Saturday, June 29, 2013

Smartwater Recall to Safeway

I have to return a bunch of Smartwater I got at Coquille (military-CIA town) Safeway because the water tastes like a piece of hamburger was put inside of it.  It has a taste of raw meat to it.

I thought, this morning, "No way."  I thought maybe it was just me.

So I got out Smartwater I purchased at Walmart yesterday and there was no meat taste.  Then I tried the Safeway Smartwater and again, it was a meat taste.  This is on sealed bottles, and I tried a few to be sure.

So it's sort of odd to see the front page news about a meat recall for e coli, when I have bottled Smartwater, sent from New York City, to Safeway in Coquille, that tastes like meat.  It's like a gross raw, sort of going bad raw meat taste.  Or maybe it's just raw meat taste, not going bad at all, but it's gross to me because raw hamburger to a vegan and to someone who doesn't like their water to taste like meat, is gross.

So I'm sending all of it back to New York City.

I imagine it's not impossible the local NYC raised FBI agent Gregory Fowler is involved.  I will post all of the product dates and labels for some of this.

The exact same bottles of Smartwater from Walmart taste normal.

There really isn't any reason the Safeway water should taste like meat.  If it was packed around meat, since when does Safeway pack their foods that way, and since when does a water place do this?  It's in the water, it's not like it got through the plastic.

The water I compared to it from Walmart has a batch ID of May1115 GP C 1024 1 PRODO51513 NV06980 PB.  That's a normal tasting one.

The ones from Safeway have batch date, one of them:  May1815 CB D 0052 3 PB PRODO52313 NVAC5104986 and  another, for example, says:  May1815 CB D 0051 Z PB  PRODO52313 NVAC5104986.   They taste like raw meat.

All of them.

I was also sold rotting mushrooms from that Safeway.  They were packaged as organic baby bellas and by the Organics Safeway brand and they rotted with a weird odor the same way a bunch of Canadian crimini mushrooms from Champs rotted that I got from McKays.  The crimini mushrooms were from Abbotsford, Canada by the brand "Champs" and Canadian.  They were not normal mushrooms and did not deteriorate like normal.  I had plenty of other criminis and button mushrooms, some organic and some not, and they were all put in the same place, in the same conditions, and for the same amount of time and some of them were foul, as in, tampered with.  So right after this was done through the McKays store in town, I went to the Safeway store and started buying organic baby bellas.  They were good the first times I bought them and then someone brought in a tampered batch where they all stank and deteriorated exactly, identically, to the ones from McKays.

I had all of them kept in the exact same place, and in the exact same conditions and there were no variables.  There was no reason for one batch to stink and had a weird smell and rot within one day, while the others were fine for 1 week.  The ones that were tampered with were basically dissolving like they had some kind of weird decomposing chemical in them that sped up decay.

I told you this was a United States government town and I wasn't lying.  Obviously, the U.S. is "tight" with Canadian government. 

Right after getting the tampered mushrooms from McKays, they kicked me out when I asked to return a tea light kind of candle in a glass jar that was cracked.  I said nothing about the tampered-with mushrooms but when I quit buying them, and went to Safeway instead to buy organic baby bellas, all of a sudden, the very next time I needed to return something, with the receipt, I was told to get out and never go back.  They "banned" me from their store and then called police to have me "trespassed" from their store to degrade and humiliate me, after they had been carrying bad products.  The "trespass" was by the store manager and this was for a routine, normal return of an item that cost $3 or less, for my money back.  I was polite, and I stated I had the receipt and instead of refunding my money, I was followed after by their manager who left his hot dog stand to run after me and scream I was trespassed from their store.  I was shocked and said why and he said, "You don't like our store, NEVER COME BACK" or something like that.  All that I'd tried to do was return one thing, after I didn't even complain to him about his tampered and rotting mushrooms.  Not to mention the bad water they sold me there at a different time, the Earth H20 water. 

Also, they didn't tell me not to go back until I quit buying mushrooms from them and went to Safeway.  So as soon as I did that, they made their move.  Then, as soon as I was banned from McKays, someone changed the baby bellas that I'd been buying and brought in the same kind of rotting and chemically treated ones like McKays, knowing that was the kind I was buying.  I mean, same package and the mushroom looked the same, but they were treated with something to make them rot within 24 hours.

I tried a different package and it was the same thing.  So then I looked and noticed no one else from this town was buying those mushrooms and they all had the same batch date.  She removed them from the shelves and refunded my money, but the fact is still that whatever was being done to McKay mushrooms, was then done to Safeway mushrooms the minute they knew I wasn't buying from McKays anymore.

Like I said, this entire town is operated and controlled by the U.S. government.  It is basically like living on a military fort town except some parts of it have concentration camps.  The only difference is that there are no officials signs, titles, or fences that indicate that's what this is.

It's basically reflecting the condition of the United States itself.  It goes by one name and set of ideas or laws and claims of rules or justice system, and actually, what it really is, is something totally different from what it claims to be.  The U.S.  basically has this town called "Coquille" that doesn't look like a government town or like there are prisoners or concentration camps, but that's what it is.  How nice that someone wanted to define, on a map for people in the U.S., where concentration camps in North Korea are, when the conditions in the United States are worse than anything happening in North Korea.  By comparison, the U.S. is less civilized, less democratic, more corrupt, and poorer.

I am being tortured in the U.S. and it's because they take money from people who commit crimes and then don't want to be sued or go to jail.  All of it is about lawsuits.

It's impossible to have democracy at the same time citizens are tortured to obstruct justice to keep them from filing lawsuits or to make them sound so strange no lawyer takes their lawsuit.  It's impossible to have democracy when the U.S. tortures lawyers who try to take cases against those who are corrupt.

The U.S. is not a democracy.  Period.

The U.S. is not "rich".  They are more in debt than most countries, and ride by on a credit card trade that has no financial backing.  The U.S. is getting by on its good looks alone, and those are fading fast.

The U.S. has a bunch of uncivilized people who now go to work while people who don't really care about their kids are having their kids raised in boredom with a bunch of other kids, which is no different than government-controlled orphanages.  The ones that resist going to the government orphanages, who the U.S. thinks they need or want, they kidnap and torture.  Daycare kids raised by people who don't really care about them, and then going home to parents who are too tired to care for them and who haven't had enough time with their children to even form a correct bond with them, make shitty soldiers.

And shitty soldiers take jobs torturing other kids they're jealous of, because since the quality of people has gone downhill, the U.S. thinks they need to make up for their lack by torturing kids and forcing them into the military.

This means any normal and decent person, who has information against the U.S., will be using it against the U.S.  And any shitty soldier will be using that same information to personally get rich and be motivated by corruption, not by a care for citizens or the state of the country.

So, the U.S. has killed off their own.

Which makes North Korea heads above the U.S. in every way.  That doesn't mean I'm going there, or to any country the U.S. would love to try to send me to so they can find an excuse for torture and spying.

It just means the U.S. is a joke and anyone who has a chance to consider the facts, knows it.  The U.S. does not have and never had any legal right to my son and they have allowed people to do every possible horrible thing they can to me.

You can look up for yourselves who has contributed to tampering with a few of the food or drink items I've mentioned.

Also, I think there is a difference between orphans who know their parents died, and those who know their parents are alive and chose to pass their raising off onto others.  If they had to, that's one thing, but kids can figure out whether it was necessary or not and knowing their parents didn't want to spend time with them when they could have chosen this, over a new purchased item or some other thing, will make its way into their reflections at some point. 

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