Saturday, June 8, 2013

Robin Bechtold's FBI Gangsters & Mt. Angel Abbey Force "Satan" and "Devil" Talk From Parents With Kate Middleton's Showdown

I would like to know why my parent's were forced to talk like "fanatics" when they are not religious fanatics and never used this language or talked this way until I turned Robin Bechtold down, saying I wouldn't be his girlfriend because he was Catholic and I was Protestant and intended to marry a Protestant and wait until marriage.

He used to ask me why all the time, so I told him how I felt about God and Jesus and what my beliefs were.  I wrote him letters about "God" and explained and I talked to him about God.

My Mom and Dad never used phrases like "That's Satan" or "That's the Devil talking". 

This country has used whacko professionals in intelligence offices who have friendships with the Mob, to force my entire family to be "downgraded" into something we are not or never were.

I was shocked when my Dad started talking like that, because it wasn't him and he and my Mom didn't suddenly go to a new church, watch a new show, or read their Bible more.  He was using language and descriptions that made us sound bad and look bad, like "SATAN IS OUT TO GET YOU" and then my mother is being told to use weird phrases like "The Devil is the deceiver of your soul."

This is crazy talk that I was getting when I protested legally in the town of Mt. Angel Angel by a couple (not most) fanatics, who were saying my high heels were "DEVIL SHOES".

I made a big deal about it because I had never heard someone freak out and over-exaggerate how a pair of shoes were "from the Devil" just because they were high heels.

The only time my Dad ever started using these phrases was after Robin's family was mad that I wouldn't date him or I guess they were mad that I wrote or talked to him about God.  Erik Lund didn't like it either, saying it was too much that Robin was then reading the Bible.  So the backlash was to force my parents to emphasize "THE DEVIL" and "SATAN" and sound like total nuts, and most of it was noticeable after I filed lawsuits and Kate Middleton was wanting to look normal.

Even in front of Alvaro Pardo, my Dad got in my face at one point and yelled about SATAN right in front of him, and now I think it was all an act and something ALVARO expected and wanted.

Robin Bechtold and Josh Gatov know eachother and they work for the FBI.  Alvaro was working for FBI Headquarters when I met him.  I think it was the Department of State that wanted an alibi for their illegal case taking my son, but since Robin is a lawyer and was involved, it is also possible that the FBI lawyers (imagine, when he's guilty of raping me and he's working for them) also wanted to have me repatriated for an excuse to have jurisdiction over my son.

No one in my family EVER used weird religious lingo, slang, or language prior to this time and no one went to a cult all of a sudden or got more religious either.  It was more like someone felt it was imperative to make my parents and family look like religious nuts and fanatics that normal people wouldn't want to be around.

And of course, religious whackos and fanatics might have "mentally ill" people in their family too.  Of course. 

The kind of things my mother and father have been forced to act out and do around me are not normal and it's not them at all.  Like speaking "in tongues" and having to "make it up" so it sounds Asian next time they're around me.  She was being forced to make a whole Chinese sounding language speech and then some Asian guy drove by and smirked and thought we were funny, even though he supposedly couldn't hear us.

This country has abused religious freedom but then they protect rapist FBI agents and monks that sexually assault kids.  It's okay for the rapist agents and monks to have religious freedom, but not the victims.  The victims are apparently punished with defamation, isolation, and attempts to skew and distort their religious practices and to force them to do things that are not natural.

Robin is a control freak and he was the one telling me "Stop right there" when I was putting on mascara once, when I was still in high school.  I looked at him and said what? and he told me not to put on too much.  I had thought it was weird he told me to stop putting on mascara and was trying to direct what I did.  However, Barbara Greenman has been around too.  She is someone who told my mother to disown me and she was and is working for the FBI or her husband is.

I don't know if maybe Shannon Adams' family knew a family with the last name Brown, because I think it's possible. 

My mother said tonight, when I said I didn't know what to do, and if it mattered that I was here and if jurisdiction made a difference (to why I've been medicated here without consent, and tortured) and she said, "You're under the jurisdiction of the Devil."

This is what I mean by fanatic sounding talk.  But either she means this country's jurisdiction is that of the Devil, and is that bad, figuratively speaking, or she was just saying something she thought she had to say.

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