Monday, January 31, 2011

poem or free thought...billiards (having 2 type w 1 hand)

all the billiards bawl
sprawling out in blue & green
her feathers in her hair
the peacock threads are inbetween
chalk on velvet chair
portis pret a port
bonne nuit
estudie je somala while i study
jaquard from tennessee
when they split
they 4ways crack
1 & the other deciding which sphere that one took
measuring distance, gauging probability
i slept last night with an angel beside me
but i do not their name
which of the 4 winds i may never know
where did they come from and how long silent & watching me
before i said hello

war in the sauna
1 full hour of rest & then war
women inciting war in the sauna
1 came in to sit with doves tatooed on her feet
and passing an older woman who said "sorry"
sorry while running back out & other women
in the periphery
trying to cause trouble
to make me talk
as i had sudden onset of migraine
which some thought would not be fixed
i had no dhe
i prayed & did what the russians might do
already taking cold shower blasts
i turned it upon my head & back
ice cold & fully under
to freeze expansion by terrorists...
next time you are all being followed out
i know who you were & who you are
(this is not a poem at all. It is just something i wrote)
when you turn a sauna into concentration camp,
you turn the grace of god against yourself

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