skinny blond cross-country running kid that acted like he didn't like me at all. He was always wise-cracking about everything and was really smart. His name will come to me. Doug Peppmaier. I even remember Doug went out of his way to compliment me and told me I should curl my hair more but I couldn't figure out what had happened to him because he was all over himself and was usually very dry, flippant, and aloof. I had fun but didn't even kiss my date goodnight. I never did, or sometimes offered my cheek and that was all. I noticed a few guys who showed a little interest after that dance though. One of them I liked but didn't pay attention to even when he joined the cross country team. He later went to Stanford on a full scholarship. No wait, it was maybe Dartmouth.

The last time I saw my long white gloves with the pearls was at Steve Mays house, before he and others allowed all of my belongings to be stolen from me, including personal photos and those white gloves.

Some of my photos and things are with someone else in Seattle but I know some items were taken from or by Mays. Photos of me in the gold dress are in Seattle. My white gloves were with me at Steve Mays place.

I was being tortured and thought how ironic when I pulled those gloves out of one of my dufflebags to look at them. The most bizarre ironies.

What the gypsy in D.C. said was right.


There was too much jealousy.

Which is why I started crying as soon as she said this. Because it was the whole truth.

And then things got even worse.

I guess I'll just write about Hamas from here. First I felt I should edit, but this is my stream of thought, so I am leaving it. My memory of my dance dresses was sparked by seeing the Hamas flag, so I am keeping this here. I remembered my velvet and turquoise dress which I had forgotten about before, and some other things. I guess it's not the actual Hamas flag. I wonder what it's for. It's the exact same material I had picked out for the one dress that never was.

I clicked on the photo and still don't know what that flag is for. One of the Arabian countries I guess.

So I am still looking up information to find out what's going on for them. The one guy, Kaled, I think he looks like George Clooney.

I skimmed/read the Hamas article on wiki and then went to the Kaled wiki. Anyone interested in a really crazy assassination attempt and how many people got involved, should read this. I had no idea. Even the U.S. got involved. The guy got knocked in with a lethal nerve toxin and no one might have known what was going on but then the guys were caught and THEN they asked Israel for the ANTIDOTE. THEN, it gets even crazier...the U.S. demanded the antidote..?!

I mean, the guys who saw that anything was transmitted to his EAR had to have been pretty sharp bc I can just imagine what would happen if any normal citizen said, "And then yeah, this guy came over to me and held up some "thing" to my EAR and then all of a sudden I was feelin' kinda funny...I think I was maybe poisoned."

Yer goin' to thuh nuthouse Clooney--er, Looney.

That's what someone would have done, if the guys hadn't been pretty much caught in the act.

This is a really interesting story.

I wonder what kind of nerve agent it was and what the antidote was.

How bizarre. It's weird to read, esp. thinking about what I was penciling to the 3rd doctor, in his office, "I need the antidote. Please give me the antidote." Then I think I said that to the whole group of medical professionals. "Neethh eee anthithoth pleeeethhh"

By the way, I know it's not just Israel but goes a lot of ways, with different countries. How incredible though.

The other thing that kind of freaks me out is the idea that the Mossad agents had Canadian passports. I really hope my own passport that was stolen so long ago, was never used by anyone.

I didn't do very much today. I have to work on a small resume of sorts.

But I looked up Suni and Sufi and Shia on wiki. It looks like Sufi, which is the mystical aspect, can have Suni or Shia adherents, either way. It sounds sort of like an example of Kaballah, as the mystical element of Judaism for any of the branches. I don't know. Maybe it's a good comparison and maybe not.

Well, now I'm reading about nerve agents. I don't know if I'll ever be able to go to the steam room again without thinking about these things.

I'm glad I didn't know about the misplaced chemical agent from Utah yesterday because I was in the sauna and some woman spilled her hot cocoa all over my pants. (the nerve agent used against the Kaled guy was something that soaked into skin). She stepped over me and sloshed. I didn't say anything and stayed in, as another woman came in, and then washed my pants out later. The next woman who came in, though, I sort of guessed what she did before she said anything. I had this idea she worked for the state in some justice field and she was a secretary for the state, for cases going to the Supreme Court. And I had this idea she was state, but not with health and admin or something. I didn't venture a guess first. I just asked, "What kind of work do you do?" and she said she worked for the state and I asked in what capacity and it was what I had thought.
I had the impression last night or the night before that someone was telling someone else, "She got set up" meaning me. But I don't know what this would refer to.

At least a few people are figuring some things out. Thank goodness and thank you God. I have never done anything that I should feel ashamed of and I have been set up more than once, in more than one way. And I have been an innocent and trusting person. I also know that it would not take very much money at all to turn everything around.

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