Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jews Stealing My Plants and Seeds

Someone stole 3 more of my raspberry plants in large pots, which I paid for, and they are Jews.  Who is stealing my plants initially and then passing them on to the Jews that send them forward, I have no idea, but I know it's Jews because one of them was telling me I wasn't going to have any garden this year and looked pissed when I said I'd have a winter garden if I wasn't able to get it started earlier.

Kate Middleton personally knows the individuals who moved into a house up the hill looking out over our property as well.

First someone stole the only raspberry plant that I had.  Then they dug up and stole all of my Jerusalem Artichokes I had planted at the back of the garden for a border and for food.  They stole all of them except for one, leaving only one plant out of a dozen that I had planted, and 8 of which grew to maturity and were tall and healthy and it wasn't deer.

Last night I heard someone on my porch and when I opened the door, someone next to this man's house that I've spoken of, crashed into the bushes with a big noise and no deer would be that motivated to run out of sight just because a door several feet away opens.  The deer here are tamer than that.  It was a person and they took off parts of the rose bush I had bought recently and made it look like deer, and then today they stole 3 large pots with mature raspberries off of my porch, leaving the rings from the pots behind.

I had about 40 raspberry bushes and I now have about 17.  All of them were 2 year plants and in large pots.  I bought them mature at a nursery.  Someone has gone through and stolen all of the artichokes, all of my raspberries, and then today when they did it, it was after I picked up 3 club sodas (small glasses) at a store, and they just took off with 3 of my raspberry bushes as if that was the number they thought was cool for the day.

I had dried and harvested a whole bunch of seeds from plants last year, and spent time setting them aside to dry in a cool dark place and rinsed the ones that had to be rinsed first, and separated all of them, and I put them in handmade seed packets I cut out from paper and taped the sides of.  They were basically the size of the crystal light or drink flavoring packets you can tear a side from and pour into a drink.

Someone stole every single one of my packets except for one of my Russian heirloom packets and they stole a whole Tupperware full of packets I'd sealed and dated (partly for use in my Horticulture classes in Horticulture) and left only one packet that I had labled "slightly moldy pumpkin seeds" and then added a date.  I saved those with the other seed packets because I figured they still might grow and I could compare them.

Someone went into my house, without my permission, and committed burglary and robbery.  This has been done to me since I've lived here.

I have had my property outside on my porch stolen along with property inside my house that I lock.  I know it's Jews who are behind it, and U.S. military, and the reason I know it's Jews is because of this man at the store who said this and acted this way, just like the Jewish brothers who didn't want me to be in shape or thin and were smirking when Kate Middleton was getting pregnant.

The black man who is running NASA currently is also Jewish and his wife made a trip to Israel over it.  They don't broadcast it, but they are.

I found out someone had stolen all of my seed packets when I bought this rose bush and they left me with one packet of "slightly moldy pumpkin seeds".  That was several weeks ago.  I know because I thought about sending a gift of seeds to the place where I got it, despite the fact someone had done something weird with a knife once.  Then I opened up my box and all of them were gone except those.

It isn't occasional theft.  The U.S. government has been allowing employees to break into every single apartment or residence I EVER had.  I can't list even ONE apartment or house that I stayed at, that was not invaded by U.S. employee assholes.

Basically, this country steals the heart out of me every single day, and they've done this to me since I was a little girl, to the point of breaking into my diaries, spying in my room, and stealing my homework.

You don't think that breaks the motive of someone to do well and keep trying in school?  This fucking country doesn't deserve any "talks" with North Korea and North Korea should keep their mouths shut.  The only thing North Korea should be doing, is figuring how to get support from another country to nuke this one.

This country wanted me to quit trying, with school, when they knew I was smart, so they STOLE my homework.  I wasn't stealing from anyone when I was little, was I?  So who was the first offender?Then they stole my clothes that I paid for, dozens of times, from my apartments.  They stole my cars through FBI fucking "alerts" to local police using corrupt Judges that obviously work for the FBI.  Judge Warren?  Count him in with FBI.  They stole my son from me, like that wasn't enough, after breaking into all of my residences and stealing something every single time they did.  And now they steal chocolate and plant seeds and raspberry bushes (some of which probably were taken to Sandberg's when my parents visited them last and maybe another one was taken to the Roarks, aside from the people who moved up the hill to look on this property and spy and steal for Katie Middleton). 

My entire life, this government has been stealing from me and forcing me out of bank accounts without notice, and out of lessons for things I signed up for, and even blocking me from purchasing things I want to purchase, as if they're fucking game plan won't turn out right if I do.

The only reason Katie Middleton is where she is is because of Mossad and the U.S. Army and FBI that laundered money to her.  I mean, she's barely there, because I'm not the only one who doesn't like what her family has done and who they've worked with.  I don't have the same reasons for not liking them, because are strictly based on the fact that I found out part of my torture and humiliation was over HER.  Of all things.  When I didn't even know she and her family existed.  I have no other reason to hate her aside from the fact that they offended first, and went unseen and unknown by me all these years, and then she went after my son Oliver.

I have reasons to question my parent's loyalty to me.  For one thing, they are not "all" my parents.  They are twins and triplets.  Like I said, definitely twins, but with my mother, I think triplets and occasionally I've thought possibly my Dad too.  I can tell now.  They drove up from a vacation recently and I thought, "The one Bob is with the Dicksie he isn't usually with".  Their voices, mannerism, looks, everything, totally identical except for the 1% or something that I am now able to discern.  My entire life I never knew.  But if there are twins or triplets, of BOTH my Mom and Dad, who is to say one of them doesn't love Katie Middleton for some reason?  My mother(s) haven't been able to talk to me my whole life, partly probably because they know I'm wired.  My Mom always said, 'Don't be weird" and I thought this was strange.  Maybe what she meant was "Don't be wired."  I can understand not talking to me if it's all going to the fucking NSA.  The other thing is, by the time I was older, I'd been assaulted, drugged, and tortured so much by the U.S. and Canada, I wasn't psychic.  I was definitely assaulted and drugged.  I have cut scars to prove it.  Either I wasn't psychic anymore because of it or I wasn't psychic because I was from a different gene pool.

My mother then became friends with other female psychic or government people, like my brother's wife Carmen, and my Cousin Char.  It's natural if you have that ability in common, but this country kept me from having very much to do with my real parents.  If they are one of the Bob and Dicksies, and it's not all 3 of them.

Mafias kill family members over worry about someone sharing information or a plan going wrong, or betrayal, or who knows what some of them kill family over.  I am sure all mafias have their own ideas and codes and different families have different controls or decision-making processes.  There is no way all mafias are even close to being alike in family matters, outside of their collective agreements on business. 
This is no different from the government, at federal, state, and local levels.  Basically, I have the biggest mafia on my ass and in my way, and sticking their fingers up my ass since I was a kid and a baby, and it's United States.

They kill. 

I have never known U.S. government employees as the people who stood for the country I thought I was pledging alliance to.  I had all of these ideals about what this country was about and I believed it: hook, like, and sinker, and all it was...the garbage that the U.S. brainwashes citizens with, was a red herring.  The U.S. has acted like the world's biggest mafia, going by their own rules, no one has a say, no one has the right to court or trial, anyone can be tortured and raped repeatedly, and there is no free speech without punishment with Haldol.  The U.S. has held me hostage my entire life and I didn't know it.  I didn't know all of the people they coordinated, who I had to live next to, work for, or meet in high school, worked for them.  At the end of the day, how many friends do you have when you figure out they are all in with the same mafia and are taking taxpayer salaries for it.

They never wanted me to have real friends.  This country wanted me dead or firmly in their grip, surrounded by their people who made sure I never made it out to found normal people. 

All of our neighbors (with my parents) were FBI and U.S. Army.  Some of the kids I went to high school with had parents in the CIA.  I believe some of them had been recruited early, before they were out of high school.

If one of the twins or triplets (Bobs and Dicksies) thought I was betraying them by writing occasional things in a diary or having thoughts (which I didn't know then they could read), maybe this combined with a fear I might "leak" something, or having another kid they were promoting instead, would compel one of them to be involved in doing something against me, or not speaking up if they knew. 

Shannon Borg and her Canadian "pal" husband, who were government employees, concocted a plan before they stole all of my property from me.  They premeditated exactly what they were going to do to get their hands on all of my documents and then lie and claim they didn't have them anymore.  They not only premeditated a false arrest of me with police, they premeditated how they were going to steal my property.  She did this after asking me, when I was intoxicated from trying wine she had (she didn't rape me by the way...imagine that!  Can YOU IMAGINE?  Cameo drinks freely and IS NOT RAPED???), "Would you rather work for English or U.S. intelligence?" and I said, "English".  She said why and I said it was because I could never work for the U.S. after what they did to me and my son, and the majority of them were Catholic now.  That was then, and this comment by me doesn't stand now.  I think the English and U.S. have agreed on a lot of things I don't agree with.  At this comment by me, she bristled.  You know, hairbrush bristles?  About as obvious.  I don't know if that was because she was just working for the U.S. or because the idea meant competition for someone working for the U.S. that also worked for the English.

I will get into how she premeditated setting me up later.

Stealing my homework when I was a kid.  So what motivates someone to steal homework from an innocent kid so they don't get the grade for the work they did?  What kind of person wanted me to give up, in school, that early in my life?  When all was being controlled by the U.S. government....I would ask why my homework was being stolen. 

It's like the U.S. was practicing anti-competition before I was ever born.  To steal my schoolwork?

I remember someone told one of the Dicksies to have me eat boogers too.  Seriously.  When I never did and didn't even pick my nose when I was little--later, something changed and someone decided I should have all the grotesque habits and began teaching them to me, using my Mom for this one.  I remember exactly when it was too, when one of the Dicksie's did this, because I was so surprised and had never seen her doing this before, and she did it, looking straight at me, making sure I watched, when I was impressionable and trying to do whatever she did, so my mother would like me.  Like any kid, to be like the grown-ups.  So she had me pick my nose in front of her and eat it and when I did, she had a barely concealed disgusted look.  I never forgot it, because I thought, why did she show me to do this if she thought there was something wrong with it?

It was a secretive thing, introduced after I was a toddler and maybe around kindergarten or even later.  I remember I had never picked my nose when I was younger so it was something new.

It's not a great thing to talk about, but how did it come about that the U.S. decided I was to be taught to eat boogers, when I didn't do this, and they were stealing my homework?


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