Monday, June 3, 2013

License Plates Today & Knife Threat

An American-Japanese (I think) woman I recognized a little, who was vindictive and not acting nice at all as she stared at me, was a passenger in a vehicle passing me with plates 633 BSA.  The man driving the vehicle was a white man, middle-aged and she was middle-aged as well, about the age of Judge Alicia Nakata's mother.

Another thing this Japanese man did who is in town, that I noticed one day, is have a knife out on the counter for me to see and then gesture to it.  I have thought they are nice but wondered what they've had to do with my parents actually, or one set of the twins.  I have nothing against him or them, at all, and I think they have a beautiful place, and maybe he was trying to have me pay attention to the knife for a reason, but it was before I wrote about all the cuts on my arms.

He had an extended pocket knife with a very sharp blade out and then he went to the counter and I stood back a little and he just looked livid--really mad at me but didn't say much.  This was almost a year ago, in the Fall. 

Maybe he wanted to scare me off enough or test my reaction to see if Katie should feel confident about getting pregnant or not. 

I didn't know what to think except that something I was blogging about made him furious and then he seemed threatening, with the knife, like "Shut up."  I didn't go back for a long time because of it and in general, just ignored it and then acted like nothing happened.  I don't know why he did it.  All I know is shortly after, Katie was getting banged for the public pop.  I wasn't even referring to knives or people with them, but he put it out there, like others have done when they wanted to scare me or intimidate me.  His wife wasn't there, just him.

I know one of the twins is very afraid of them, like, afraid of torture.  Maybe the others are not as much but one of them is.

YRC 294 or YRC 274 (or reversed 274 YRC or 294 YRC) was a woman with a ponytail parked up against the police station here where any police could see and watch and totally stalking me.  She was parked there like someone, a woman, who wanted me to know she was friends with police and she was going to sit there and stare me down the entire time I walked up.  She acted like a woman with an agenda who is just looking for a reason to try to do something bad to someone.

692 BSE a man with a full beard who love Raul Bujanda and liked sneering at me, out the window even to do it. 

241 CKQ were the plates for a sedan that a blond woman drives who is really hateful towards me.  I don't know what her interest is, but she's gotten close to me, ever since I've been here, for 2 years.  She has a sort of cool and aloof air about her, and she's gotten close to me at stores, post office, and made a weird comment once, a couple years ago.  I remember her possibly from somewhere else too, but she doesn't like me and has never liked me.  She keeps her eyes out over me because for some reason, she perceives me to be a threat to her agenda or an agenda one of her friends has.

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