Friday, December 12, 2008

music today (see 84 yr. old woman dance to coldplay)

last night, the melody to "Viva La Vida" was on my mind before I fell asleep. I thought, "Yep. It's the melodies." I'd listened to a lot of good music, including U2, and it was this melody that came back.

Then, I woke up to the "See You Soon" melody again. Which I took with me on my walk and then forgot about it because it made me sad.

Oh MI have to watch the above clip. It is the craziest, funniest thing I've seen in a long time. It's Coldplay performing "The Hardest Part" as this very old woman and a young guy dance and perform tricks that I don't think anyone would think was possible for her age.

I started laughing, and THEN, just as i'm cracking up over that, this old woman's leg goes straight up, almost past her head, as he pulls it up into a perfect split and the funniest part is the editing to the announcer woman with dark hair, whose eyes bug out and mouth drops open.

I kept laughing, I could not help it. I mean, this is really amazing. I don't know how Coldplay held it together. It's not making fun laughing, but just out of astonishment. I couldn't stop when he grabs her and she swings inbetween his legs with her head at his crotch. Oh my gosh. He's 25 and she's 84.

I don't think I can hear this song again now though. It's too sad. Too meaningful right now.

I want something good to happen and to think about better things for the future.

Listening to "Down To The River To Pray" by Alison Krause.

I was just reading stuff about miscarriage and missing heartbeats and fetus's coming to life, etc, and guess what song kept running through my head?!

Viva La Vida. DAMN those melodies! So now I'm listening to this again. Over and over. What's kind of weird, for me, is the opening. I started to write a poem, on this blog, many many months ago, and then I erased it before posting. but it was of a red rose with petals spinning out, sort of like the opening to this video, but in my mind, it was happening faster, and it was symbolizing a person. But I erased it.
One of my favorite parts of the song is the off-beat of the intro to singing with the instruments. Right before the chorus, when you would expect the singer's intro, it delays but it works out. It's a little asymmetrical and it works. Wait, I listened to it again, I think it's the voice before the expected drum or signal you would typically get. Yeah, that's it.

still researching idly and now listening The Cure's "Just Like Heaven"

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