Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Morning Research

I wanted to get a good start on the day but I honestly still feel sapped.

I slept well last night. No technology problems. I am sort of worried about the woman who had sat on me or leaned up against me on either side, because I hope she didn't get in trouble. It was my own conclusion about the effects, not her doing or attempt. She inadvertently had a part in helping though.

The only thing I noticed was some sharp head pain and I thought this was odd. Especially since on the way to the shelter, several people passed me touching their head like...I don't know...

But in general, I slept WELL and I was able to rest. Also, there was a woman above me on the bunk whereas before for the last 2 nights no one slept above me. I couldn't tell for sure if it was coming from both sides of me or straight above, but what this one woman did made a huge difference.

I was very, very, thankful to just be able to rest. These dark circles under my eyes are because of all of this other crap that's been going on. It has been so incredibly hard. I felt I was almost at the end of the rope. I just couldn't take another huge round of torture, I think especially after getting a break when I moved from Wenatchee to Nashville and it quit for the most part.

Then I went to the store this morning and got some things that were on sale. Propel water was on sale so I got this instead of gatorade and then had to look up acesulfame to see what it is. I think it's fine in small doses so I'm not opposed to drinking this. I usually don't like anything artificial but in really small doses it's probably okay, from what I read.

Then I read about insulin and things and then about high cholesterol. I read that this crap haldol binds to cholesterol and thought, "Oh crap." I don't know how long this is going to be in my system, but it's bad news. I am not going to yoga or any classes at all and my energy level which is natural and high, is at zero. I really feel what happened was abusive in every sense of the word, and assault. It was like every other thing that has happened to me in the last few years, where something totally illegal, that on the "street" would be ILLEGAL, was masked by a "legal" excuse that was never there. Section 1983. Section 1983. Section 1983. Section 1983 is a tort law or provision that allows citizens to sue government or other professionals for using and abusing their legal privileges and authorities for harming others for their own personal reasons. It is abuse "under color of law" which means, the law was used to mask or allow the illegal abuse. The same thing has been done to my son.

I'll write more in a little bit. I am at least going to sauna right now because it's cold.

I also wanted to write about this woman who says she is biologically related to Hank Williams. She told me today she was sent to the mental nuthouse--the same one--MTMHI, because the doctors said she was "delusional" and she said "No, I just need a DNA test." My question is, if the woman looks like she's related to the family and has this claim, if you are really concerned about helping her with her "mental illness" then why don't you just give her the frickin' DNA test and show her the results to ease her concerns? What costs more money? A DNA test or a month long stay at the nuthouse? I think the taxpayers would have said, "We want her to have her DNA test!" I guess the woman who was trying to tell Oprah she was her half-sister had been trying to tell her since 2007 and emailed the offices but no one believed her until, I guess, 2011. I guess by then the mother started to feel guilty enough that she admitted to the truth.

If MTMHI or the hospital had just done a DNA test, for purposes of helping this woman, the question would be resolved. And not only that, they never should have admitted a woman to a nuthouse as mentally ill when they did NOT have proof she was NOT related.

I am going to sauna and then I guess I have to figure out how in the world to try to clear out some of the medication crap from my system. I guess I need to get rid of my cholesterol and then find out what the antidote to haldol and seroquel is (besides "benadyrl"). If anyone has ideas, let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Haldol stays in your system 10-12 hours so unless you're still taking it, it's not in your system anymore.