Saturday, June 29, 2013

Guinea Pig Allergy

I found out I'm allergic to guinea pigs even though I've never been allergic to cat, horse, dog, or bird hair or feathers.  I got these guinea pigs and I'm allergic to their hair and I found out after holding them next to me and breaking out in itching sessions all over my stomach and chest.  At first I thought it was lice or something and I treated everyone and used some homeopathic things too, but then I realized, I am actually allergic to their hair or dander.  Not bad, but a little.  Maybe if I didn't have the thrush or tinea I wouldn't be as sensitive to it.  I can put on a jacket with their fur on it, and start itching but it's not bad.  I'm not getting rid of them over it.  I think I have to give them baths more often but I haven't been yet because I'm trying an olive oil treatment on them, to first be sure there are no bugs.

I wonder if this is why I didn't have a guinea pig after awhile.  It disappeared one day, but I remember holding it a long time until it fell asleep once and possibly I don't remember if I broke out into a rash.

So, like animal fur or whatever, I guess they are all different, just like forms of foods and chemicals and substances.   

I sort of remember itching around my guinea pig when I was little too.  If so, it's the only allergy aside from antihistamines that I'm aware of.  Actually, horse hair made me itch but that was only after I was leaning against the horse brushing it's hair for a long time.  I used to that, or scratch their necks or the crevasses where the joints meet, and they love having their rear ends scratched.  I itched but I think most do from horse hair.  I don't remember itching while riding ever.  Just when leaning up against them a long time.  So possibly a little horse hair and guinea pig hair allergy though I have never been allergic to dogs or cats.  ?!  and possibly, if everyone itches from brushing out horses a long time, I'm not allergic to them either. 

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