Thursday, June 27, 2013

Continued U.S. Government Corruption

I was disconnected by the OIG for DHSH today.  It might not have been the woman's fault, and I figured she knew I would just go through with making a report.

However, the Pentagon jammed my audio recorder that I had playing.

Then when I tried to get a public notary to notorize a document, she discriminated against me and refused, and my audio recorder that was playing was jammed again, by the Pentagon.

No one jams electronics except for the U.S. military.  They did this all the time when I was trying to legally document visits with my son, when I had a right to record them and there was no court order against it.

The notaries in town have been notorizing my documents and not giving me a problem until a couple of days ago.  All of a sudden, the ones at the real estate offices said they wouldn't do it anymore.  They all know the U.S. has blocked me from bank access, and not investigated or answered my request for an inquiry into it.  They started to address it, and haven't done anything about it.  I can't get a document notorized at a bank without an account.

They did this a day or two before the IRS sent me a document for my non-profit, which I can't run without a bank account.  The U.S. blocked me from business through this, but they have been blocking me from business since 2002.  I would actually say, since 1999, since I was raped by Josh Gatov, the government Jew.  I didn't notice being blacklisted until that event and I didn't have a problem getting work prior to that time.  It was 1998-1999 that I was blacklisted in Oregon. 

I sensed some kind of problem coming from New Jersey, where I had worked prior to that, and I was also under assassination attempts in Oregon earlier, which a group wanted to cover for.  But it was not until being raped that it was obvious and noticeable to me something was really wrong.  I finally actually had someone tell me I was blacklisted and I'd never heard the term before.  It was at least thoughtful for that person to tell me.  They said "You've been blacklisted in Portland."  That was 1998-1999 when I noticed this and then had someone confirm it and there were a few others who said the same thing.

I hadn't done anything wrong in the workplace, or been a poor employee, so the only reason to blacklist me would have been self-protective for a community that was committing crimes against me, or protecting someone, or a group, who was.

The last time I had a position that was actually sort of like normal work, was at P.C.C. after I worked at the ENNL center, where the rapist worked, I quit and worked for a different area in student activities.  I met Christa Schneider, whose father was a former prosecuting attorney (unbeknownst to me) at that time. 

It was the last time I had a job in the U.S.

Any job after that, was U.S. government-infiltrated and set up to have me fail, to use me or monitor me, and to ruin my work history and most places would not even employ me at all, even though I had a good record.  I had no negative reviews and worked well with coworkers, and there really wasn't a reason to not employ me.  Any job I had since then, except for one I created for myself, I was forced into and wasn't a real job.

I have definitely been blocked from business and it is obvious enough, when, in 1996, I was assaulted at the Del Balzos to trigger migraine and then in 1997 it became a regular point of pride of the U.S. Army.  It wasn't until 1997 that I had my work targeted by the U.S., which was to demean my abilities and success. 

So now the U.S. has taken it further by pushing me out from having a bank account, when it has nothing to do with me or my bank history, when I never had an overdraft fee or charge in the several years leading up to the illegal account closure.  My account was regular, and lots of people accidentally overdraft now and then and have to pay a fine and it's corrected, but I wasn't even doing that.  My account history was pretty clean, and it was the decision of corrupt U.S. government employees to illegally charge my bank account for the purpose of then closing it, and not giving me notice, and then putting a credit problem on my account.  This made it impossible for me to open even a new account, and this was all done out of retaliation by the U.S. Pentagon and FBI.  The workers involved in illegally overdrafting my account worked for the military and FBI and that is who was responsible for it.  Melissa's husband was an active military person and she is the one who illegally overdrafted my account when I gave her notice I had withdrawn from YMCA and stop automatic payroll deduction.  She hated me and watched me every time I was there.  She hated my guts like the wife of James Cartright.  I think that, as a military wife, she assumed I was "one of those women" who steal military husbands from their poor, hard-working wives when this was not the case.  The banker involved who closed my account and didn't give me notice, even with my contact information, was working for the FBI.  So it was a military wife and FBI who coordinated an illegal bank account closure against me, to keep me out of work.

I was always polite to Melissa and friendly, so I had seriously wondered what her personal problem against me was.  This was what led me to ask if she worked for the military, before she got even worse.  She told me she didn't, but her husband did.  I just figured anyone acting that hateful toward me, who had no reason to hate me when I tried to be nice, was a government person who disliked me for protective reasons over another government person I had perhaps reported.  Or, it was the jealous woman syndrome and false belief I was stealing government husbands or that I was really not ever raped by anyone--just a slut that married women, GOOD girls like MELISSA, had to worry about.  She was polite to my face and then the minute I'd turn around she had these horrible looks.  I mean, the ones where you see they had been trying to be polite because they hate you and don't want you to know how much.

My non-profit idea was something I was already working on at that time, so there were people aware it would block my non-profit.  I had also gone to a fertility clinic in Nashville, TN in person, and any kind of payments to gestational surrogates, go to their bank account.  So I was also blocked from being able to take payments for surrogacy and having a normal deposit system with any fertility clinic.

This was also punishment for not marrying Alvaro Pardo I suppose, which the U.S. government had hoped to either have me do or try to entrap me over, because all they did was try to make me homeless and disgraced. 

So today, this woman for the OIG of Department of Health and Human Services disconnected the call or didn't call me back afterwards and that's fine, but it was still an unusual disconnection.  I had explained to her that I wanted to make an OIG report against DHSH for criminal destruction of requests I filed at the Wenatchee offices for FOIA.

I explained I had made several written requests to DHSH in Wenatchee, WA, by mail and in person, in writing, with my own letters that included all FOIA request information, and also, mostly, using their form they had at their offices.  I gave them my ID to verify in person as well.  Not one time did I receive one single document from these requests, and I made them from the time my son was born in 2006.

It was prior to any U.S. contact by CPS, which didn't occur until the summer of  2007.  So before CPS ever contacted me regarding a "report" someone they knew decided to make, I had made about 8 FOIA requests to the offices in Wenatchee.

I asked what was being done with them.  I was told "Tara" got the paperwork and handled it, and then it was sent to Donna Titleman's supervisor in Spokane, WA, whose name was Barbara.

When I checked boxes about what information I requested, I checked boxes for all departments connected to those offices in the State of Washington.

The refusal to respond to my FOIA request within 20-30 business days, according to the law, was something their offices did as a way to compliment the FBI for doing this to me beginning in 2005 when I started making FOIA requests.  The FBI was breaking the law, so if the FBI broke the law, DHSH thought they could too, because who was going to investigate THEM for "public corruption"--the FBI?

Hahahaha.  That's what they thought.  Good one, they thought, because now every other government office could blackmail the FBI, or point to the FBI and say if the FBI did it, they could too.

Taking my son from me was retaliation by these departments.

Both the FBI and DHSH in Washington state took documents that I filed, for FOIA, which are, by law, to be processed within a set period of time, and they destroyed the documents.  This is destruction of a government document filed for evidence. 

The FBI and DHSH did this, after Judge Lipscomb refused to file a record in the courthouse that was part of a motion I made.  The first person to break the law with filing documents was Lipscomb, in 2002 and prior to that, it was the Mt. Angel police department.  The Mt. Angel Abbey paid police in the town of Mt. Angel to fabricate citations against me and then they destroyed the record.  That started in 2000.

So I guess actually, it goes back to Mt. Angel cops as being the first to destroy or remove filed documents, and it was self-protective because I could prove they were criminally harassing me.  It wasn't a favor to me, though at first I thought maybe it was.  I thought I was just glad they were resolving the problem, but what they really did, was start a pattern of government-mafia harassment against me, to intimidate me and cause distress, and then they destroyed the evidence they'd done this to me.

A Judge in Salem, Oregon then followed with a similar idea, and then the federal bankruptcy court clerks did, and then it was the FBI.

So then today, after people notorizing my documents, I was told the only person who did this that wasn't a banker, was Tammy Dalton who is a City Clerk at the local courthouse. 

I got there and she refused to notorize the document, even though it had everything required to notorization.  It was a FOIA request to the Pentagon and in document form and I wanted to have a notary sign for my making this document and signing it, and verifying my identification.

She chose to discriminate against me and refused to sign it.  She said she wasn't "comfortable" with it.  Why should Tammy Dalton be deciding which documents she feels "comfortable" with or not?  She wasn't comfortable with it because it was going to the Pentagon but that didn't matter to her.  She chose to discriminate against me, as a public notary who I was told by other notaries notorized documents for the public, simply because it was sent by me and going to the Pentagon.

Not only that, I got a copy of x-rays of my knee and I have fractures from Nashville, TN.  Not only fractures, but displacement of my knee and what appears to be necrosis.  There are visible spots of bone necrosis evident on the x-rays and yet the radiologist marked it:  "normal". 

This is the knee that I told the FBI about, along with poisoning and when I went to Vanderbilt hospital, it was to have my knee x-rayed and they did not do an x-ray and they did not even physically examine my knee at all.  They sent me immediately to be held hostage and injected with Haldol and interrogated about the FBI.  This was when I had first brought up James Cartright with the Pentagon and went to Nashville, TN offices.  I also made it known Kate Middleton's Dad was a drug dealer for the mafia.

So the x-ray shows I DO have evidence of serious injury to my knee, which Vanderbilt deliberately ignored.  The only reason for a doctor or radiologist now to say there is nothing wrong with it, is to collect bribe money, defend someone against being sued, or possibly because they are really inexperienced.  I think inexperience isn't the case here.

Not only did Vanderbilt hospital not take a blood draw or sample, when I said I had been having excessive bleeding, they did not examine my knee or take an x-ray and I proved, once again,  I am about 99.9% right.

I am always right about my body and injuries to it.  The only reason to not do a blood draw was to conceal poisoning by the person responsible, or to validate me that yes, there was something wrong with the CBC.  They had predetermined to hold me hostage and drug me and assault me.  So they didn't want anything like an actual reason for being at the hospital in the way.

The woman who lied at the front desk that day, of that hospital, was Mexican.  She wrote down something about poisoning when I never used that word with her. I said, "unusual bleeding and I think I broke my knee".

Well, that broken knee is a Nashville lawsuit begging to happen.  They are responsible for keeping their sideways iced and they did not do this.  The bridge I was crossing when I fell, was covered in snow and ice that had been there for weeks.  Next to it was a construction site, but that bridge was not under construction, only a part of the road after you crossed the bridge.  The bridge was still owned and maintained by Nashville, TN.

FBI, City of Nashville, and Pentagon along with others, had a motive to drug me, torture me, assault me with Haldol, and try to discredit me so they felt they could not be sued.

Guess what?

be sued.

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