Friday, January 28, 2011

Need Help With Oliver Garrett & Human Rights Complaint

I am putting this post out in order to find someone who is able to help me document abuse against me and my son.

So far, the FBI has not done anything but cover for other people they know.

I am positive that not only U.S. persons but some good-hearted international persons know what is going on.

It may be easier for someone who is outside of the U.S. to help me put together a report of abuse, persecution, harassment, criminal conduct by U.S. govt. officials, and torture.

I called the Knoxville FBI and they said I could talk to someone after what Nashville FBI did to me by trying to have me admitted to MTMHI. However, "talk" is not going to accomplish anything.

And all day I haven't had any problem with the head piercing stuff until now, when I start to write about this. This is the U.S. or the U.S. has people involved or is allowing it.

All of a sudden, it quit.

They refused to give me a lawyer throughout my case with my son, and the couple I was given, were bribed. They were not ever working for me or my son.

I was then finally appointed a lawyer for "appeal" who had gone to a catholic Benedictine college, and this was a conflict of interest as I'd had past litigation against this catholic order. Instead of helping me get records, she went out of her way to stall. She had connections to Washington D.C. That was Tanesha.

She was never a real appellate attorney that would have done anything for us but ruin things.

She proved this in the first few months, with her stalling and refusal to collect records for my case.

This is a case where everything could be overturned almost immediately if the right lawyer or firm got involved. I have the evidence. I just need someone who has the appearance of power to file things in court. Sometimes, a group just needs to know there is someone who is licensed to take care of business, who is not working with them, and who is potentially going to expose things. Even very powerful groups back down really fast when they are confronted with this.

Because of all of the problems, there has been an impression that this is impossible. It's not. It's actually very much on my side, and very probable that I will win. This is because I have not only God and the truth on my side, I have some evidence. What I need is a lawyer who is not paid by the U.S. to cover up for them. Or, a U.S. person who has more integrity than everyone else around them and is willing to go against the flow because it is the right thing to do.

I don't know why someone would help me now, at this point, when I've been trying to find work and help for the last several years, but I have a list of those who would want to say not to believe me, and interfere: from different groups.

I need to discover one thing:

Who will help me put my case together, against the United States of America

or, if it is not going to go that far, then I need someone from the U.S. who is willing to single out those individuals in U.S. positions who have abused the trust of the public and of me and my son and colluded with others. I believe the wikileaks guy could help. I wrote to him and then only a few months later he was being hunted down and charged with crimes.

I believe what has happened to me and my son is very big.

But I know that I can win.

The only reason I've been pushed down to not even work, is because others know it wouldn't even take that much money.

The truth is on my side and so is God.

I don't believe the Jewish will help me. They might help my son, but not me. My family's lawyer, who is Jewish, just thinks my son is fine living with my aunt and uncle. He doesn't care and neither do any of the others. I have been in the way of their other objectives and they are not going to help me. Maybe there are good ones that are different, just like every group, but I was always turned away from synogogues when I used to try to call for help. Even if they are against torture, it seems to me that with their level of intel, they have allowed a lot of incredible abuse against me to occur.

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