Monday, June 3, 2013

Thebault and Bechtold and FBI: Held Hostage By FBI and Raped

I would like to have someone explain to me why the Thebault's and Bechtold's know eachother.

How would the Thebault family, which is in New Jersey, and was then in Bedminster, New Jersey, know George and Janet Bechtold, who lived in Sherwood, Oregon?

By the time I had given my notice that I was leaving the Thebault's, Philip Thebault was being encouraged to mock me or taunt me all the time, saying, "I like your laugh Grandma" all the time.

I had given Robin a card for his birthday once that said, "Happy Birthday Grandpa" or something like that once and it was a joke but he thought it was funny and saved it, and he used to say he liked my laugh but it was just something he did and never meant. 

So how did an inside joke about calling Robin Grandpa go from Sherwood, Oregon to Bedminster, New Jersey to taunt me with as I was leaving their employ?

George traveled to South America and was interested in inventions in Brazil.  He worked for Wiltbanks, in construction, and the Wiltbanks were in business with Rasmussens (Wiltbanks and Rasmussen being Mormons and in the FBI).

Janet Bechtold was a talented-and-gifted students teacher and had been for years and was working on her Masters.  She was an English major who went to lectures for literature and met with writers and she was alumni for publications people in California. 

Lisa and Brian owned a publication/printing company in Bedminster, New Jersey. 

It was Janet Bechtold's idea to have me sent away to California and meet her friend "Barb" who taught at a Music Conservatory in San Francisco when I was 15-16 years old.  She then wanted me to live with her family instead of my parents.  She knew I was interested in being a nanny on the East Coast and then all of a sudden, an ad was placed in the newspaper I was known to read and look at ads in, and then the Thebault's were proposed to me, with their "flip flop" contracts.  Their idea of a "contract" was one they slid in and out of, without any penalty to them, and which they had the right to change, add to, and amend at any given time, and they expected my signature to apply to anything they did differently.  I said I didn't like it that way and asked them to firm it up.

Robin Bechtold is now a "Contract Attorney".

Oh imagine that.

So why was Janet Bechtold trying so hard to have me moved out of my parent's house and into the open, by age 15-16?  First it was California, then it was that she wanted me to live in her house next to her son who was trying to be intimate with me sexually and I told him no, and then she was setting me up for Lisa Thebault ?  In New Jersey?

Robin lives in Texas now, next to Lisa's family, and the Bailey's are part of her family.

I wasn't allowed to go with the Thebaults on their trip to Vermont, to see the Fall foliage in the countryside, because Lisa changed her mind when I gave my notice and said, "I changed my mind.  I don't want you to go after all."  She had been telling me to plan for it, for weeks.

When I was back in Oregon, every time Robin wanted to meet up with me, he had to buy Vermont's Ben & Jerry's ice cream first.

So how would I get a job working for Mary Lynn Kargman, who was in advertising in New York City, where Brian Thebault drove every day for work, through the same agency owner (Joan) unless Lisa knew her.  Mary Lynn was a Catholic who married Ken, a Jew.

These people, in the middle of assassination attempts against me, by their friends, were swinging me from one of their coworkers and associates to the next, and never letting me outside of their cage and sphere of influence and then when they turned on me, they all did it at once, and pretended they were not connected when they were all part of the same cobweb.

From Janet's literary contacts and her mother's contacts, to the printing and publishing people to the advertising people.  I went through the whole circle of the book publishing market without even writing a book.  How funny.

Karin is the one with the Candian-French connection.

Bujanda is also connected to Alvaro, like Garza, because Alvaro admitted he worked with the FBI.

While he was an employee of the FBI, he almost raped me.  He was also being used by the Department of State and working with people in "hostage negotiations".

That's funny, because the FBI held me hostage, using their own employees that were being paid.

Alvaro and Henry held me hostage in the house and then forced me into a hostage situation at a hotel Raul Bujanda said the FBI put him in:  a Motel 6.

While Pardo did not rape me, the FBI held me hostage to enable him to sexually use me, and make predictions off of me while he was with me.  They encouraged him to sleep around with others as well and lied to me.

This was the FBI and Department of State "idea" to make me look even worse and to degrade me even further, after their employees, some of them, literally raped me.

The entire time Alvaro was with me, all he did was make psychic predictions and try to guess things about the future and say it out loud and around others so people could hear and give him credit for it later.  It's why the U.S. wanted him in this country as a legal citizen, if he wasn't legal already and lying about being from Colombia.

After all of this, he waited until I had a surgery in Maryland and was getting medications for it and said, "You've at least had fun though, right?" as if my being with him had been some kind of a CIA "trial experience" good-time.

The U.S. is illegally holding my son hostage and has held me hostage by blocking my travel and shutting down my bank accounts and email, since I was a kid.

They've lied, forced me to work for them in child slave labor for the government while they stole my property from me and gave it to others.

While it seems like a lot to believe all these different men are connected to each other, it's not really, because 9 out of 10 of them work for the U.S. and Canadian government.

It is one thing to realize my parents use me for making predictions and having to make psychic predictions and guesses.  It is what they've been forced to do since they were born because of the U.S.
  I don't blame my parents when it's all they've ever known and they have never been free.  It is another thing for this country to violate me sexually, force me out of work, use FBI employees to defame me in newspapers and use them for misinformation against me, force me out of lawsuits, and torture me and kidnap my son.  To use a man from Colombia who was also part of MKUltra (they had small sections in other countries besides UK and Canada, mostly in South America) to then get close to me and do the exact same thing...government psychic work and predictions, after I had to work at The Post Pub where Chris Dabney did this to me, is not okay.

They used me for a chance to show off their abilities, which is what Kate Middleton did during Summer Olympics and has been flaunting since she figured out she could get ahead with it.

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