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UPDATED: Monica (The Spanish Cocker Spaniel Dog History)

I think since I have figured out it's a little strange that she wanted to buy the car she did after someone tried to kill me, I might use this post to describe how I was introduced to her and what events occurred that indicate she may have been working for the Middletons too.

Okay. I need to get started on this and I will continue working on it because some things will come to me later and I might revise another thing for clarity.

What I have realized, since last week, literally, is that it's possible Monica was recruited by the government while she was still in high school.

Obviously the main reason the U.S. has exploited my family and tortured people into secrecy and kept me in the dark, is for the purpose of getting government plants close to me.  This is not a sudden idea nor is it one I realized out of paranoia or mental illness (given) or any suggestion by someone directly.

It is something one arrives at, when you get to a juncture and suddenly process all of the past information with the new insights and think back to photographic-memory shots of emotions and words and expressions and actions and different options open up.  For one thing, understanding it's possible to be "recruited" to work for a government as early as age 12, where the kid knows about it and it's not a secret, at 12, is fundamental to realizing possibilities.

This is not to say I don't still think she must be a hostage herself in some way and manipulated.  However, I do remember a lot of things and at this point I have a lot of questions about the behavior of her, her friends and "husband", her mother (very odd what happened with that), and her brother and his contacts.

Her mother's change was one of the most shocking, to me.  It was really shocking actually, but her Dad I have no idea about because he was friendly generally and then was gone aside from one day he waved at me and I saw some guy run into the back of his car (small fender bender) as I was on my way to an appointment.  The only thing that was maybe different about him was he suddenly started wearing Scottish-style berets around the time Robin Bechtold was frequenting Nathan Bechtold and Monica in private at their house. 

On one hand, I've wondered what the h--- happened to her, i.e., is she locked up, hostage, trapped and blocked from communication? And on the other hand, I've remembered many things I thought were insignificant at the time but maybe they weren't, if I remember them.

She had about 4-5 transition periods.  She was one way before we were "friends".  Then she changed again during her parent's arguments.  She had another transition after I left for the East Coast.  Another after the hijacking by Mike Nichols.  A dramatic transition in 1997 (so many things changed the day Diana died, didn't they?).  Another transition when she met a bunch of "ground hippies" into Christian hardcore metal.  Another when she met and married Tim Henderson and that change was a slow brainwashing even in the unfolding.  It was totally unreal how that occurred and I was pretty stupid actually--I was the one telling her to give him the benefit of a doubt when she had serious questions and concerns.  I was a total idiot. 

She had a lot of hidden sides, even though I was her "best friend" for years, she was always secretive, and she had a dark and jaded side even though she liked to have fun.  I don't know if she would be inclined to be actually "honest" anymore because I don't think she was being honest with me.  I did believe she was genuinely afraid and shocked about some things I told her the last time I saw her, and I do believe she is easily manipulated, but she goes from being abused and battered or manipulated, to jerking it around and kicking holes into walls in a rage or setting a firm lip and getting revenge in some other way.  She is far more capable of keeping "secrets" than I am, which is why she, with her split personality abilities, would be a prime target. 

Her mother was supposedly hated by her, but then her mother who seemed so nice and friendly--the nice Spanish teacher from Tigard Rebecca, got really weird all at once one day.  It was like the ax fell and suddenly smug, the fa├žade was gone.  It was truly bizarre and one of the more confusing things to me.  I think now the entire idea of going to the house to see if Monica was kidnapped was a trap deliberately planned with Rebecca involved.  There is no way that was an accident, now that I look back on it.  And prior to that, Monica was getting REALLY weird with Kari Sue and started doing all this weird stuff and acting secretive about it, like buying "Kiss My Face" soap and putting it in our bathroom and when I naturally asked about it, she got weird.  It was apricot Kiss My Face.  At the same time she bought Tea Tree Oil and started doing this whole Tea Tree thing.

How funny, when Katie Middleton's people had tried to run me down and kill me in 1991-1992.  She started buying things for symbolic reasons after she met Kari Sue, not before.

Also, the only person who could have stolen from me, if not from my locker and not Erica Ballinger for my mother's skirt one day, was Monica.  I don't remember anything missing exactly but I am not sure.  I've always assumed Shirina Edwin stole my blue bath towels, but it could have been Monica actually.  Either of them. 

There were 2 people my mother once recommended or complimented that she later regretted saying anything about and it was Bryan Parker and Stephanie Maiers.  The people she never had much to say about at all, were Monica Allen and Christa Schneider and she said nothing.  Her lips were sealed and why, if she liked them or knew nothing was wrong?

Monica accused her mother of being greedy and only caring about money.  This was true, that Rebecca was into making an impression.  That made her an easy target for the Bechtolds.  She and Robin were like peas in a pod, first asking how much money someone had before they decided to know them or not.  The idea of working with Bechtolds and Rasmussens, who knew the Wiltbanks and FBI that led to Middletons, Katie Middleton, was not under-rated to them.  Monica was exactly like her mother which is why her materialism bothered her so much, when pinned against her Dad.  Monica's choice, of how to spend money after the hijacking, was not to do a quiet investment or save or anything "quiet".  It was to buy a car that would best enhance her social status because when it came down it, that is what she cared about.  The hippies came later, with other "incentives".

For all of her crying about her mother's obsession with getting ahead, materialism, and complaints about not making a social impression, she was the exact same way.  She hated her mother for it first and then maybe she realized they could all work together for Katie and the government, and get ahead.  Proof of it--she never wanted to be seen doing anything "stupid", less social, she had to have the best clothes her money could buy, she spent her money on surface material objects, and this was the entire reason Tim and his friends scared her.

They looked like low-life "Christian" metal music gang-banger hippies who had babies out of cardboard boxes and dreadlocks and never showered and lived together in a one-room warehouse and then freaked out and reprimanded her when Tim, she said, just wanted to lay on top of her and do nothing and they found out.

Yeah.  Like that's not weird.  Especially for a cop.

She said, "Tim said he wanted to just lay on top of me and do nothing.  So we were in this room in the warehouse and he laid on top of me and that was it, no other touching, just rested all his body weight on top of me and he stayed like that for a long time until Anna and ____ came in and they screamed at us.  She said we broke their trust to fornicate in their house when we weren't married."  That was from Anna-with-babies-in-cardboard-boxes-lifestyle that hmmm...CPS never targets? I wonder why.  Oh, well we even have hippie government fuckers these days.

Anna was this Macho Alpha Female Controller who tried to mastermind Monica.  It was really, totally, bizarre, like....  ?  She had these dreadlocks and demanded all of this obedience to her like she was some temple goddess.

Monica acted really nervous about it and started getting this weird subservient impulse to obey this group  and not defy them and oh no! she broke their trust--time to beg it back!  and then she married Tim under that yoke.

Monica got closer to the FBI and government when I went to the East Coast.  She became best friends with Geoff Rasmussen and I don't know what else was going on.  I know my parents were being assaulted.  She was also acting weird from the day I met her, when I got hauled into that government kids group in high school. If you are a kid in high school, by the way, figure out who they are and stay away from it.

It's not a mistake Aldrich Ames, a spy for Russia, is locked up in "Allenwood". 

So before I got raped by Josh Gatov, with him forcing me down and putting all his weight on my body, Monica was telling me how Tim did this with her but it was a different context.  It was still noteable for her mentioning such a thing at all.  She had met Stephanie Maiers by then and dated Aaron Bourne, a Jew, for a year in high school.  Aaron targeted her.  He went after her, not the other way around.  So she dated Aaron Harris, a Mormon connected to FBI, Paul Sato, A Mormon, Aaron Bourne, a Jew, and had Robin Bechtold going to her window and was best friends with Rasmussen and a bunch of high school girls whose parents worked for Middletons.

Then she got a job as a florist and after this she got a job in graphic arts the same time she met Kari Sue and started buying Melaluca Tea Tree oil for everything and Apricot Kiss My Face. 

When she was in high school she told me she was so neat and clean that her mother forced her to mess up one thing and leave it undone every day.  She was obsessive-compulsive as a child, and had anxiety if she left anything unclean or unmade in her room.  I had said, "Oh, well that's good!" and she then explained it was actually obsessive to the point her family was worried about her sanity.  On top of this, she bragged about how she read before age 4 all the time and her mother bragged about it all the time too.  Then Janet Bechtold was bragging about it in front of me too which was sort of odd.  Like the whole Sherwood community talks about "Monica read before age 4"?

Her obsessiveness is why I've described myself as cluttered sometimes when anyone else in the neighborhood or living with me described me as very neat and orderly.  Not to Monica, because as I say, she was the obsessive kid who grew up to be an adult that lined toilet seats with bath tissue and then married Tim Henderson--control freak cop and had a brother who did deals with Robin Bechtold.

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