Friday, January 28, 2011

Joy Rides (1991) & My Japan Promo

I started thinking about how I used to go on joyrides. I was almost always the driver when it was me and the other girls.

I thought about it because I haven't done that in decades. But when I was a teenager I did and I would laugh so hard, and the other girls would laugh. One time one didn't laugh but got down near the floor of the car. That was Shannon Adams.

Shannon laughed "ahhhhaah...ha" until I careened around a corner and we were on the sides of the tires. I hadn't even meant to do that. But then the car was righted and I was still laughing. I don't think she ever rode with me again.

Then, I used to take the cheerleaders on rides and I always drove in the stationwagon and one time I went around and around and around this circle turn and wouldn't stop, laughing. Then on a couple of other occasions I raced through and accidentally ran over a shrub and bumped a mailbox.

I did it more than once, probably until the time the "horse" appeared. NNEEEIGH!

But I started thinking today of something I had once read about Di and Fergie taking a joyride so I wondered what date or year it was. It says 1991. I did all my joyriding in 1991 or 1992.

I remember because in 1992 or 1993, the car was taken from me and I wasn't allowed to drive the stationwagon anymore. I had to ride the bus my entire senior year of high school because my car privileges were revoked after I drove the stationwagon up a tree (but that was with someone chasing me from behind on a weird rainy night). My senior year was 1992-1993. So probably, most of my joyriding was in 1991.

I might be able to narrow down the joyriding more if I think about it. It wasn't all the time, just a few times. At least a handful of times. I moved to Oregon and went to Sherwood High school from 1990-1993. We moved there the summer of 1990 when I was 15. I turned 16 on October 22nd, 1990 and got my driver's license. I was doing provisional driving before this I think (with an adult). I feel like something is off though. I'm thinking about the Christian school too. I was able to drive the stationwagon until, I think, 2002. In 1990 there were only 2 months left in the year until it was 1991, so yeah, I probably did it in 1991 or maybe 1992!

This feels a LITTLE bit WEIRD.

What is also sort of strange though, is that the first time I ever felt someone was maybe trying to bump me off was that night when they drove up really close behind me in the rain and ran me off the road into the gutter. Because that's why I had to go into the gutter and then sped back out across the road in the other direction. There was no reason for any normal person to do this in the middle of the night on a corner going uphill with no one else on the road. 1992.

I never thought anyone was "after" me then. It didn't cross my mind. But later it did because I remembered how it happened and it was unusual.

I think I was on someone's radar even back then, for some reason.

I was really upset that my parents didn't let me drive the stationwagon but in hindsight, it was probably a good idea. And every time I've had a car since, I've had people running into me in hit-and-runs and all kinds of crap. I was SO upset that I was riding the bus my senior year of high school though.

It was a true miracle that the stationwagon ended up riding up the guywire of the telephone pole though. I mean, that was sort of fantastical. I think that happened after I had already seen the horse.

I can't think of an international attention I would have had at that time in my life aside from some people observing me from San Fransicso to sing opera for them at their conservatory--I was suprised by this, and then I found out a video of me singing had gone to Japan. It was a video of me singing The National Anthem acapella and I found out the school or someone had sent a video of me to Japan and I was upset no one asked for my permission first. I felt someone should have asked me if I wanted to be "out there" for everyone to watch and see, even in other countries.

It was my ex-boyfriend's mother (Janice Bechtold) who told me they'd sent the video to Japan. I have no idea what other countries it was sent to. I was told it was sent to Japan as a promotional video for Sherwood High School and I think one of their exchange programs was with Japan. Janice was really trying to help I think, she was the one who brought me to the attention (I think) of the San Fransisco Conservatory of Music. But it was the high school that sent the video out of me and they never even gave ME a copy. !!!

I saw the video being played, and it was me singing almost the entire song. It sounded good and it was impressive. Perfect pitch, and good clear vocals. Natural.

But I then was upset it went out without my consent and I asked for a copy and no one would give me one.

How many times did the same kind of scenario later play out and then where do I end up after all of this?

As a guinea pig in the dirt and then injected with Haldol?

I want my SON back.

I'm tired of people using, using, using, and never compensating me for ANYTHING.

And then trying to say that I'M the one who is mentally ill.

I have no clue how many other things have happened that I don't even know about.

I should have taken Corey's advice and called Marshall Mathers when I was a kid to commiserate. It is really oddly funny when you think about it.

But yeah, I ended up on the other side of the tracks. With people taking from me and keeping me down (I guess) so they could keep taking and not be suspected. And then defaming me, and going all out after litigation. It's been a real trip.

Anyway, on a more "holy-moly" note, which will maybe mess this post up, but it's something I wondered about, when I used to sing in church for worship sometimes I would open my eyes and it was all foggy and like a cloud and no one was doing special effects. I have turned to this part in the Bible where it says the presence of God or of worship is sort of like a cloud.

I wonder if that's where someone got the idea to bring in all the smokebombs at concerts.

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