Wednesday, June 5, 2013

poem idea

just a freewrite draft to later make into a poem:

francis & kipper take on other personas
such pigs.  i mean, really.  pigs, and then just as i notice how much
they get away with eating all day, and eating and i think when i am not out and about and around them to notice, they must be eating.  they are also like bears though they way they scuttle out from me when i drive up in my car.
she invited me to her house once and had a triangle door the first day i saw her, at her first house.  it is the first time i ever saw a triangle door and then she would poke her head around the corner window that was triangle shaped and all i could see was her triangular framed face.  she took a bite out of the frame while i stood there, to shock me.
i think she thought, kipper, that i thought too much about how she ate all day and never got fat.
she let me inside and it was a big BOSE music speaker and it said, "you need more bose".  I thought it meant "bossy" and she was bossy enough as it was.  it looked like a grill, that ad on the music system, and i looked at kipper standing on a vent next to it.  the grill and vent were the same size with horizontal lines across and i thought, now she must have an eye for design.
what kind of designs does God have that get erased and written over, i wonder. what kind of current.
she introduced me to francis then, who had a small problem.
she had a serious case of the fleas.
that's what she called them, the circus that went everywhere with her.
i thought she might try hydrogen peroxide for a few spots or streaks but not to overdo it.
the next time i saw her her eyes were drooping with bags under them and the whites were red and swollen. 
she asked me what i thought she should do and how would i know? i'm not a doctor and i have no experience with flea infestations.  i considered the idea of colloidal silver drops for her eyes and then i thought, maybe it's something internal? i gave her a drink with a few drops of black walnut hulls and she yawned, and i felt a little nervous--i hope it's right, and the next morning her eyes were normal again.
it seemed even the bags were gone.
kipper almost went gray overnight from it.  they still had the fleas.  i then thought, okay then, just grease up and maybe that will get rid of them.
we tried vaseline and then i thought to try organic olive oil with a touch of corn oil and primrose to lessen the expense, and a few drops of oregano and olive leaf oil for its bug-proof properties.  do they ever grease up well.
it frightened them a little, to be so oily i think.
very happy nonetheless, to see me and trusting too.  we shall see about the fleas.

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