Tuesday, June 11, 2013

UPDATED: Edward Lee Howard's Kid: Gang-Raped by FBI and Pentagon

I was told I am Edward Lee Howard's baby.  It was a relative who told me this.

Getting a kid "from the pound" would mean, getting it from England.  The "pound" is unique to England.

The CIA forged my birth certificate.

I look like my Mom and Dad (who are twins).  Which one of them I was born to, I thought, might be the mystery, but no, over a year ago, a parent told me I was Howards baby.

If that is true, the U.S. has been using federal employees to rape me and torture me out of revenge for imagined betrayal by Edward Lee Howard.

My Nana is a Howard.  Edward is related to Nana.  Nana told me, ever since I was a kid up until 1994, that I was mostly English (ancestry).  Later, someone tried to change this or told her to tell me differently, telling her to say I was Irish or French instead.  I don't know why.

The Department of State thought they'd try to repatriate me to the U.S. by marrying Alvaro, or to Colombia, which is a country Edward Lee Howard worked in prior to working for the CIA.  Alvaro was a traitor and a rat who wanted nothing but to put me in jail for the government and Irish mafia.  The Irish mafia had an interest in protecting Robin Bechtold and people who had tried to assassinate me.  Is Edward Howard Irish?  Hardly.

The FBI hates his guts.  Of course they'd use teenage brats to try to assassinate me.  Of course they'd steal my son.

My mother admitted to me my true surname is Howard.  I mentioned this once before, vaguely, because I didn't want to just come out and say it quite yet, but it was an admission that I am his kid.  My DNA is Howard DNA.

I am Cameo Loree Howard, or possibly I'm not even Cameo Loree.  Maybe I'm "Makayla" Howard.

I have cuts and scars from being tortured all over my arms and thighs, from the United States, using me to torture me in front of people to try to get someone to admit something.  I hate this country.  With all of my might I hate this country for what they've done to me and my son.

Edward Lee Howard was betrayed by confidantes in the U.S.  The U.S. is responsible for his death.  At some point, he trusted people like the Bechtolds.  I have a reason for thinking the Bechtolds are involved, and I thought this after I skimmed his book.  I think someone connected to Bechtolds lied and betrayed him and he was killed.  He was really fooled by the Becthold assholes.  Bechtold's Dad was parlaying in South America when Edward Howard was in Colombia.  The Canadians spited me and sent out a missive telling "Tories" to rape me and "deflower" me in 1992, when Howard had really pissed off the U.S. FBI.  The FBI thought Howard had defected to Russia but it was never proven--Howard knew he was getting railed one way or the other so he left and then I was being targeted for multiple rapes by federal agents and Canadians.  Canada let him fly into their country and then go to Salt Lake City, Utah (where I was life-flighted in 1995 to military doctors) and see his son and wife for awhile.  After this, Canada closed their doors on him.

The entire town shut down that day and all were out of sight the day I went to read it.  It was like a ghost town and eerie.  I just skimmed it and didn't take it home to read, so everyone must have thought I didn't really know.

In the meantime, the U.S. tortures me over Edward Lee Howard.  I want my son out of this shit-hole. 

Aside from my mother, Granny told me Edward was his name.  She kept wanting to know how I got the idea of naming my son "Edward" or using the name "Edward" in his name.  Granny is so carefree-seeming and nonchalant.  She's really laid back and you would never have known how gifted she was psychicly, but on this occasion, she was so intense and looking into my eyes so hard, searching them, that I never forgot it.  I thought "What's the deal about 'Edward'?"

Edward is my Dad.

I will tell you how clear it was, that day Granny asked me about "Edward".  We were in the back of the livingroom, near the livingroom where all the plants were.  She came up to very close as she was maybe dusting or cleaning and I was telling her of names I was thinking of.  I gave a list of names:  Oliver Edward Robert Guy Garrett Jr.  I thought it sounded like a mouthful so I ended up dropping the Edward in case it was too long but I always thought of it with his name still.  I had thought of Henry too and she said, "That was my father's name."  She said this right after she said something about Edward.  I think she was maybe saying Henry was her father's name and Edward was my father's name. I'm not sure how she meant it.

When I said this, she focused on "Edward" and her eyes widened.  All of a sudden, "Granny" was not distracted or carefree Granny.  She looked right at me and searched my eyes and said, "What made you think of 'Edward'?" and I told her and she kept querying me.  Imagine Queen Elizabeth in a serious expression with glasses on looking over the rim and searching intently, the eyes, for any hint or clue about how much I knew.  That is what it was like.  I told her, honestly, I had no idea, I just thought it was a name for my son and I liked it and couldn't get it out of my mind.

Edward.  It's like "Eddie", which I hate, and it had nothing to do with "Ed Israel" believe me.  I thought of it as a classic English name with a good meaning.  Look at him.  Look at my son.  He has Edward in it.

I wouldn't ever think this except my Mom told me it was true.  How can I argue with that?  I look like my Dad.  I even practiced, as a kid, trying to walk like my Dad.  I emulated him and copied him more than I copied my Mom.  I specifically remember, as a toddler, or kid, studying how he walked and trying to imitate.

Granny doesn't know anyone named Edward.  There are no "Edward"s in our entire family.   She has zero connection to any kind of person named Edward, and she didn't ask why did I choose "Oliver"--she asked, why did I choose Edward, because she knew an Edward was connected to me.

Somehow, Kate Middleton and the Middletons think they are connected favorably to him but it's a lie.  The Middletons like to have others think Edward Howard liked and trusted them, and he was in England for awhile, but he was lied to which is why he's dead.  Middletons work for the Pentagon and FBI.  That's a conflict of interest to being "friends" with Howard right there.  They would be the kind of people that might set something up to cover for FBI and U.S. and Canada crimes, like with Alvaro, but they were not friends of Howard.

Don't believe it.

Kate Middleton is an FBI bitch.  She has even gotten favors from some of my family.  She can go to fucking Hell where she belongs.

By the time Howard defected, or they thought he had,  the U.S. was trying to kill me. 

Both my Granny and my mother told me I am Howard's kid.  When he was murdered in 2002, after I was raped twice by federal employees, my Grandpa Garrett was also murdered.  I am sure the FBI waved the rapes in his face.  A Jew and Bechtold, who he thought was an Allie, which is why Christa Schneider Bitch didn't want me to report the rapes because she knew it would get back to him.  They had been using Bechtolds as a ruse, and figured if he found out Robin had raped me, he'd know who was on whose side.  By 2002, he was telling the U.S. he was willing to go back to the U.S. and answer their questions with an assurance of security. So either he was murdered or he went to the U.S. with an agreement with Russia to keep it undercover and then while he's in max prison and they interrogate him, they continued to rape me with their fucking U.S. Army and FBI agents

FUCK YOU FOWLER.  GOD DAMN YOU.  You fucking Bechtold ASS kisser.  You know whose head should be smacked against the concrete?  Yours Gregory Fowler.

The CIA has always known, which is why they played a game with Colombia.  Not only that, even college professors, a few, knew of my connection to Edward Howard.  Then there are movies like "Spy Games" with a woman that looks like my Mom following a woman that looks like Kate Middleton with a bald man who looks like Will, out of CIA offices.

For all I know, one of the Dicksies gave an egg to the Middletons or the Middletons took sperm from my Dad.  Why would they support that bitch?  More recently I've been told Kate is the one who cut my mother, with Patti Otterbach or something, and that she had something to do with poisoning my son but earlier it seemed like one of the twins felt friendly toward her. 

I don't know that "Valerie Plame" was exactly a "friend" and I made a mistake of contacting her once.  She was probably another Robin Bechtold bitch.

When I used to look at the photo collection on our wall in Moses Lake, Washington, I got into a habit of going to the wall every day and I would get up really close, study the photos, especially the one of my Dad in a brown suit smiling and look at it and then walk away and go about my day.  I don't know why I did this...every single day like a ritual.  My Mom started to get uncomfortable about it.  Maybe someone told her to say this to me but she would tell me not to do that anymore.  Then someone stole the entire photo collection.  I still did it, because it was a habit.

For all I know, I was repeating a ritual I had when I was a baby or toddler, of being forced to look at a man through a window from a federal holding facility everyday. 

I saw my Dad every day and yet still I got into this habit of going up to the photo and looking at it closely and then walking away.

Most likely, it was an instinct after being tortured and then put up for a man who loved me, Bob Garrett or an Edward Howard, or someone, to see me before someone was interrogated or tortured everyday.  Like through a window.  If this wasn't the case, I wouldn't have felt it instinctual to go up to a wall and look at that man in the brown suit.

This country has stolen my homework to punish a man they hate.  They never wanted me to succeed at anything.  I was kept alive for the purpose of causing someone else distress and no other reason.  This country ripped off my music, through FBI connections, and violated every right and gave my homework to Springers.

The fucking Mormons have been in on it.  Geoff Rasmussen's throwing me around in the mud and rubbing mud all over my head and face and then taking photos was out of some kind of weird revenge for my "experiment" for getting rid of Scott Springer's stuttering.  Rasmussens then gave information about the book I had from Springers, "The Cranberry Christmas" to have Alicia Peters and Shannon Adams give me vodka with cranberry juice.

These are FUCKING U.S. federal employee brats.

My entire life, their parents have encouraged them to keep me from being successful, and to rape me.  How much money did Shannon Adams and Alicia Peters get for doping me up with vodka and cranberry juice for the Middleton Mormons?

I had just thought, naively, in 1992 or 1993, that cranberry juice was what everyone used with vodka.  But no, Shannon Adams and Alicia Peters used it, with knowledge that I had a book called "The Cranberry Christmas".  It was Christmas break when they had me drink it with them at Shannon Adam's house and then after I was drunk when I never drank and only did because I trusted them, they took photos of me.  Alicia said to Shannon, "Take a photo of me with her" and then she said, "I corrupted Cameo."

The first federal gang attempt to "corrupt Cameo" was with red cranberry juice and vodka with Shannon Adams and Alicia Peters.  Then it was the Jew Josh Gatov with red wine and then it was Robin with Adams and Peters and Ballinger present who knew what I was being set up for.

The Cranberry Juice is about how someone discovers they have more property than they thought.

It was Adam's parents who supplied the vodka and I believe Alicia brought the cranberry juice.

Fuck YOU Bitches.

It's one thing to have an underage drink with trusted high school friends one time before turning 21. It is another thing to find out it was all a joke over "The Cranberry Christmas", Edward Howard, and Mormon FBI information about me that was shared with others, to degrade me and pump up Katie fucking Middleton.

I had one drinking time, which I've already written about, with Shannon and Alicia and I didn't do it again until I was 21 when I bought my own wine cooler and drank half of it and dumped the rest out.  After this, I didn't have any alcohol again until I went out with Alicia Peters for New Years and had champagne.  She is such a fucking government bitch, I am sure she kept dating the Muslim guy just to get information or twist him for Middleton.  She even invited me to visit her at University of Pennsylvania where I met all of her Eastern Indian friends.  Were they involved in drugging me with Haldol in TN later?  That would be fascinating given her family's government connections and the assassination attempt against me.

Alicia Peters' siblings worked in Washington D.C. at the time she got the idea with one already traveling internationally to model and the other in government. 

Mormons were working with Israelis that propped up Katie.  I guess they worked with the Mormons to access those who had contacts with Eastern Indians and Catholics to work against me.  I just went to a Contemporary Art Museum link online in Israel and they had on schedule, for cinema, a showing about "sapphires" and then one about "moby dick".  Moby Dick is what Roger Harris, Mormon lawyer, insulted me with when he was defaming me.  I mean, is there any reason why Israel would choose to show a "Sapphire" movie which would reference Katie Middletons engagement ring, and follow with a movie that references Mormon lawyer Roger Harris?  He dumped me on my case for personal injury as I was being pushed out of my lawsuits against Jewish newspaper Willamette Week and as the Harris-Rasmussen-Wiltbank-Bechtold alliance was working on getting Katie in shape for doing royal blow jobs.  It was contracting-the-ho time for them.  As she was getting a contract to be Pro Ho for William of Wales Blow, the fucking MORMONS were sending money into her money-belt.

She was charging $200 per person to see her crotch for Mormons and Willies.  He is just another fucking willy.  Then Mykal Holt, Jew of Wenatchee, and Methodist like Alicia Peters, was stealing my cedar hope chest from me, trying to get me to sell it to her for $200.


Any reason why Mykal Jew Bitch would try to force me to sell my Hope Chest after I refused to marry Alvaro Pardo, for $200 exactly?  Then who is being proposed to with a sapphire?  The Jew Bitch Katie.  I didn't realize the Mormons are that tight with the Jews but I guess they are...at least all of the ones who are connected to the FBI are.

I saw this movie for a class called "Walk on Water" that has a review prefacing it saying no one in America will ever see a frame of it.  I saw it.  It was like Josh Gatov and Robin Bechtold unite and discuss rape over "curlywerts".  Don't forget how they salute the champagne first.  Who came to mind?  Just Alica.  Alisha.  Aleeshah.  The one who went to the same college FBI director Laura Laughlin went to.  Did they review the cost of Haldol together?

Why was Geoff Rasmussen even getting all of my genealogy information to just then research it and take it over to England? and then KATIE is announcing what her genealogy is?  I mean, was that about MY genealogy or hers?

Roger Harris took my case for P.I. and then dumped it last minute, in 2005, after I reported FBI agents.  Guess what.  He and John Kaempf were working together not separately.


John Kaempf sent a letter to him threatening to put a lien on it and Harris made a show about how he had no right to it.  Harris was a mother fucking liar and traitor pretending to be a supporter.  He used the letter as an opportunity to make himself sound "offended" and like a fighter for me and how HE told JOHN off.  Right.  How Steeoopid I was. 

Meanwhile, every single time he saw me Harris made fun of me.  Calling me "Don Quixote" chasing windmills and "Moby Dick".  His first insults to me were to say I was like Don Quixote chasing windmills and "you're really crazy Cameo" and this is when he signed up to take my P.I. case.  Next, he went on and on about Moby Dick.  He spent a half hour almost every time he saw me to talk about my case and then say I was like Moby Dick.  It seriously hurt my feelings but I didn't say anything.



I hope you get out of this mother fucking country.

(I had to include this interjection as I hear it was a CIA agent that exposed "PRISM".  YOU GO.  Somehow, I hope you escape successfully)

So anyway, yeah, I was criticized by Roger Harris, who would smile at me and shake his head and then insult me, going on about Moby Dick.  Then one day he said, "Do you know who Moby Dick is?" because he wanted to explain to me how stupid he thought I was.  It was extremely degrading to have him as my lawyer but I stuck with him thinking well, I need a lawyer for my P.I. money and how hard can it be?   He wasn't calling me Moby Dick over the P.I. claim.  He was telling me my lawsuits against the Jewish Willamette Week and Archdiocese were why I was "Moby Dick".  And he called me Don Quixote but he went into elaborate detail about how stupid I was for being Moby Dick and I should drop my lawsuits.  I had been asking him if he'd represent me on them as well as the P.I. and this is how he insulted me.  He wanted me to lose $50,000 on the P.I. over it and over my rape reports to Grose which I had just included his Mormon partners associate, Becthold on.

So it turned out, he ditched me and I never got the $50,000 when I needed it most, which propped his Katie-Kootch up.

God damn the Mormon Church.  There.  I said it.  FUCK YOU.  They took advantage of my ignorance.  Elizabeth Smart was like a sign of how the Mormon Church was supporting Catherine Elizabeth (smart) Middleton by stealing homework from other kids to dumb them down but pool money into that bitch, who they expected to extract benefits from later.  Katie was looking pretty "smart" when other kids were tortured next to her and had their homework stolen from them by fucking Mormons.

Not only that, after Roger Harris ditched my lawsuit for the P.I. money I needed, he had his Mormon friend Sibel from Wenatchee going after me and pressuring me to agree to adopt out my son to them.  She said "How will you support him?"

Hmm.  WOW.  Yeah, now that I don't have the $50,000, golly, it looks difficult.

So literally, before I had moved permanently to Washington because my car was stolen and travel obstructed, Roger Harris was degrading me and telling me all the time I was just Moby Dick, a stupid man who is chasing after a whale he'll never catch.

Really.  That's how the Mormons work eh?  Sounds to me like they're capable of murder and torture.  It was fucking Mormons I lived next to who tied me up and stole my property and my homework and then told EVERYONE I had this book they let me keep called Cranberry Christmas.  This is while they left me in their house to sit under their stairwell and read books on a cement floor in their basement.  FUCK YOU TAMMY and ALAN.  Those were the "Mormon psychologists" who ran my life while I was sandwiched inbetween U.S. Army employees.

Here's how Roger Harris The Fuck and John Kaempf The Kon worked together:  Harris knew the Mormons who told Peters and Adams to use cranberry juice with the vodka for Christmas when they wanted to be the first to "corrupt" me.  The Mormons didn't stop at using friends to "corrupt" someone with just drinking.  Who would think that is corrupt?  except for a fucking Mormon.  Next, it was rape when they didn't like how I was holding out.  So Roger Harris knew them, and also through Aaron Harris who was Monica Allen's only boyfriend in high school.  Kaempf knew this other German guy that took me out with his girlfriend and friends to a drinking party (later, past 2002) and again, they specified cranberry juice and vodka.  Something tells me he was connected through Department of Justice people, to Peters and I always sensed he knew Kaempf.  So Harris' friends wanted to corrupt me with 'cranberry juice' and Russian vodka and Kaempf's friend wanted to do the same, with the same formula.

Sounds to me like they exchanged more than a letter.

How much did Roger Harris get paid for dumping my case or did he just do it as a favor to the Middletons with the feeling he would be rewarded by connections to "The Whale" later?  I seriously had no idea what the Hell Harris was even talking about at first.  Moby Dick????  What the?  I didn't follow any news about William of Wales or any royal at that time, at all, and I had never heard of Middletons.  But Roger thought it was hilarious to talk on and on about What A Stupid Moby Dick Bitch You Are Cranberry Cameo.

So who is celebrating his mockery of me?  Israel.  Sapphire movie, and then Moby Dick.  Tee hee.

I was pregnant when Roger Harris betrayed me and forced me to lose $50,000 over a hit-and-run that the fucking Mormon Church was probably involved in.  They love Katie afterall.  She's a CARTER girl.  She's an early underage recruit for espionage.  Was it a Mormon on Edward Howard's tail?

I wonder.

So Harris lines up Sibel to steal my child after working with Kaempf and FBI to force me out of lawsuits that protected my name and protected Jewish and Mormon-business contact RAPISTs.

ding ding.  Someone is AT the door!

Who is it?

Oh.  It's Allie.  She wants a cup of sugar. 

ding ding.  Someone is AT the door!

Who is it?

Oh.  It's Allie.  She wants an egg.

The Mormons want more than eggs.  They want flour, and a whole bunch of other things from Tammy Wants.  Later, they weren't even asking for chicken eggs, they were trying to extort real eggs from me, and kidnapping my son from me.  What's that for?  their underground safety storage cellars where they store up food and supplies for 5 years in case of a war? Is that where my son's toys are disappearing to?

Some of the controlling behavior was coming from the Mormons.  They were telling my parents to ground me for months, and they were the ones telling my mother what to tell me, like what kind of maskara to use.  How about brown maskara when it was Kara Springer that was toting off property to the Springers, including the Man in the Brown Suit and our family photos. 

It's not like they didn't make contact with Robin Bechtold later, and I think the Springers were connected to the Maiers because the Maiers were also Mormon and they were the ones with the Karin connection later.  It became one big crazy Middleton investment luv-fest.

So watch "Walk on Water", an Israeli movie about "friendships" and then think about Mormons like Roger Harris protecting both Robin Bechtold and Josh Gatov (Jew) when they raped me, and dropping my P.I. claim when I included Becthold in the complaint to Detective Brian Grose.  How does Harris know Grose?

He dumped my entire $50,000 when I had just been obstructed from justice by the Department of Justice.  From this vulnerable vantage, the Mormons colluded to kidnap my son from me.  Which made Israel feel like giving props to Harris De Man!  So Harris worked for Jewish rapist Josh Gatov, Catholic rapist Bechtold (because he was in business with Mormons and his son dated Monica Allen who was a spy for Middleton), and guess who the FBI had interview about FBI agents?  Of course.  A Mormon with a conflict of interest and another from San Diego with a conflict of interest.

By the way, distracting me from doing anything that put me ahead of anyone academically, has been since Sherwood High School.  It was Alicia Peters that went into the library and asked me to come away from the computer and eat lunch with them.  I thought it was nice, and I was glad I didn't invite myself, but this was just as I was getting into certification stuff.  I remember that at the time, while I was glad for the social connection, I sensed someone didn't like how I was getting ahead and how much I was doing in learning computers.  I mean, I could say I was glad to have the social break but now, finding out they were government employees and kids of government employees, who all got full-ride scholarships for their part in trying to assassinate me and spying on me, I should have stayed in the fucking library and gotten a degree while I was in high school.

The next time I sensed someone tried to pull me away from success was with Christa Schneider, calling me up only when I had legal deadlines, and hoping to distract my attention from going to the law library.

I am a fucking die hard.

The U.S. started torturing me full-time over it.  They must have figured if I ever found out about Edward Lee Howard being my Dad and what the U.S. did to him, they'd never have me working for them anyway so why not just ruin me and use me for rape by federal employees?

What better way to "get back" at a suspected CIA detractor than to repeatedly rape his daughter and try to kill her.  What better way to "show the agents and officers what we DO to traitors".  Does the CIA put my face in a brochure about "Why you shouldn't fuck with the U.S.?"  Maybe they issue out warnings saying, "If you betray the CIA or are suspected of betrayal, you and your family and children will have no cover and don't expect us to defend your family when the FBI goes to the ground like dogs lapping up what is 'too late'...DON"T let your MEAT get bugs man.  Yeah."

I would like to see these people who have harmed me and obstructed justice, receive their dues from God himself.  I might just fast and pray for that specifically.  Or maybe I'll pig out and say, with my heart thrown out, "There's nothing I can do to earn what you know is justice God, so please accomplish what you really want to sock to them.  Amen."

I am going to pray that anyone who refuses to assist in returning my son to me is damned.  Not just for those who committed the crimes they committed in the past and how they colluded to steal him, but that it goes forward.  We're moving it forward folks.  I want them damned by God himself.  God damn every single person that refuses to assist in returning my son to me.  I won't be the judge of that--only God will know who has tried or not and how to judge.  SO BE IT!!!!!

I had my first laugh tonight, with damning them.  A very good feeling.  I think God agrees with me.  For the last couple of days, not trying to, I opened up to "Return my son" when I wasn't even looking for that section not that I tried to, or that it means anything.  But at the words "I want them damned by God himself.  God damn every single person" I laughed.

I always pray God blesses the families of those who try to do something too, I do.  Because I don't know who they are and can't know their hearts, I leave it to God but I really do pray God hears those who try and if they die I pray their families are somehow blessed or feel some anointing from God or something. Not that it is always about money, but I hope those who should be rewarded somehow are.  Probably some are in prison, some are dead, and some are alive, but I really don't know who they'd be.

I saw a woman crying the night I wrote about looking at this picture of my Dad in his brown suit.  Maybe it was a man wearing a wig.  Who knows.  But I saw a woman with very blond hair, saw her left profile as she looked ahead and held a pendant in her hands and was crying.  Maybe it was a trick from a "sender" after I'd written this, but I saw her and she had platinum or very light blond hair and a chain necklace and was holding an oval pendant with both hands as she was crying and looking forward but I couldn't see at what but I thought it was a glass window, like she was looking at someone.  I actually started crying after I saw it, but I think it was just because I was thinking about how I don't know how horrible some of the things that have happened have been.  Maybe she was looking at a wall or a picture on a wall, I couldn't see it.  I just saw the woman, very pretty, and
...anyway.  It is possible her hair was longer but I thought it was maybe shoulder length.  It's possible only some of it could be seen and it was straight and thick.  She looked between 30-40 but who knows, maybe 20-50 but I thought about 30-40 and mostly, just a mature-seeming woman who was crying and looking at something and had her fingers on an oval pendant on a chain that went to just above the sternum-length.  She was touching it gingerly.

That night I had walked back from a store and took a different short cut and there was a mid-size SUV with a chain or something and an oval pendant all white with nothing on it.  I noticed it when I walked by and then I was up by the cemetery where the Baptist church is and I walked around seeing where roads went and then went back out.  Anyway, later that night, it wasn't connected to the car, but it was an oval pendant but smaller and normal size for a necklace.  She had both hands on it but had fingers sort  of loosely touching it, not clutching it, so you could see it.  It wasn't a rosary or anything, I mean no beads, like a chain necklace with a small oval pendant about the size of an oval quarter.  Not a round one, but if you shaped off the sides to be an oval, approximately that size.

I guess Edward Lee Howard was supposedly with the Peace Corp in Costa Rica until going to Colombia in February of 1973.  I have no idea how the dynamics would work out but I'm sure anything is possible.

Yeah, basically, Costa Rica is where George Bechtold was going when he knew me.  I'm sure Howard thought they were great pals.

I can't imagine how my Dad (Bob Garrett) could be my adoptive Dad and Howard be the biological one.  I mean, what woman, how did she get there (my mom????), and how did the CIA cover it up and move me to the U.S....and Canada...I was going back and forth from Canada and the U.S. as a kid...so how it happened, I have no idea.  He looks very similar to my Dad and both grew up in New Mexico.

I don't know how often he visited the U.S. or Canada at all.  I mean, if my mother is a twin, possibly one was even in Costa Rica or Colombia once?  how great the possibilities are when you factor in twins.  I have no clue.  I just know my Mom wouldn't say this if it wasn't true, and Granny wouldn't have acted weird, and college professors wouldn't have acted weird either, with regard to subjects I might have taken which were majors he had.

He supposedly met Mary Cedarleaf later and if this is true, it's impossible she was my biological mother (which I wouldn't think anyway).  It's more like maybe the CIA forced breeding.  Maybe not.  Maybe there was an affair or something and it was when he visited the U.S. or maybe someone went there on a secret passport.

Why WAS I always going up to the framed photo of my Dad and Mom and looking at it?  The board or frame that held the matt for the individual matt frames was maybe the size of a small window--I think probably I witnessed someone being jailed or tortured or interviewed, either my Dad (Bob) or something else.

Maybe it was a 2-way mirror or maybe it was a regular window I could see out of.

According to the CIA Wanted Poster for Edward Lee Howard, he gave himself different aliases, and the most frequent one was "Patrick Brown" which may have meant he was trying to signal something.

This is the same time I was going up to the photo in our everyday and looking at my Dad in his brown suit.  The warrant was made by the U.S. in 1985, and I was then 11 years old, which is about the same time I remember making this a habit to go to the wall and look.  He wouldn't have given himself an alias to hide from the CIA prior to 1985.  It was his choice then, to use Patrick Brown, or Patrick M. Brown, or Bryan or Brian (Bryan was a name I had written in one of my diaries as one I might name my kid someday. I wrote I liked Bryan with a y better than the other way),  Edward L. Houston, and Roger H. Shannon.  When he used Houston or Shannon I don't know, and I don't know what approximate time because he was using aliases for awhile.  I do think it is interesting Angelica Houston was chosen to be in The Adams Family movies after the Adams tried to assassinate me.  Adams or Peters, in that car.  I also think it's odd that Roger H. matches for Roger Harris's initials and he screwed me over and degraded me, and his son was the boyfriend of Monica Allen.  For whatever reason he chose those names, I think he carefully chose them for significance in some way.

He was born in New Mexico and raised in England and graduated from school there, from Branden, England, which is weird because my Uncle Loren named his kid Brandon and then when I was playing with him all the time he claimed there was something wrong with me. He said no normal girl is that interested in babies.  I said yes they are and he said no, they babysit but they're not obsessed.  Basically, he thought it was strange I was such an attentive and loving and playful person with children and then he'd pick Brandon up and spank the daylights out of him.

Also, Edward Howard graduated from University of Texas college which put him into proximity of people like FBI Bujanda and Garza's contacts.  When I was operated on in Utah, the man responsible, Arthur K. Smith, then took a job with University of Texas and made a joke about how he'd let Bechtold take care of the rest.

George Bechtold traveled to Costa Rica.  Anyone can find it on his passport or travel evidence.  This is where the CIA had a training camp that Edward Howard went to, and they were first planning to send him to the Dominican Republic and sent him to Colombia instead.  In 1977 Howard worked in Lima, Peru.  http://peacecorpsworldwide.org/babbles/2012/11/14/who-was-5/

He had his son, Lee, in 1983.  Howard was already in the CIA when I was born in 1974.  Or Peace Corp (whatever).

My Dad used to call my brother Levi "Buster Brown" as a nickname in Moses Lake too.  His nicknames were "Charlie Brown", "Buster", "Buster Brown", and those were the main ones.  Mine were "ChattyKathy", "Tootsie", and "Squirt" and there was another I'll remember later but these were the ones I heard all the time.  Chatty Kathy and Squirt were the main ones and later Tootsie was added but they were all used as nicknames often.  My Dad used the nicknames and my Mom never did.

Edward Howard's father's name was Kenneth (Ken) Howard, Edward's wife's name was Mary, and I was told to work for Ken and Mary (Kargman) in NJ in 1994, which was maybe a joke over names and then later when I was to work for Lorraine Rose (Roger H. Shannon initials are RHS) she had a photo of herself riding a cannon which is maybe not anything to do with Howard's father's job in guiding missiles, but she was from England (Lorraine).

When Edward moved to St. Paul, MN with Mary, he was in the city that Granny's Breigenzer side lived in so it's not impossible he was able to find out how I was doing.  It doesn't mean they knew anyone but it's possible and Granny definitely knew about an Edward and wanted to know why I was thinking of naming my son with this and then suggested maybe it was my father's name as Henry was her father's name.

Information used by Bechtold and other CIA operatives, was used against me, with some Canadians, to incite rape against me in revenge for Howard's suspected activities.

When I ran away from school and mentioned a boy named Patrick, I was running away and when Edward Howard ran from the FBI he gave himself an alias of Patrick Brown after he ran too.  Basically, it's like the CIA and FBI thought it was hilarious to serve me with termination of my parental rights papers by a guy with a shirt that said "Patrick" on it, carrying "State Archives" boxes.  What was that supposed to be?  The dead ghost of Edward Howard, whose files are held by the Department of State?  It's more like revenge again, and beating a dead horse.  There was a Patrick in charge of the Department of State at that time too, along with the one in Boston, but the encouragement by CIA, FBI, local police, and Canadians to rape me and torture me and my son, has been out of hate crimes.

The FBI has gone nuts.  There is a pretty obvious motive for trying to kill me.  They hated Edward Howard and they hated me when I was only a kid.  Stealing my homework and everything.

I don't remember if Rick Baken is from St. Paul, Minnesota or Michigan but he's from one of the two.  I am talking about the FBI agent who knows Schneiders and Bechtolds that moved in next to Granny.

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