Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sauna Drama

I need to stay out of the sauna if some other women are going in.

I am coming out of the sauna with splitting headaches that I didn't have going in. I didn't have a headache, fully, at all, until I went to the sauna and then I was fine until this woman came in who looked fine, and was sort of yuppie and attractive, and we chatted and things were fine until I stood up and walked out and realized my head was splitting.

This has happened on a couple of occasions with women going into the sauna after me, but it only started up about a month later, after I'd been using the sauna, and only after I reported this was one place where I wasn't having any problems.

It was like someone decided to get people in the sauna to try to disprove the theory or my claim that nothing was happening in the sauna.

I didn't really notice anything while talking to the one woman but then I was out and my head just started hurting. It was almost more like someone used something to blast me suddenly. She wanted to talk about plastic surgery and sauna and then teeth.

She acted shocked that I brought up teeth and I wonder if it was that she felt I was hitting on some kind of marker. Then this asian woman came in and sat down. I left and dried off and then I was walking out and all of a sudden, an instant splitting headache. So possibly it was one of the women and possibly it was someone else that I passed by.

Now that I'm sitting in a different location, it's subsiding.

It wasn't a real headache. Some woman dog did this. I am saying woman dog because I'm still trying not to swear.

Because I didn't notice it in the sauna, it may have been someone doing this as soon as I was out of the sauna. I didn't notice it while we were talking. In that case, why would someone do this to me?

I feel like someone is still worried about me and it's not just experimentation. It's trying to harm me and have me talk about it so I sound nuts.

I don't even have the headache now. It was like a sudden instant major tension headache for my entire head and it last about 5-10 minutes total. I never, ever, get headaches like this. It's not part of ANY pattern of headache for me.

It is now 100% gone.

It went from major instant onset and pressure, like something had triggered the blood vessels in my head to expand, to nothing.

This is military or medical technology and there are female dogs in the house.

I had my black rose scarf hanging outside of the sauna, over my bag, and someone just identified I was there and blasted me.

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