Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hank Williams' Daughter?

There may be something to it. Or maybe not.

She says she is biologically related to Hank Williams.

When you're living in a women's shelter and have a slightly strange story, it's hard to be taken seriously.

However, you know what? Even if she was mentally ill, it wouldn't exclude the possibility that she is the daughter of Hank Williams. Famous people have mentally ill relatives.

She won her right to get out of the mental health hospital because she told the Judge she was not mentally ill, and she didn't need antipsychotic medications, she needed a DNA test.

They held her for almost 1 full month.

She sort of looks like Hank Williams, which is the weird thing.

I'm not kidding.

And I think she has been easily disregarded, but has put this small question mark in the minds of others, because there is something slightly uncanny about it.

She said she has a lawyer or is getting one. But no one seems to be doing anything because really, she just needs a DNA test.

I think someone should sponsor her to at least make this happen, because the outcome could only be positive.

If the DNA turns out negative, they can point to this and help her with figuring out what else has gone on in her life or who may be trying to mislead her. If it's positive, she has a right to be acknowleged.

I personally think it's a worthwhile investment but I can't do anything it other than to write about it.

Her story sounds crazy, the longer she talks. But SHE doesn't act or appear crazy. It's hard to describe.

What if she IS related to Hank Williams? She claims no one is taking her seriously because other relatives are trying to protect their own inheritance money, or don't want to admit she exists.

The cost of a DNA test, for paternity, is around $100 from what I find online.

I am not sure how they would test if he's dead. Maybe they start with one of his nearest relatives and if it's close, proceed from there? Ultimately, they probably need to compare his DNA with hers. Which might mean exhuming the body. Which is maybe what no one wants to do.

I have a feeling there are a couple of Eastern Europeans who back and believe her. Can't say why. I think some African Americans do too.

As for those who would try to keep her down? look no further than MTMHI.

Honestly, if I were one of the Williams', I would volunteer the testing, just to help someone out--unless I had a reason to be afraid of something.

Isn't this what any normal, gracious person would do?

You hear there is someone out there claiming they are related. They state all they need is a DNA test. If you have nothing to hide and if you are a good citizen and kind person, you would be anxious even, to help out. You'd feel good about yourself too, as if you were really making a difference in the life of someone else. For all you know, you might be the deciding factor in curing the mental illness of someone else.

However, if, on the other hand, you've done a little of your own research, and if something is making too much sense somewhere along the lines...


You might be more than a little concerned that a discovery of the truth could affect your own status (financial, social, or otherwise).

If I were a lawyer, I'd take the case and send a letter, requesting assistance out-of-court. I'd present the case of my client, or the story, and say, "Hey, we're just wondering if you would like to help out here and alleviate the concerns of my client."

I'd put it in a manner that shows this is the right thing to do and that the rewarding feeling of helping someone is in everyone's best interests.

Then if they decline, I would start to wonder why.

With poor I wouldn't think it's a big deal, but especially when dealing with the rich, if a rich person refuses a DNA test, I would wonder what they are trying to protect.

I think DNA tests are probably a waste of time where there is discrepency, and a violation of privacy, unless maybe the parent has a lot of money, power, or position.

If it's the other way around, if someone is wanting to prove someone's parent is poor and not rich, I would think that this group is motivated for their own reasons or agenda.

It's always about the rich and politically motivated.

The rich would refuse the DNA if they believed they would have something to lose, and the rich would request DNA if they felt they had something to gain by proving someone's parentage was poor.

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