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U.S. Jurisdiction Over Oliver Garrett is Null and Void: Stateless

The U.S. Department of State wants to have their cake and eat it too.

They want to lie and say my son and I are citizens when they are kidnapping us and trying to acquire jurisdiction over him.

Then, after they illegally adopt him away from me, they would have no problem with my claiming I am "stateless", and becoming a non-citizen, because what they were after was fresh blood:  Oliver Garrett.

At the time I asked for political asylum and renounced my citizenship, with my baby's citizenship following my decisions, if Canada had wanted to get rid of us, they couldn't give us to the U.S. and the U.S. couldn't claim they had jurisdiction over any case involving my son.

The only reason Canada lied with the U.S., and suggested mental impairment, or suggested one of their speakers "speak" for me, was because they already knew this and they knew the only excuse they might use is to claim I was not mentally competent to revoke citizenship and request political asylum.

If I wasn't mentally competent, why did they not give me a trial for political asylum at all?  and spend 2 weeks premeditating how to turn it into a false accusation of "illegal immigration" attempt instead?

If I was mentally incompetent, they wouldn't have a problem admitting I asked for a hearing for political asylum.

According to this Department of State document, any citizen who revokes their citizenship, has lost the bond to the country.  It goes both ways.  It means the United States has and had zero jurisdiction over my life, and zero jurisdiction over my son.  The U.S. tried to "repatriate" me by having me sign a document for a marriage license with Alvaro Pardo.

This is the only reason the U.S. wanted me to sign something for a license application in the U.S.  While the U.S. illegally began proceedings for my son Oliver Garrett, who was not in their jurisdiction (in the case of a baby, if the parent revokes citizenship, they have authority to revoke this for their baby too, especially where it is proven they are asking for political asylum and have intentions to live outside of the country where a child was born).

Since the U.S. government had forced their illegal case, lacking jurisdiction, upon my son, they wanted at least one document that made it look like I was voluntarily making a documented act in the U.S. that established my citizenship as "U.S." and that was to sign up for a marriage license with Alvaro Pardo.

Which, by the way, I voided immediately and got my money back on it.

If Alvaro Pardo was working for the U.S. government, as he said he was, that was another way the U.S. attempted to have me joined-in on a "bond" with them, when they knew I'd told them to go to Hell for torturing me and my son.

Any attempt to have someone linked to me, who is actually a U.S. citizen, when I am technically not, is an attempt to claim jurisdiction over me.

It says in this Department of State document that any action taken by a country after a citizen has lost citizenship, is null and void.

While the Department of State blocked my travel and escape from this country, while I still had time to fight for my son, they withheld giving me my passport, knowing if I am a stateless person and revoked citizenship for me and my son through a request for political asylum, that I didn't even have the right to have a passport with my name linked to U.S. citizenship.

They were hoping to re-patriate me to the U.S. by having me marry their employee, Alvaro Pardo, in the U.S., with a document or license that said "Cameo Loree Garrett:  U.S. Citizen" on it.

When I refused to sign the license and asked to have it voided before entry into the computer, the woman there refused to return my money and said, "No, I'm going to enter this into the computer FIRST, and then I'll void it and give you your money."

She did this because she wanted to have it look like I had re-patriated myself through a license application and then changed my mind, when I told her, before it was ever entered into the system, I had been coerced to sign it and didn't want it in the system.  Coercion is not "voluntary".

So the U.S. was fine with the idea of my marrying Alvaro and living in the U.S. and returning my son or making it look that way, if during that time, they could attempt to claim I was re-patriated, possibly working for the U.S. government, and then when they wanted to terminate my parental rights, they could claim I was a citizen that was voluntarily re-patriated.

How clever fuckers. 

The Department of State then refused to give me my passport until I was in Oregon, living on property of my parent's and possibly with some agreement between them (unknown to me) and while they knew I had no money to leave with.  They sent it to me close to my birthday, as if to push that in my face, that my citizenship had something to do with being born in this country when it does not, when they know I said "fuck you" because this country tortured both me and my son and has been using my son for U.S. Army operations just like they've used my Dad and brother.

The U.S. figured either they could put me in jail, or re-patriate me "voluntarily" to the U.S.  They made it impossible for me to appeal any case for my son during this time, because they blocked my travel, made sure I had no money when they finally gave me a passport, and then used a link to my parent's and their work, or reinforced the idea I was "mentally ill" and didn't give me a chance to contest this prior to the illegal adoption. 

The adoption of my son is illegal.

One of the first things they did, illegally, was run out to have a federal SS# assigned to him to claim that gave the U.S. jurisdiction.

Alvaro Pardo told me he worked for the FBI.  The FBI and Department of State hoped a marriage license, and any other document, would link me to U.S. government.  He was telling me I would get a "passport to Colombia" out of it.

When I didn't marry Alvaro, where he was saying we'd live in the U.S. (and he'd presumably work for the U.S. government) the U.S. lost their hope that I would be voluntarily re-patriated so they tortured me and blocked me from my bank, work, and college, and leaving the country again.  They also falsely arrested me and stole all of my property.

The U.S. wanted to avoid my being "stateless" so they tried to force me to marry Alvaro Pardo.  If I had married him, I would have assumed the "state" of Colombia, even if I had revoked the U.S.  By marriage to Alvaro, according to this U.S. Department of State document, the "state" that I would have been "voluntarily" (through marriage) a national of, was Colombia.

So then the U.S. could claim I was not "stateless" anymore.  I was "Colombian".  They would say I was repatriated to the U.S. so Alvaro could claim a right to U.S. citizenship through me, and then if I tried to bring up how I had asked for political asylum or revoked U.S. citizenship for me and my son, they'd say, "Your husband married you and you signed a license that says you are a citizen of the U.S. and you just went through all of the Green Card application processes, agreeing you are a citizen of the U.S.  Didn't you?  Didn't you just answer questions for your husband Alvaro, agreeing that you are a U.S. citizen?"


For Alvaro to even get a Green Card or Visa to work in the U.S. or be on the fast-track to U.S. citizenship, they all knew I'd have to answer a bunch of questions on sworn documents, stating I was a U.S. citizen and making what would appear to be voluntarily-made statements.

Then, they would have either returned my son or probably terminated my parental rights anyway, but this time, claiming I was repatriated so they had "jurisdiction" now. 

The U.S. had Alvaro sexually using me and holding me hostage, for this.

When I didn't do this, the U.S. knew they had no legal document to counter the fact that I asked for political asylum, and had renounced citizenship to the U.S. for me and my son, and prior to this, I had had my son's SS# revoked as well.

The evidence is against the U.S.

The entire case involving my son, and his adoption, is null, void, and illegal.

Also, this proves the U.S. attempted to circumvent the law and conceal evidence of their crimes against me and my son.

If I had married Alvaro, and then attempted to say I had revoked U.S. citizenship, they'd point to the questions I answered for Alvaro about whether I was a citizen or not and say, "You swore, on sworn documents, that you are a U.S. citizen, so Ms. Garrett, are you committing immigration fraud now?"  If I had then tried to revoke citizenship they'd just say I had "changed" my mind and that it was new, and since I was already married to Alvaro, I was still a citizen of Colombia and not "stateless".

So what was Colombia going to have to do with my son?

The only way for my son to be "re-patriated" to U.S. jurisdiction would have been to have placed with me again, with my citizenship repatriated, or to have my rights terminated with the U.S. looking like they had jurisdiction to do it and adopting him to someone else who was a U.S. citizen.

The only possible way the U.S. knew they could lose their case for jurisdiction against either of us, was if I did not marry Alvaro Pardo.  They wanted me to get married for their lawyers.

This is why Michelle Erickson already knew Alvaro Pardo.  They were working together on this, to make a case full of more holes than Swiss cheese look "airtight".

Keep dreaming Michelle, while you're snacking.

Jennifer Godfrey has a lawyer relative that works for Bullivant Houser Bailey and another one who went to my high school.  They set the entire thing up for the AG of Washington, Seattle Department of State, and CPS because they already knew they had no case or jurisdiction.

They are criminals.

They even tortured my son in their offices and had me see him this way, to try to pressure me to run back to Alvaro, their Rat Trap.  He was working for them.

I witnessed Alvaro meeting up with Judge Alicia Nakata (Japanese-American Judge); nodding in recognition to an undercover cop in Dryden next to the Avilas house; and he already knew Michelle Erickson; and he recognized and exchanged smiles with Valente, who has had court cases with Judge Nakata in the past.  My Aunt and Uncle Avila also refused to meet me with Alvaro saying they only wanted to talk with Alvaro privately.

Then I was being pushed by Wenatchee cops in the town to get back together with Alvaro.  The entire reason was because he was the Attorney Generals only "saving grace".  They were planning to steal my son from me anyway.  The only way they could do it legally, is if I was re-patriated and made sworn statements on official documents that would nullify the fact I revoked citizenship in Canada and asked for political asylum.

This is why CPS employees were involved in torturing my son, to try to force me to get back together with Alvaro.  It was possible for me to still sign something and then marry overseas and return, or do it another way, and when they knew Alvaro explained this to me in Wenatchee, they pushed me to do this, because their case was full of shit.

I have not seen or heard from my son Oliver for 4 years now. 

Holly and Pablo Avila do not allow me to hear his voice, and I have seen only a few photos of him since I told their spy Alvaro Pardo to fuck off.  They knew Alvaro and were working with him, not me.  It was all about making a case look legal for kidnapping my son from me.

Since then, my Dad and brother have been allowed to visit my son and both of them are working for the U.S. military.  Only those who work for corrupt government and mafia have been allowed near my son, which is basically everyone in Wenatchee and Dryden.

As to being "deported" as "stateless" persons, if someone is asking for a hearing for political asylum, you can't just deport them when they say they renounced citizenship.  I told them I revoked it and they also knew I asked for political asylum hearing and they did not do this.  If they wanted to deport us, they had to make inquiries to other countries about safe haven for us and send us there instead of to the U.S., AND they never had a legal reason to pervert justice and falsely arrest me and kidnap my son.

Regardless of international process, the fact Canadian officials perverted the course of justice more than once, shows they were never acting in good faith.

I wouldn't have been held hostage by Alvaro and Henry and forced and coerced and pushed to marry him, if it was not true my son and I were "stateless" and the Department of State knew it.  They attempted to acquire jurisdiction by having me marry Alvaro, which would have then allowed them to terminate my parental rights "legally" or with jurisdiction, even if all the reasons were lies.

Alvaro was even saying that he thought I'd get my son back if I married him but "Maybe there is something different for you" and said, "Some kinds of jobs you can't have children" and going off about that, and then saying after he had a U.S. citizenship, I'd also be a Colombian citizen and "You could go to Colombia if you wanted" and then he laughed to himself, like he was making a sarcastic joke to a friend that wasn't there and was only listening in.  He thought the idea was hilarious.  All that he was there for was extraction of my son from my legal authority.  Judge Dennis Hotchkiss was also "in on it" and tried to force me to be with him and knew him ahead of time.  He made a show of having a security device there and everything.  It would have been easier for Judge Hotchkiss to just sign the papers, knowing he had legal jurisdiction to terminate my parental rights if I was re-patriated by a marriage to Alvaro.

I wasn't "crazy" anymore, if I married Alvaro, because they could terminate my rights by just saying I had re-patriated myself in official documents.

If I didn't marry Alvaro, they needed to call me "mentally ill" because there was no other way around the fact that my son and I were stateless except to say it couldn't be true because I lacked mental ability to make that revocation and statement for myself in Canada in 2007.

They brought Alvaro around in a hurry, when I was talking to a civil rights law firm in D.C. about Hague for having my son kidnapped from me and the U.S. lack of jurisdiction.  So they killed my unborn and held me hostage with Alvaro and Henry, who were U.S. federal employees.  Then I wouldn't marry him, even later, so they had no alibi for AG in Washington.

What a GREAT team.

Raping women for law.  Torturing babies to pressure single mothers to seek "protection" from a man from Colombia that they hired for their legal strategy. 

Of course then, after that, they resorted to calling me "paranoid schitzophrenic" again or psychotic and lying about my holding knives up and crazy things I would NEVER do.  Mykal Holt.  Jew.  Why would this Jewish woman be motivated to have me trapped into a marriage with Alvaro?  She knew what the outcome would be--that it gave the state a legal right to terminate my parental why would Mykal Holt, who takes medical trips to Brazil, care?  She cared enough to then call me psychotic when I wouldn't take the "Alvaro Rat" bait.  She knew then, that the Department of State and government relied upon my marrying Alvaro for my "re-patriation".  She was then supportive of my mother's sister, Holly, keeping my son while he was tortured.  The other woman who lied and said I held up a knife was also working with the U.S. Department of State.

We have a clear motive for why the Department of State wanted me to either marry Alvaro and be "re-patriated" so they had a legal jurisdiction to terminate my rights (even if their reasons were fraud and lies).  And then when I didn't, we have a motive for why they wanted me to be "mentally ill" then instead, to discount the fact that my son and I were stateless.

The U.S. should be paying huge fines for what they've done.

They never intended to have my son returned to me.  The entire set-up was to give them a legal jurisdiction for what they had planned to do before he was born and that is to kidnap him and use him for government programs.

I do not support the Avilas.  They were involved in the lying and they were aligned with Alvaro Pardo and the government and mafia.  They wanted to have a secret talk with him about how it would all play out.  So Mykal Holt wanted to have my son removed for whom?  She's messianic Jewish and Methodist.  For Kyle Flick, who is Jewish, who is my mother's family attorney and works with Locklyn, so they could all keep my son with Holly and Pablo instead of me?

Or was it just for Department of State people and those involved in trying to murder me or who didn't like my reports against them?

I was also drugged and medicated when with Dabney and Pardo.

So I could have married Alvaro, given the U.S. a legal jurisdiction for the entire case to start with and for terminating my parental rights, and then when he got his Green Card or was far enough along in it, he could have divorced me and called me crazy, or just divorced me and my son would be adopted away from me and they'd say, "Where's your jurisdiction claim now?"

In addition to the problems this set-up presents, I was told something is potentially not accurate about my birth certificate and I'd like to know what it is.  Maybe I need to have my Mom and Dad submit DNA samples and match them to mine.  If that's right, what about the citizenship match?  Are they U.S. citizens?  Was I even born in the U.S.?  Not that it matters, if my son and I are stateless, but it still matters with my standing when I first arrived in Canada.

My Mom seems tortured by Catholics mostly, or one of the twins, like my Dad, but one of the Dicksies gets ruffled if I mention getting my son back from the Avilas and about Jewish people.  If it looks impossible, she seems depressed about it and the minute I say anything that makes it seem possible I have actual grounds to have him returned to me, she gets stern and upset over it, like I'm causing a problem for her family or sister.  Or she recently says, "You're his birth mother and Holly is his adoptive mother."

Holly and Pablo have had their own kids.  Holly is not my son's "mother" in any way, and never will be.  She's been a government guardian for him and hasn't even done a good job of that.  Did SHE make an effort to leave the country when his face was being cut up?

I don't call sitting around while my son is molested and tortured being a "mother".  I don't call complacency to the point of remaining in a country that tortures a child in your care "mothering".  I don't call brainwashing a child to not like his own mother (me), or making fun of me with her daughters while he is in the car, being a "mother". 

Holly and Pablo allowed torture and assault of my son and made no attempt to leave the country.

The real mother, makes an effort.

Where is the evidence of being a "mother" and protector?

It isn't there.

Any "Mother" would try to escape, not stay in a location where they or their own child or child in their care is tortured repeatedly.  Did she sell the family car to buy plane tickets to travel for political asylum?  Did she save her money for tickets to leave?  Has she made any report of any kind to international authorities?

Or is she just part of a family that doesn't mind having kids cut up.

I'm the mother--there is no other mother.


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