Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hague Convention Internet Site Block & Illegal Surveillance

I have gone to the Hague Convention site and I am being blocked from sending a question to them through their site.

It asks the person to enter the code shown on the screen to prevent spam and I have done this or tried and it blocks me from entering the rest of the numbers.

They gave me the number "7-2="  to copy into the box and I typed in 7 and then there is space to type the rest and my keyboard, internet provider, NSA, or Hague site managers are not allowing me to type in the rest of the text.

I know that the U.S. Hague department relocated to Seattle after I ditched Alvaro Pardo.  His claim of having a 7 year daughter was a lie.  He made it sound as if marrying me would bring his 7 year old daughter to the U.S. and he could work for the U.S. government here with a Visa.

What he did instead, was hold me hostage, literally, almost raped me, drugged and medicated me while I lived with him, and tried to stall me until the Hague Convention time period for immediate return of my son ran out (they require instant return if you apply within 1 year). 

Instead, he took money from England and the U.S. to try to "repatriate" me for Department of State legal documents.  I don't even believe he was who he said he was anymore, because the FBI lied about so many things.  One thing I am positive about, he tortured my son, he sent information to the Middletons, he slept around and exposed me to health risks, and he worked for the FBI but was doing hostage negotiations and work for the Department of State, including translations, while he was in the country.

His hypothetical "daughter" can kiss my son's ass.  He had no daughter.  I was put on the phone once with some girl who was coached to call him that.  His kids were boys and they are in the U.S. already and he didn't need me to assist with a Green Card.  He was doing it for the Department of State and Washington states legal cover because they already knew they had no jurisdiction over taking my son from me.

It is kidnapping.

Now I've tried their general contact form again, because we have nothing to do with the U.S. "Central Authority" and they only allow me to type in 4 instead of 4*2.

Which is supposed to be funny? because Alvaro's email address included the number 4 in it? after I write about this?  This form of blocking me from filling out a form is what has been done every time I've tried to enter information into the "prevent spam" box for England specifically.  Any kind of UK or English surrogacy comment I wanted to respond to, or agency I wanted to write to, or U.S. agency that was connected to the UK and worked with them, blocked me from entering membership that was available to EVERYONE else.  So whoever is responsible for controlling my laptop so that my keyboard type doesn't register, or blocks me from the other side from entering in numbers or letters, this is something that a group has been involved in, 24/7.

Any time of day, and any time of night, this is what kind of surveillance has been put on my internet activities.  This means the U.S. literally pays people to sit there and watch what I do, all hours of the night and day.  That's a lot of work--who's paying for it?

I'm going to video record this from now on. 

I can show easily enough, how I am trying to type things in and someone involved has been involved in blocking me.  If this site is managed by Netherlands, which is European, then what does this suggest?  The U.S. also gave the entire EU access to my computer?

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