Saturday, June 1, 2013

FBI Proposes "Fuck" Cure (Wake Up Psychology)

The FBI's solution to a woman being gang-raped by federal employees, is to tell her to fuck their agent or "it's too late".

The FBI retaliated against me, after I made significant reports about being raped by federal employees, defamed me, tortured me and kidnapped my son.

Then they told me I either married Alvaro Pardo, an agent who worked for them (through the Department of State arrangement) or it was "too late" for my son to be returned to me, when they conspired to illegally take him in retaliation for my reports.

When Lucretia Krebs, the only "witness" for the state, claimed she didn't know "what Cameo's problem is" and then AG Mary Anne McIntosh interjected, "But you know there isn't enough time for this to be figured out and for Ms. Garrett to admit she has a problem", the FBI and AG (Mary Anne is a military brat) blamed me for being raped.

In return for reporting rapes by federal employees, these women, who are connected to the organizations the men worked for, retaliated by saying I was the one with a problem and since I dared say I was raped, I was mentally ill and they were taking my son.  The United States federal government and state were taking my son, in retaliation, to be precise.

Mary Anne's son-in-law is a cop.  All of the individuals who were involved in retaliation against me for my reports of hate crime from government employees, were married to the perpetrators and colleagues of the perpetrators.

So the FBI's solution to rape reports, is to pay a reporter to smear me, block me from traveling to court so I was forced out of the lawsuits that protected my name, and then tell everyone the rape victim "is too mentally ill to raise her child and there is not enough time for her to figure this out unless she marries Department of State-FBI employee Alvaro Pardo."

Sounds like The Fucking Cure to me.  More exactly, it sounds like, instead of "Anna O's Talking Cure", the FBI proposed a "Cameo's Fucking Feds Cure".

I would like to see The Fucking Cure in the American Psychological Association very soon.  You can credit me with the discovery.  You are welcome to use my situation with the United States federal government, and Alvaro Pardo as a case study in FBI Psychology. 

Instead of hiring psychologists and mental health professionals and counselors to "listen to us" "talk" about our problems as a "cure" to stress or trauma, now we can call the Department of State and FBI and ask them which of their employees is ready to fuck.  Fucking us, or fucking us over, is the same thing, but this is what the U.S. has said the "cure" for "whistleblowers" is.  To fuck their people and then the war is over if you agree to marry one of them.

So sign up soon for The Department of State Fucking Cure and call Angelina Jolie if you have questions.  After the Department of State introduces and "rehabilitates" whistleblowers with The Fucking Cure, then they will ask you to sign up for The Marriage Cure.

Which is something George W. Bush II was hoping to turn into an "incentive" program while he was still in office.  If you get married, you get to keep your kids, keep a tax break, and get a bonus check.

Instead of getting routed to the Professional Liability Fund, after making a report about misconduct by lawyers, the FBI and Department of State will route you to one of their employees who will be matched to fucking you for The Fucking Cure.

If you choose not to marry the employee assigned to you as The Fucking Cure for the United States "professional" defense, your children that were taken away from you in retaliation for your attempt to leave the country after being tortured and falsely arrested after reporting federal employees for rape, will be kept.

So it's your choice Whistleblower.  Either you accept The Fucking Cure and marry into the organization that has employed the rapists, for their sense of security and "peace of mind", and let them feel like your "saving grace", or you get to lose your child forever, to the government, because they will say "there's not enough time for Ms. Garrett to recognize she needs our Fucking Cure" and "Ms. Garrett was not willing to accept our Marriage Incentive Package For Whistleblowers".

Please call your local offices at The Department of State and FBI to find out how long the waiting list is for The Fucking Cure.

The Fucking Cure is an attempt to see if you will be "cured" of your ideas that your own country allowed and encouraged some of their employees to torture you and rape you.  If the U.S. can instill any sense of an attachment, physical or emotional, between the whistleblower and one of their employees, the U.S. Attorneys will be able to call Mr. President and let him know the liability problem is being resolved.  If you agree to marry one of the employees from a U.S. Department that encouraged their agents to rape you, then they call the state and intelligence agencies or police departments and issue the statement that "the brainwashing has been successful after 400 hours of The Fucking Cure". 

Official State Cable Report:

Ms. Garrett is no longer focused on suing the Department and is not actively seeking options through The Hague Convention.  We feel The Fucking Cure has been successful enough and that further Fucking after marriage, which Ms. Garrett (whistleblower #29833) has agreed to, will be likely to prevent a lawsuit.  We would expect Ms. Garrett to be equally willing to accept an offer of employment with our department as further security that she is going to be cooperative.  The recommendation of the Department, at this time, is that Ms. Garrett's son be returned to her as we do not believe we are "at risk" of being sued any longer and the threat has been minimized in a sufficient time.  The statute of limitations for Hague options is also no longer a concern as they expired while we had Ms. Garrett engaged in The Fucking Cure and assured her that her son would be returned.

Should Ms. Garrett lapse into her former opinions and report making again, our employee who took Ms. Garrett into The Fucking Cure assignment, has stated he is able to make statements sufficient as her legal partner, for having her admitted to a psychiatric unit.  At that point we would proceed with divorce papers and establish grounds for sole custody of the child into the control of Alvaro Pardo and our Department.  We retain the option of putting Ms. Garrett into jail at any time, as well, as a means of pressuring her by fabricated reports.  Mr. Pardo agrees to continue medicating Ms. Garrett while she is living with him.  He has also consented to programming operations on the child, Oliver Garrett and will continue to provide feedback with his predictions and current work in our intelligence operations. 

We believe we may be able to sub-let fucking rights of Ms. Garrett to other employees while she is legally married to Alvaro Pardo as well and we have not ruled out this option.


Portland Police Department
Wenatchee/East Wenatchee Police Department
Washington State Patrol
Oregon State Patrol
Mt. Angel Abbey Police Department
Secret Service/U.S. Marshalls
Attorney General
President of the United States
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Canadian Immigration
Canadian Embassy Washington D.C.
Her Majesty The Queen (England)
Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon
The Holy See
Arthur K. Smith
George W. Bush II
Hillary Clinton
Embassy of Colombia
U.S. Department of Justice
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