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UPDATED: Adams or Peters and Rasmussen: Assassins

I know one of the vehicles involved belonged to Shannon Adams or Alicia Peter's parents.  I am talking about the assassination attempt against me that involved Tony Roos.

The reason I don't know which one is because I don't remember which of them had the smaller sort of sporty black or dark colored sedan.  One of them did, because I later saw either Shannon or Alicia's Mom or Dad driving it and was shocked because it was the same car.

It had to have a car owned by the Wiltbanks, Bournes (Aaron Bournes parents), Peters or Adams but I had thought later that I saw Alicia or Shannon's parents driving it.

There was a state patrol sort of cop car nearby too but he didn't stop.  When others showed up I said should I call the police, but the police had been right there and didn't stop to make a report so I thought well if they don't care maybe I shouldn't either.  So I let it go and it ended up being just me, Robin and the tow-truck driver staying there as it was taken down from the telephone pole.

I don't know what the Peters family did.  The Dad traveled all the time and the Mom stayed at home.  Her daughter, one of them, worked in Washington D.C. at a government job, and the other sister, worked internationally as a runway model.

Shannon's Mom stayed at home, I think, and her Dad was some kind of a doctor or psychologist I thought.  The mother was best friends with Kelly's mother, who bought a house from my Mom and then tried to sue her claiming there was cat pee smell in it.  Kelly Stalder was the one who asked me to go with her to the U.S. Navy recruiting offices in 1993.

Erica Wiltbank's family had a smaller dark sedan I thought, but I think most of the time they were in an SUV.

I just know when I saw it, it was on the road coming from the direction of Peters/Adams house, towards Sherwood, and I saw who was driving and it was the Peters or Adams family, and I didn't see this until probably 1993.  I had seen them in other family cars and the dark sedan wasn't brought out of the closet until a year or so after the assassination attempt against me and I was moving to the East Coast to work as a nanny.

I don't know how Roos would coordinate with Peters or Adams except Adams were connected to U.S. military through Kelly's interest, and Roos went into the military as well.  Shannon went to college in Oregon and Alicia went to college in Pennsylvania, where FBI S.S.A. Laura Laughlin is from.

Alicia and Shannon then made a sign for the tree and nailed it there and took a photo, posing on either side of it, the way Geoff stood in the middle for a cross-country photo and had me and Monica on either side.  And then a poem was included and given to me, written by Geoff Rasmussen, about "I never did see/someone drive up a tree."

I never heard about "Satan", by the way, or mention of that name, until I met Robin Bechtold.

Laura Laughin, for her part, may be an FBI employee who is directly connected to assassination attempts against me going back to the early 90s, which puts her in a defensive position of wanting to make sure any report of "hate crime" from me was deterred or used to smear me in the internal records.  She is also connected to Boston mafia and to the Middletons.

I'm pretty sure it was Adams.

It was the entire Adams family that was in the car when I saw them connected to that car, and I was shocked, and they were driving from the location of their house into town.   I remember they were smirking and I was not only shocked to see them as owning that car, but shocked they were smirking about something, like they didn't like me but had some kind of an inside joke.

What had surprised me was that I never saw their car and if I had ever been around them or they'd pulled up or something, it was in a different car.  It was like, after a year or more had gone by and people thought I'd forgotten or didn't know or wouldn't think of it, they passed and I realized, "It's that car".

I also remember all the deliberate looks the day they passed me, with even Shannon's sister making a face at me.  I never forgot it.  I thought what did I do wrong that Shannon's little sister was coached to hate me and make a face at me?  She was a disabled girl that was much younger than me and wasn't even at my school.

I don't know that much about Shannon's parents.  They were shadowy figures.  I asked what their background was once and she said Irish.   She told me she hated me for "stealing Robin" from her when she liked him and thought it was rude I went out with him when I knew she liked him.  I hadn't known and I never really got very involved with him except emotionally.  I was given the silent treatment for a month over "stealing Robin" and then they had Monica attending to me as my only friend at that time, so she had a way to befriend me I guess. 

Aside from South America, George Bechtold's other interest was Lebanon.  He was very good friends with owners of a Lebanese restaurant in Portland, and either Robin and Erik Lund went there a lot or it was George and maybe Erik visited once.  Possibly, it was a place introduced by Lund, but my understanding was that George had business with the Lebanese.

I don't know anything about Lebanese really.  They have good food and that's all I knew until I was visited by a Lebanese woman while I was a tutor for ENNL at PCC.  She didn't like me at all, and had bright blue eyes and black hair and fair skin.  She was fairly beautiful.  She stood out because she was obviously not there to take lessons or work on language (which is the reason I was there).  She was seriously sizing me up and I sensed hostility from her so finally, after so much staring, I asked nicely where she was from and she said, "Lebanon" and left.  I thought, "Why would anyone all the way from the land of Lebanon act like they hated me without even knowing me personally?"

As for Kelly Stalder, my mother knew her mother because she sold a house to her.  Judy Roark (deceased), Shannon Adam's mom, and Joy Stalder (deceased) were all best friends.  My Mom said something about it and how she was being accused of lying or fraud, for selling a house that had stained carpet smell that didn't go away after purchase and my Mom was saying she didn't know about it.  I told Kelly, Shannon, or my Mom, when they asked, about it and I said I thought my Mom would lie because she lied about taxes so I was sure she'd lie about other things too.  They were already suing my Mom and then my Mom's real estate place paid for the lawyer to defend her. 

Well it's the truth isn't it?  It's not like my entire life hasn't been a lie.

It's possible one of them thought I betrayed my mother and so they tried to kill me.  They would have already had to hate me and want to get rid of me, but it's possible.  And it was Tony Roos who was involved and I noticed how the Roos's are ambassadors to Japan now, when Japanese-American Judge Alicia Nakata slept with my fianc√© and met with him when he was in Wenatchee.  She also knows the Guzmans and Avilas.  The other vehicle was the Adams or Peters vehicle and it was going in the direction of the Adams house.

Next, it was Mike Nichols, born in Canada and adopted in the U.S., who was trying to kill me.  The U.S. had government and law enforcement present both times at the locations and they chose not to make reports, like normal.  Why is that?

But they THINK they can kidnap my son from me and force me to marry Alvaro to seal their full-of-shit-and-holes case.

The U.S. has lost their right to even wave a flag.

I then had my cars being stalled deliberately by military, a joke maybe, to reference "Kelly Stalder" (Kelly stalled her), and my car towed away from me to block my travel.  I was victim of another assassination attempt and hit-and-run.  Then, another attempt in Washington D.C. and then all of a sudden, someone wants me to marry Alvaro Pardo for them--a whole bunch of people from Wenatchee, Washington and Seattle, Washington.  Come on Cameo!  Be a patriot! repatriate voluntarily and show us by marrying Alvaro.  First Michelle Erickson was literally asking me if I would work with them, not "cooperate" but suggesting I should take a job and work next to them, on cases.

Can you even imagine.

Alvaro was the one having my hair cut off, when I told Wenatchee they'd defamed me as a drug user or using THC when I didn't.  So he had my hair cut for them.  He also told me to change what I wrote in my blog and say "It's all in my imagination and nothing I've written is true."

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