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Goldsmith and Bartlett? & FBI Destruction of Bank Records

I ended up finding out there may be relatives from England in California and working with people who go to the store I shop at!

I guess it was strange how I ended up finding this, but it came up online and some of it I wasn't looking for at all.  I really don't know whether any of these people are related or just have the same last names or what.

I was thinking maybe there was a health food store owned by the health food owners here, and looked it up and didn't find that, but I found out what the Eden Valley Naturals owner's last name is and I hadn't noticed before.  Her name is Jolene Bartlett.

Anyway, I've been buying things there for a couple of years and have made some orders too.  It's nice to have a health food store that is nearby.

So her name was all over, in Puyallup, WA and Salt Lake City, Utah mostly but it was also showing up for San Antonio, TX and San Diego, CA (though I don't know it was the same Jolene Bartlett).  I thought maybe there were different branches of this store then, and checked Leavenworth, WA because that is close to my son.  All I found was Bartletts who are in Wildlife & Fisheries there.

I guess Grace Bartlett wrote a book in 1967 called The Story of Wallowa Lake, and was employed by F&W and Craig Bartlett is with F&W there and in Seattle, WA and he studies wildlife or goes outdoors for field work.

I'm taking F&W this term at OSU and have really enjoyed it and found it much more interesting than I expected.  It is super-connected to the FBI as it turns out.  F&W doesn't just work with animals and fish, it is super-connected to the DEA (who have them look out for illegal growing), State police (who go on field trips to arrest poachers and people so they work with the Wildlife people all the time, and FBI (who work on both drug, habitat, and investigation of poaching crimes and things).  So this class, only 1 credit, has been full of information about all kinds of work and how interconnected F&W is to the Department of Justice and FBI and State patrol/police.  I think most of all, State police, but they work very closely with the other mentioned departments (according to OSU! and the employees of F&W!)

That's all I noticed but then, up popped this line from that search, about a Mary Shipp Bartlett who works at Scripps College in California.  The only reason I even noticed is because Robin Bechtold went to Claremont College and it is part of Scripps College, which is where Erik Lund went.  I really don't know if Mary Shipp Bartlett is related to the ones I live next to or that my son lives next to, but I looked at her newspaper that she's editor of and she works with Lori Bettison-Varga (Varga sounds familiar for some reason) and Patricia Goldsmith (VP for instructional advancement).

So then, of course, I thought, "Isn't Goldsmith Carol Middleton's maiden name or something?  Something like that" so I checked, and yes, it is!  Her maiden name is Carol Goldsmith and Katie's Uncle that did cocaine with Katie and William at his place, is Gary Goldsmith and I guess he just got married to a criminal (convicted of theft) named Julie-Ann Brown.

I guess the strangest part was that all I wanted to know was if there was a health store branch owned by the Bartletts near my son so I could maybe make orders here and have them sometimes sent there or something, and all of this stuff popped up, within minutes.

I think it's a little odd.

I guess there is a Travis Bartlett in East Wenatchee but I found no health food store owned by them, although I was thinking, I thought I'd known someone who did computer work that was a Bartlett there.  And then there is a Jess Bartlett, who lives in Wenatchee and was previously in Fort Lauderdale, FL (2004) and Jersey City, New Jersey. 

I think Chris Rozollo was from Fort Lauderdale, FL (like Brad Uhl and Sonia Friend-Uhl), the man I met who was connected to Army and cops in Wenatchee.  I know FBI Director Louis Freeh is from Jersey City, NJ but I don't know or haven't heard of anyone else significant from there.

This health food store owner, Jolene, has a husband and son I think, Christopher and Timothy.  I think I heard someone talking in town one time, when I was in a store, and I THINK Chris is her son and Tim is her husband.  I believe it was her son who bought my Dad's bike rack or came out to look at it one day, but I'm not sure if he bought it after all or was just in the house to look at it.   I think I met one and not the other but not sure.  I'll have to ask her if she's related to the ones in Washington at all, or maybe Scripps in California because that would really make it a small world.

I guess if Mary Shipp Bartlett is related to Jolene Bartlett, they know the Goldsmiths!

Yikes!  I'll have to watch my powdered sugar next time I go in.  JK (just kidding). 

I guess the Bartletts who work in Fisheries & Wildlife in Leavenworth, WA probably know some field and outdoor people--I don't know if they might know the man who took my son for a horse ride that I paid for.  ? 

Anyway.  I didn't realize there were so many Bartletts in places where I know people.  I previously never knew anyone with that last name, and I would have thought of pears if I'd heard the word "Bartlett".  I mean, former FBI agent Rick Baken, who lives next-door to my Granny and Grandpa--I think his orchard is all Bartletts.  I don't think he has Anjou pears--just Bartletts.  My Grandpa also has pears, Bartlett ones, but not his entire orchard.  It doesn't seem to be that common of a last name so maybe all of these Bartlett people are really related.

I wonder if Jolene Bartlett could find out where Chris Rozollo is for me?  The last time I saw him he was stealing my white coat from me and telling me my son was fine without me, by Steve Mays house.  Where did my coat go?  to Gary Goldsmith?

I mean, WHOA!  If Goldsmiths are connected to Bartletts...!  What about THAT?!  It would be like walking into Eden Valley and feeling like Middleton was there.  I wonder what this guy "Gary Goldsmith" looks like.  I wonder if he resembles Kevin Prosch or Goodman at all. 

There was a Goodman who rented a room when I was at Steve Mays and then I found out Amy Roe is best friends with another woman reporter by the surname Goodman and she was apparently related to the man who rented from me.

Part of the reason the FBI closed my Wells Fargo business account without notice to me, is because Charles Goodman had written a personal check to me to rent the room.  They knew this linked him to Amy Roe, the FBI, and Middleton.  Other reasons for closing my account and "purging records" was for the same reason--to erase evidence I would be able to use in a criminal lawsuit against the United States government, where I would be able to piece together the financial records and deposits made to me, that were by feds, and made by me while I was with feds who sexually assaulted or raped me.  For example, my drinking and how much I had to drink and whether I paid for it myself, is on that bank account record.

It would be therefore, easy to discover how incapacitated I was the night I met Mike Tancer.  I put almost all of my drinks on the card that went to that bank (Wells Fargo).  I had one purchased for me as well, and there was a freebie, but generally speaking, it would show a financial record that matches the truthfulness of past allegations I've made against Tancer, Bujanda, Garza, and other federal employees.

The FBI closed my bank account to obstruct justice.

Mike Tancer even asked me later if I had paid for my own drinks or did someone else buy them and how much had my drink tab been.  He wanted to know the dollar amount and then he wanted to know what kind of drinks were they so he could figure out his own alibi.

"Together, we'll go far"...Yes Wells Fargo.  To Rape.  We'll go past the limit, and after you rape women, we'll purge her bank accounts for you, to conceal your crimes, without giving her notice.  That's how "far" we'll go for U.S. FBI criminals.

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