Monday, June 3, 2013

Richard and Helen's Aunt Oregon Plates 241 CKQ

One of the man I identified as "Jonathan", whose sister is named Helen, is named "Richard".  I believe he sometimes went by Jonathan but his name was Richard and his sister and mother called him "Richard" and I believe the blond woman I recognized (mentioned in my license plates post today) with the license plates above is his aunt.

I've seen her driving a silver Subaru (I think) station wagon in the past however.  I think she's been in a station wagon so I'm not sure it's her car, but I met Richard's mother and some other people and this woman who has been keeping her eye on me the last two years, is either someone who knows Janet Bechtold or Richard and I think it's Richard.

He is the Jewish person who showed up with his sister Helen to date rape me when Christa Schneider knew I was going to be intoxicated.

I am positive his mother, who worked at H&R Block is connected to Carol Middleton.  I hadn't even heard of the Middletons at the time I knew him, but later, in hindsight, after 2010, I started putting some things together.

Whoever this woman is, who I believe is one of his aunts, she knows Carole at the local Post Office and they are friends and she also knows Greg, the new postmaster.  She smirked with Carole and Carole was happy to smirk back at her, and she exchanged a silent "knowing" look with Greg that made it clear to me they knew each other from outside of work.

Richard went to Oregon State University, to my knowledge--at least that's where he said he was going, to major in "Nutrition".

They were very, extremely, bad people, connected to more bad people.  Unfortunately, all of them hooked up into Department of Justice. 

It has affected my life in every way.  He was the one there prior to FBI Bujanda and Garza showing up, and possibly before Tancer.  I would have to think about it.  It was Richard Goldstein or Goldsmith or something like that, sort of a "common" or semi-common Ashkenazi-style Jewish surname.

Richard and Helen are both sexual predators.  In a criminal sense, they are both criminal predators.  It is concerning to me that the FBI has had knowledge about who they are and what their names are, and how they're connected to other Department of Justice and FBI gang-bangers, and yet they did nothing but encourage more hate crime.

What is even worse, is that I think they physically assaulted my parents.  My mother has met Helen face-to-face and I wouldn't know how or why unless it was through Christa, who knew the woman my mother sold her horse (or had to give it away) to.  My mother flinced and winced, looking really uncomfortable, when this girl who looked like Helen (but was not Helen) walked over and dropped things behind her on the ground, coins or something, and picked them up, reminiscent of Mike Tancer.

I don't know HOW that family assaulted my parents violently, but it happened.  If it is true they are connected to Middletons, that may be a direct link.

When this Jewish editor for Willamette Week refused to print corrections or retractions, to defamation against me he knew was defamation, he should have lost the company.  Amy Roe lied and constructed the story about me, but I talked personally to the editor and asked for honest retractions to major things that damaged my credibility, made me sound nuts, and led to my being tortured in this country and discredited.  It was that Jew who chose to continue the defamation and harm and torture against me.  Richard Meeker was the one to refuse but then I went to his boss, the Jewish owner, and he stood up against me like a bear without any clothes on and nothing to cover himself with but lies so he clung to them.  He was the Emperor Without Any Clothes that God saw and everyone else saw as dressed when actually, he was stark naked without his lies.

He used this cloak of lies to discredit me on account of other Jews as well as Catholics.  The Jews were Richard, Helen, and his mother; Mike Tancer; and Josh Gatov. 

They colluded against me to rape me and facilitated rape of me by others.

Then they took control of my son.

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